What to Present to the Boss for February 23

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What to Present to the Boss for February 23: Defender of the Fatherland Day is one of the favorite holidays of all men. Be sure to congratulate the director or boss on this day. The choice of a gift for the leader on February 23 should be taken seriously by analyzing different options.

What to Present to the Boss for February 23

When choosing a present, keep in mind: you should not give personal items, cosmetics and perfumes, household items, fakes of famous brands, money, or things that violate subordination. We offer to consider a list of gifts by categories that are most suitable for the head of a company or organization from

What to Present to the Director on February 23

It is not important to buy a present associated with the holiday. Give your boss a useful thing that he will use at work or in leisure activities.

To associate a gift with the theme of the holiday, put a congratulatory inscription or symbol on February 23 on the package or box, and hand in a greeting card “Happy Defender of the Fatherland Day”. Here is the category of the most relevant gifts:

  • Wall, table or floor clock. You can buy a watch as a gift to the director from the team. It is important that they match the interior of the office and the image of the recipient, and fit your budget.
  • A photo lamp is a fashionable trend among gifts, it must be ordered in advance by the craftsmen so that the present is ready by February 23. You can put a photo of the leader or team on the lamp, and decorate it with inscriptions, for example, “Defender of the Fatherland Day”, “February 23”.
  • Stylish and practical clip for banknotes, decorated with the logo of the company, and the initials of the recipient. The accessory is sure to come in handy for the manager, it will help him keep his finances in order.
  • Smart diary. Such an item will always be at the director’s hand, it will help organize work, and set tasks and goals correctly. Complete the gift with an engraved rollerball pen.
  • Presents for February 23 with state symbols. Such items are now at the peak of popularity. This is a diary, a set of stacks with the coat of arms of Russia, a business card holder, a case for glasses, and a wallet with an emblem.
  • Portable charger. It is useful during business trips, travel, long meetings and negotiations. Your boss will always be in touch, even if he is far from civilization.
  • Safe in the form of a book with a combination lock for the chief’s office. It can store money, securities and items. Such a safe can be placed on a shelf along with books in the office or at home, and taken with you to important meetings.
  • Painting on the wall – its plot and colors should match the style of the room where it will be located. You can choose a reproduction of a painting by a famous artist. A gift is suitable if the chef appreciates art.
  • Figurines on various topics: “Warrior”, “Horseman”, “Eagle”, “Cooperation”, a bronze statuette “Chief”, figurines corresponding to the profession of a leader. Such an item has a certain meaning, it will decorate the boss’s office.
  • Whiskey stones. The gift set includes an original wooden box, 12 whiskey chilling stones in a stylish bag, 2 beautiful glasses for a drink, and coasters for them.
  • Personal bottle for drinks. A container filled with the best drink will be used by the director during important events and events, he will be proud of such an item. You can give a nominal flask instead of a damask.
  • Gift editions of books by your favorite author, biographies of great people and leaders, business literature, and books about power and management. You can give your boss a certificate to the bookstore.
  • The travel set is in a leather case. The present is especially suitable for the boss, who often travels on business trips. The case contains everything that the chef will need on the road: a multifunctional knife, fork and spoon, a razor, etc.
  • Compact bio fireplace. Buy a small fireplace for the table as a gift for the director, it will decorate the interior and help to warm up in the cold season, it will fit into the working environment.
  • Fashionable metal puzzles for adults with an increased level of difficulty. They develop thinking, logic and perseverance, and train patience. Such a game is sure to captivate a creative boss who likes to solve complex problems.
  • Office accessories: a small globe, an unusual stationery organizer, a set for the executive’s desk made of wood, and an original desk calendar with a thermometer.
  • Gifts category “antistress”. In the role of a corporate present to the boss, items that help relieve tension can act: as an hourglass or a sand picture, a desktop punching bag, Newton’s balance.
  • Thematically wrapped basket with a set of exotic products. You can give meat and cheese delicacies or exotic fruits, complementing the goodies with a bottle of elite spirits.
  • Give your boss a coffee lover a modern model of a coffee grinder or a coffee machine for brewing an aromatic drink. You can arrange elite coffees in a basket or box.
  • If the chef prefers tea, give him a set of “Tea in Test Tubes”, which includes rare varieties of tea with different flavors. Such a gift is presented in original packaging with a print and the inscription “From February 23”.

Ideas for Status Gifts for the Director

Do you want to give your director a VIP gift for February 23 from the whole team, but don’t know what to buy? You can choose a present from the options below:

  • Wristwatch with engraving. There are many models of watches from different brands on sale. Choose the appropriate option, such a gift will suit a leader with a leadership temperament.
  • Leather accessories with a name engraving from a well-known brand – a wallet, a folder, a briefcase, a mini-organizer for documents. These items must be available for a businessman.
  • Pen “Parker” in a branded case. A fountain pen model is a chic gift for a manager. There are different options for such an accessory on sale, you need to choose the right one.
  • A desktop telescope is a creative souvenir for a male leader. In his free time, the chef will be able to watch the starry sky. Staying late at a meeting, he will use such a gift to relieve stress.
  • Globe bar – a chic gift for February 23 for any man, especially a leader, who will emphasize his status and high position. The convenient and functional item for home or office.
  • Set for barbecue and shish kebab in a case. The present is suitable for a leader who likes to relax in nature with colleagues or with his family. Choose a presentable product of good quality.
  • A cigar storage humidor is a status item for smoking men. Such a box is made of precious wood, which allows you to preserve the aroma and taste of tobacco. You can add a cigar set to the gift.
  • Elite backgammon is made of natural wood. Such products are considered a sign of good taste, they will emphasize the high status of the owner. Wooden backgammon will help the chef rationally organize his leisure time.
  • Game set: chess and poker. This is a souvenir that combines excitement, relaxation, and art. The set includes wooden chess, as well as everything you need to play poker: cards, dice, and chips. Some options are presented with a set for playing dominoes.
  • A picture is a portrait of the boss, in which he is depicted as a famous person, for example, a general or a famous commander. You need to order such a portrait in advance so that it is ready for the holiday.

