What to Give Mom for Her Birthday

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The article will tell you which gift to choose to give mom for her birthday at 40, 50, 60, or 70 years old – from her son or daughter.

A gift for any woman must be chosen carefully, especially for mom. Whether it’s New Year, birthday, International Women’s Day, or any other holiday.

What to Give Mom for Her Birthday

The uniqueness of the gift emphasizes the depth of love and respect for a loved one, gives joy and strengthens the connection. Fantasy dries up and sooner or later, everyone wonders what to give Mom for her birthday.

Top 117 Birthday Gifts for Mom

A birthday gift for mom should be: useful, interesting and unique. No need to hit the banality, of giving flowers and boxes of chocolates. We offer 117 interesting gift ideas for moms at any age: 40, 50, or 60 years old – she will like these surprises.

Engineering and Electronics

  1. Tablet (it is better to choose an iPad – it is more intuitive for the elderly);
  2. Multifunctional food processor for the kitchen;
  3. Multicooker for the kitchen;
  4. Electric meat grinder;
  5. Washing machine;
  6. Devices for vacuum packaging of products;
  7. Special electric kettle for preparing various types of tea;
  8. Automatic coffee machine;
  9. A device for saturating the air with ions or for humidifying the air;
  10. Automated cleaning equipment: robot vacuum cleaner or automatic mop;
  11. yogurt maker;
  12. Massager for a chair or a bed;
  13. Fitness bracelet (if mom loves sports);
  14. An electronic frame for viewing photos (you will first need to upload photos to it);
  15. Electronic scales for the kitchen;
  16. Bio fireplace;
  17. Waterproof speaker (or radio) for the bathroom;
  18. Smart voice assistant (for example, Yandex. Station);
  19. Thermal mug;
  20. Notebook;
  21. TV set-top box (if the TV does not have SMART functions);
  22. Electronic calendar;
  23. New smartphone;
  24. Notebook;
  25. Electric decanter for wine.

Beauty and Health Products

  1. Certificate: SPA, gym, massage, manicure, pedicure and so on;
  2. Scales;
  3. Means for massage;
  4. Set for manicure and pedicure at home;
  5. A set of masks (it is recommended to buy the necessary masks separately, and not as a set – it’s cheaper and you can choose many different options);
  6. Personal care products: shower gel, shampoo, soap and so on;
  7. Trimmer;
  8. Organic cosmetics set;
  9. Good cosmetics from well-known brands, which mom will not allow herself;
  10. Perfumery;
  11. Aromatic set: oils, aroma lamp, bags of aromatic herbs and so on;
  12. Electric Toothbrush;
  13. Natural soap. You can give a set so that mom can make soap with her own hands;
  14. Orthopedic pillows, mattresses, beds and so on;
  15. Lamp for home manicure;
  16. Table mirror;
  17. Ultrasonic scrub;
  18. Massager for eyes or face;
  19. Vacuum skin cleaner;
  20. Massage Mat;
  21. Vitamins for health promotion;
  22. White clay (used as a face mask);
  23. Irrigator;
  24. Therapeutic complexes (for example, for hair loss or facial skin rejuvenation);
  25. Exercise machines (treadmill, ellipse, and so on).


  1. A trip with a guide to another city in Russia;
  2. A trip to another country (book tickets and a hotel or pay for a tour with a guide);
  3. Theater tickets for an interesting performance;
  4. Tickets for exhibition;
  5. A ticket to a concert by your favorite artist;
  6. Subscription for entertainment that is interesting for mom: horseback riding, a master class, recording a song in the studio;
  7. Family photo session with a professional photographer;
  8. Individual horoscope (if mom is fond of it);
  9. A ticket to a health camp;
  10. A congratulatory banner right on the street on one of the billboards.

Important: If you give such a gift, try to go (or go) with your mother.

