What to Give Your Son for 7 Years

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What to Give Your Son for 7 Years: Your child begins one of the most important stages in life – from preschool to elementary school. Here and growing up, and growth, and reassessment of views – the boy communicates more with his peers, and acquires independence and seriousness.

What to Give Your Son for 7 Years

In this regard, requests for birthdays are also growing. And although it is more difficult than before to please a child with a good gift, it is still quite possible. The main thing is to show enough attention and care.

Toys as a Birthday Present for a Seven-year-old Boy

Of course, do not forget about toys. And although the son has become more mature, he will still play with great pleasure, and he should not forbid it. That’s just because the toys should be more difficult than before. Here are some good congratulations:

  • radio-controlled transport – who does not dream of independently driving a tank, a car or a helicopter? Such a complex device is quite suitable for a seven-year-old birthday boy and will bring a lot of pleasure;
  • military equipment – in boys, the love for military vehicles begins from childhood. Collecting tanks and airplanes is one of the most exciting activities you can think of;
  • prefabricated models – instead of giving an already assembled figure, you can donate a kit for its assembly. So the child will have to independently assemble and decorate a tank, plane, or ship – depending on what he likes. This is not only very interesting but also develops perseverance, patience and fine motor skills;
  • Railroad – 7-year-old son will especially love the realistic railroad and the train that can be launched. It is best to choose metal models, they will live much longer. It would also be nice if the set included a real train that travels the roads of the world;
  • table football is a very useful gift for my son for 7 years. Table football can be played with friends or family, in teams or one at a time. In any case, it will be very fun and interesting!

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If there are no problems with the budget, you can congratulate your son with the help of a quadrocopter. This is a serious and exciting present that will become a favorite toy.

Sports Attributes for Son 7 Years Old for His Birthday

Children should be active, for them, it is an important source of energy, health and a good mood. You can support their desire to move with the help of sports gifts. Here are some good ideas:

  • bicycle – two-wheeled transport is one of the best options for congratulating an active and athletic boy. When choosing a bike, be sure to consider the height of your son and his desires;
  • hoverboard – a platform with two wheels that rides on its own, the birthday boy can easily learn how to manage it. This is one of the most popular modes of transport now, which the child will like;
  • snow scooter, skates or skis – if the birthday falls in the winter and there is usually really a lot of snow outside the window, you can safely give attributes for winter sports;
  • wall bars – if there is enough space in the apartment, you can buy a wall bar for your child. Let the son train, perform various exercises, and become strong and dexterous. In addition, children simply adore such a simulator;
  • trampoline – suitable if you have a summer house or you live in the private sector. A trampoline is not just fun for a child, it trains the vestibular apparatus and coordination of movements well. He will also distract the birthday boy from sitting at the computer and pull the baby out into the fresh air.

Also, the child can be presented with sports equipment, depending on his interests. It can be a soccer ball, dumbbells, sportswear, boxing gloves, rackets and much more.

Gadgets as a Gift to My Son for His Seventh Birthday

A modern child cannot do without gadgets and devices. All the same, he will need a phone, a computer, headphones and many other things that everyone now has.

Here’s what you can give your son for 7 years:

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  • a smartphone – if not the most expensive and sophisticated, but your own. So the child will be able to master technology and not feel different from other children. To control the location of the son and the games that he downloads, you can set parental controls;
  • tablet – since the screen of a tablet is larger, it can be more convenient to play on it. It should be a children’s model with a simple interface and a bright design;
  • a computer or laptop – the child will need it in learning and communicating with peers. It is not necessary to choose the latest options with cool features, but it should be a quality and good device. So he can serve for many years;
  • instant camera – Many kids love taking pictures and this can be a great hobby for a child. In this case, it is worth giving a camera that prints the pictures you have just taken. So he will learn to select more interesting subjects so that the photos are more exciting;
  • portable speaker – this gadget is now especially popular among children and teenagers. With a portable speaker, the birthday boy will always be able to listen to music of good quality. Choose a moisture-resistant and compact model, and the design is best coordinated with the hero of the occasion.

Also, the child can be presented with various accessories for the computer – a wireless mouse, special headphones with surround sound or a backlit keyboard.

These are interesting and good presentations for those who are fond of computers.

What to Give Your Son for 7 Years to a Child Who Has Everything

If you have no idea what to give your son, here are some versatile and exciting gifts:

  • a telescope is a perfect congratulation for a boy who is fond of the world around him. So he can take a closer look at many things and learn more about what surrounds him;
  • a wristwatch is a good birthday present for a 7-year-old son, which will allow him to better navigate time and give him self-confidence;
  • a master class on interests – it can be a lesson in martial arts, fencing, football, drawing, playing the guitar or anything. The main thing is that the child was interested. If he likes it, then he can be given to the appropriate section or circle;
  • chain – a precious chain will be a good gift for a child. It is advisable to complete the set with a cross, which will protect the child from evil forces. It is believed that this way the baby will be less sick or get into trouble, which is important for parents;
  • playing in the quest room – such a gift will be remembered by the son for many years. In the quest room, he will have to solve difficult tasks, puzzles and open locks to find a way out. This well develops logic, intuition and the ability to find solutions in non-standard situations.

Also, as a gift, you can organize a trip with friends to the cinema, zoo, circus, or dolphinarium.

Gifts Related to Baby’s Hobbies for the 7th Anniversary

If your son has a hobby, that’s just great. It is necessary to support the child in his hobbies. And you can do this with the help of the following presentations:

  • board game – Many kids as young as 7 love board games. They develop memory, attention, logic and imagination well, so they will be useful. Just keep in mind that after giving a board game, you should not refuse to play it later. Otherwise, the gift will be useless;
  • constructor – for guys who are fond of collecting constructors, huge Lego sets are suitable. They amaze me with their diversity and interesting stories. Let them not be very cheap, but the delight of the birthday boy is guaranteed!
  • a set for creativity – for example, for wood burning, sculpting or decorating various objects. Usually, such kits include everything you need, so you don’t have to buy anything. Such a set will help the child to try something new or even get a new hobby;
  • a musical instrument is a useful present for a boy who is just looking for himself. You can buy a synthesizer, guitar, drum set or something else. In any case, the birthday boy will be incredibly happy if he is fond of music;
  • chess or checkers – even if your child does not yet know how to play these games, he can learn. And an assistant in this will be a board and a set of checkers or chess. At first, you can teach the child, and if the baby is interested, you will already have to show the books or enroll in a special section.

We must not forget that the more the child tries, the better. Even if he does not do this all his life, he will have more life experience and skills that he can then apply.

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