Presents With Symbols of February 23

A gift for Defender of the Fatherland Day can be made themed by picking up an object or thing with the symbols of February 23 for delivery. It does not have to be expensive, the task of the present is to convey the majesty and significance of such a holiday. Suitable as a gift:

  • souvenir-edged weapons;
  • damask gun with whiskey or cognac;
  • a bottle holder in the form of a gun;
  • a set of glasses with a bullet in a themed box;
  • original ashtray in the form of a tank;
  • unusual lighter-revolver;
  • a flask made under binoculars;
  • personalized mug with the inscription “From February 23”;
  • purse, wallet, or document covers in camouflage;
  • keychain in the form of a machine gun or pistol;
  • nominal cartridge pen in a military box;
  • a flash drive in the form of a tank, plane, gun or bullet;
  • mouse and mouse pad with camouflage print;
  • personalized set of handmade sweets “Happy Defender of the Fatherland Day!”;
  • a military-themed cake decorated with appropriate paraphernalia and inscriptions.

A themed souvenir can be a gift from the whole team or one employee. It all depends on how it is customary for your team to give corporate gifts.

Practical Gifts for the Boss on Defender of the Fatherland Day

Practical gifts will not go unnoticed by the recipient. He will be happy with items that are included in the category of his hobbies, and help organize his life or leisure, which are needed for his comfort. You can give your boss the following gifts on February 23:

  • wall calendar planner, which the boss will use to set tasks and plan work;
  • a high-quality set of tools in a small case – useful for minor car repairs;
  • computer accessories – wireless mouse, flash drive, folding keyboard, wireless headphones, webcam;
  • laptop stand with air ventilation – computer equipment will work without failures;
  • massage cape on the office chair – will create comfort during long sitting at the computer;
  • branded travel kit for shoe care – you will need it on a business trip and travel;
  • organizer for the car – will help to keep all things in the car in order, and transport the necessary items;
  • convenient cardholder made of genuine leather for comfortable storage of bank cards;
  • a set of stylish cufflinks for a shirt, decorated with your company logo or made in the style of the holiday on February 23;
  • designer table lamp for the boss’s office – choose its color and design to match the style of the office;
  • a desktop weather station is a practical thing for the director’s office, it will notify you about the weather shortly;
  • digital photo frame – a modern gift that is useful for storing and viewing the most valuable pictures;
  • a comfortable hammock for legs is an inexpensive, useful gift that allows you not to get tired of your legs while sitting in an office chair;
  • choose a present according to your boss’s hobbies – for a fisherman, hunter, tourist, athlete, traveler, yachtsman.

Emotions and Impressions as a Gift

On Defender of the Fatherland Day, colleagues can come up with an unusual congratulation for their leader and give him emotions. Some of these gifts include:

  • Master class on chef’s hobbies. Choose what suits your boss: guitar lessons, swordsmanship, photography lessons, sushi or steak cooking, and more.
  • A gift certificate for a hunter or fisherman is a great gift for an enthusiastic boss. Experienced instructors and the best equipment are waiting for him, an exciting pastime in picturesque places.
  • A fan of fast driving will like an extreme driving master class, an alternative is a buggy ride.
  • Extreme gift. Your director is a risk-taker who likes outdoor activities and entertainment with a dose of adrenaline – give him a certificate for a parachute jump, a flight in a wind tunnel, or a flight in an airplane in the cockpit of a co-pilot.
  • Organize a trip to the paintball club for an exciting game, and go for fun with the chef. This will help unite your team and experience extreme emotions together.
  • Tickets for an interesting premiere in a theater or cinema, for an exhibition – if your boss loves art. It’s better to give two tickets, your boss will probably want to relax more than one.

How to Present a Present to the Director

Usually, a gift for February 23 is bought for the boss from the whole team, so everyone needs to congratulate the leader together. It is necessary to find the right time for this – in the morning before the start of the working day, in the afternoon or in the evening.

If you have a large team, then to present a presentation, you should choose a “delegation” of several employees. It must be emphasized that this gift is from the whole team, and not personal.

It is possible to give individual gifts from subordinates – if this does not contradict the professional ethics of your company. Gifts should not be expensive, let them be purely symbolic souvenirs, useful things.

When handing over a souvenir, say pleasant words of congratulations to the boss, and express gratitude for his work. We need sincere, warm words, but without familiarity and familiarity. And one more thing: it is recommended to make a present for the boss in a business-like, restrained style. Big bows on the boxes and bright colors of the packaging are out of place here.

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