What to Give Your Son for 30 Years

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What to Give Your Son for 30 Years: The 30th anniversary is a serious date. A birthday person is a long-formed personality that has its own tastes and preferences. It is not worth giving such a person the first gift that comes across: a serious approach is needed here.

What to Give Your Son for 30 Years

On the other hand, even the dearest people in the world – parents – do not know or understand their adult sons well enough to pick up something original and unusual for them. If it’s not very clear to you what to give your son for his 30th birthday, you should seek help. And this article will be a great helper for all parents who want to adequately congratulate an already adult birthday.

Top 5 Gifts for a Serious Person

For business and serious men, the most important factor in choosing a gift is its status. Usually, such birthday people prefer that the whole event is at the highest level – there are many guests, and everything is decorous and solemn. If your son is one of those, then he might like these classic gifts:

  • cufflinks – be sure to pay attention to what clothes the hero of the occasion prefers to wear. If he often flaunts in business suits and classic shirts, then cufflinks will be an ideal present. The jewel will emphasize the status of a man, his efficiency and representativeness;
  • organizer – a thing that will appeal to every hard worker. Without a special notebook where you can write down all the tasks, plans and deadlines, many simply cannot do it. Organizer in a leather cover will be an excellent assistant both at work and at home;
  • globe bar is a chic gift for an adult son. It is especially good if a man likes to brag to his friends. Usually, in such bars there is a bottle of good whiskey and a few glasses – this is a great addition to an interesting congratulation;
  • a bottle of collectible wine is also a great gift. Often, for a sincere conversation with friends or parents, a family, good, high-quality alcohol is needed. To choose what will really please the birthday man, it is advisable to first take an interest in his tastes;
  • travel bag – in another way, such an important accessory is sometimes called a men’s cosmetic bag. It may include a quality trimmer and special care products for men.

A no less pleasant gift for 30 years from his mother to his son is a high-quality wristwatch, as this is not only a useful and beautiful accessory but also simply necessary in everyday life.

It is necessary to choose a product taking into account the tastes and preferences of the birthday man – so he will like them even more!

Nostalgic Gifts for Son for 30 Years

Nostalgia is a strong feeling that all people over the age of 18 are exposed to. After all, sometimes you want to return to childhood, the most carefree time, when you could not work and have fun day after day, swarming in the sandbox or on the sports ground.

To remind your son of such glorious days, you can present some original congratulations:

  • favorite toy – if the birthday boy had some kind of toy in his childhood, that he cherished very much, then why not find it? Perhaps you can find something similar. And although girls usually appreciate such sentimental gifts, their favorite robot or car can move even the most severe man to tears;
  • a photo album with pictures from childhood – there are probably photos in the family archive. It is important to select those that are associated with the birthday man and collect them in one album, preferably thinking about the order. Such an unusual present will remind you of childhood, friends, feelings of happiness and lightness;
  • childhood dream – maybe the hero of the occasion had some kind of dream in childhood that you can fulfill now? For example, eating one ice cream all day, spending the whole day in an amusement park, or a new console.

It is important that such gifts do not offend or disappoint the birthday man. If he is counting on a more serious congratulation from his parents, then you should not give him a children’s gun. It can only be a playful addition to the main present.

What Can You Give to a Collector?

By the age of 30, many people begin to collect their own collection. This can come in very handy if you are looking for the right birthday present for your 30-year-old son. Finding something interesting for the collection is not as difficult as it seems at first glance.

For example, if the birthday boy is fond of collecting coins, then you should contact special stores.

True, before that, you should carefully study his collection so as not to give a duplicate of what is already there.

For those men who are fond of collecting figurines, finding something new and unique is much easier. Beautiful options can be found in many stores, you just need to know the theme of the collection.

And if you want to present something completely unusual, then you should think about a custom-made figurine. You can find a large number of offers on the Internet – for a small fee, craftswomen will make a product from ceramics or polymer clay anything you want according to your sketch.

You can also do it if your son wears earrings – order him an author’s earring or earring according to your sketch. After all, in fact, a box with jewelry is also a collection, so a unique product will be a great gift!

Congratulations to the Athlete

Congratulations associated with physical activity always show concern for a man. They mean that you are not indifferent to the health and well-being of the birthday man, his successes and achievements. Sports equipment, clothes, shoes or even exercise equipment is a wonderful gift for a son for 30 years from his parents.

By the age of 30, people are no longer as cheerful and full of energy as they were at 20 or 25. To avoid any problems, choose sports presents with care and intelligence and be sure to focus on the lifestyle and preferences of the birthday person.

Here are some good options for sports greetings:

  • exercise bike – it is better not to give a bicycle at this age, but to give preference to an exercise bike. It is much more convenient in terms of storage and also does not depend on the weather. You can train in the rain and snow – when the birthday person wants;
  • a subscription to the gym – if the simulator does not fit into the budget of the presentation, then you can give a subscription to the gym. There, the hero of the occasion will be able to try much more simulators and get in shape;
  • sneakers are a good present, which does not depend on the age of the birthday person. It is useful for morning jogging, and for exercising in the gym. If you can’t pick up sneakers on your own, then you can present a gift certificate for a certain amount;
  • sports equipment of interest – this can be dumbbells or a stretching mat, a ski suit or a diving mask. The gift largely depends on what kind of activity the birthday person prefers;
  • a tracksuit is always comfortable and comfortable clothing that is needed not only for sports but also for walking on rough terrain. As in the case of sneakers, you can give your son for 30 years not the suit itself, but a gift certificate. This will allow the hero of the occasion to independently choose what he will then wear.

You should also not completely discount Nordic walking. It is the safest and most comfortable sport that is easy to master after a few sessions with an instructor. And although earlier it was more popular among the elderly, now even young people prefer Nordic walking with pleasure. You can introduce your son to this sport with the help of special sticks and paid lessons with an instructor.

What to Present to a Traveler on His 30th Birthday

One of the main hobbies of modern thirty-year-old men is travel. If your son also loves to travel and cannot imagine a year without new places and people, then this should definitely be taken into account when looking for a gift. You can present something that will make the adventure more convenient, interesting and even better.

When choosing a gift for the 30th anniversary, it is important to consider the practical side of the issue.

To congratulate the traveler, you should pay attention to comfortable travel bags and suitcases. It is recommended to choose suitcases on wheels – they are much more convenient to carry. It is also important to remember that it is not necessary to choose the largest model – you have to pay a considerable amount for bulky bags at many airports.

If your son prefers to travel light and take a minimum of things with him, you can give him a roomy backpack. So he can take everything he needs with him, conveniently put everything into pockets and departments, and at the same time free his hands.

A trip will be no less good congratulations. It is not necessary to give a trip to Paris, London or New York: sometimes Russian beauties are also suitable for changing places.

You can present a vacation on Lake Baikal – such beauty is worth seeing!

If you want to be generous, but you still don’t have enough money to travel to Europe, then you can choose Georgia, Egypt or China. The most important thing is that the birthday person speaks English at a decent level.

Some prefer not comfortable trips abroad, but hiking with huge backpacks on their backs. This is an unusual type of travel that requires a tempered character and a lot of effort. Hikers do not need much to be happy: they need a good tent, a strong tent, and a soft sleeping bag. You can also present a special set of dishes for the trip: a bowler hat, a plate with cutlery, and a stainless steel mug that will not get very hot from boiling water.

When choosing a gift for your son for his thirtieth birthday, it is important not to forget that, despite the fact that the son is still an adult, it is still not worth crossing the line with gifts. Some options are worth leaving to his wife or friends. However, from beloved parents, any present will seem the most wonderful, so the main thing is to choose a gift for your son with love.

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