Gifts for Home

  1. Lamp or floor lamp;
  2. New furniture: bed, wardrobe, sofa, chairs, tables and so on;
  3. Pay for the repair of an apartment (house or room);
  4. Hammock for a country house;
  5. Swing for a country house;
  6. Rocking chair for relaxation;
  7. A new set of dishes;
  8. Antiques, if mom is a collector;
  9. Photo frames (with your joint photos);
  10. Plaid for a sofa;
  11. Nice new carpet;
  12. New chandelier;
  13. Shelves for books or dishes;
  14. Bed sheets;
  15. Aquarium with fish;
  16. Set for spices or other bulk substances;
  17. Special cabinet for wine storage;
  18. Decorative pillow;
  19. Indoor plant (if mom is fond of them);
  20. Painting.

Personal Gifts

  1. Jewelry: earrings, bracelets, necklaces and so on;
  2. Beautiful dress, it is better to choose together with your mother;
  3. Fur coat or fur vest;
  4. Warm outerwear: jacket, raincoat, coat and so on;
  5. For a young mother: a set of erotic lingerie;
  6. Named warm bathrobe;
  7. Slippers for home;
  8. Shoes for the street: boots, shoes, sneakers – depending on what mom prefers;
  9. Nice umbrella;
  10. Wallet or business card;
  11. Convenient case for phone or tablet;
  12. Long-distance travel suitcase;
  13. New handbag;
  14. Beautiful headdress;
  15. Cosmetic bag.

For Auto

  1. Navigator for the car;
  2. Anti-radar for a car;
  3. Vacuum cleaner for a car;
  4. Car mats;
  5. Certificate for several car washes;
  6. Vehicle maintenance;
  7. A set of a motorist with various useful devices;
  8. Cover for seats or steering wheel;
  9. New car (for those who can afford it);
  10. A set of wheels or tires for a car.

Other Gifts

  1. A set for preparing mom’s favorite product, for example, cheese;
  2. Chocolate fountain;
  3. A set of unique chess;
  4. Hookah;
  5. Author’s portrait;
  6. Family gifts: family coat of arms, pedigree, general photo in a beautiful frame, and so on;
  7. Beautiful vase or salad bowl;
  8. Cake to order;
  9. Beautiful wall clock or lamp;
  10. Box for storing various small items;
  11. Subscription to online services with series, films, and books – depending on the preferences of the mother;
  12. Money.

Birthday Gifts for Mom by Interests

When choosing a gift, one should proceed from the character of the person, interests, preferences, hobbies and hobbies. Every woman, first of all, has a personality, here are collected 5 types of fair sex and gifts suitable for them.

Mom is a Housewife

All in worry, with constant thoughts about her children, she never sits still. The daily routine is always full on time, she takes children or grandchildren, prepares a chic menu for the whole day, embroiders, and cleans up.

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When the priority is the family, there is no time to go to restaurants and spas, sometimes there is not enough time for yourself. A list of gifts that will please a housewife mom.

  • Subscription to the massage center. Most women of this type never find a single minute for themselves, but if you give a subscription to a salon with different procedures, the gift will not be wasted. After all, they spent money on it, they won’t fly away in vain?
  • Electronic book. Mothers who take their grandchildren to kindergarten also carry kilograms of waste paper. Many books are equipped with an audio text playback function, which helps to work around the house and listen to your favorite book.
  • Steamer/multicooker. Women with a similar character always have a lot of technical arsenal in the kitchen. But the “collection” is not always complete, so you should follow and replenish it in a timely manner. Such a gift significantly shortens and simplifies the cooking process.
  • Frame. It’s nice to see family members in the photo, once again it will bring a smile to the loving face.
  • Silk set shirt and pants, for the home. Many stores provide a huge selection of comfortable homemade clothing sets, gentle and soft. Such a gift will increase the pleasure of spending time at home.

Mom Businesswoman

She always disappears at work, constantly discussing work issues at dinner, but, despite everything, regular lack of sleep does not prevent her from looking brand new and giving the impression of a chic and powerful predator. In most cases, this type of woman can afford whatever they want. The main thing in a gift is attention to the person and luxurious simplicity.

  • Cake to order. Two or three tiers, strewn with berries and fruits, with a photo portrait or in the form of an elegant queen. Fantasy knows no bounds.
  • Wireless invisible headphones. The convenience of their use has long been proven, they are suitable not only for listening to audiobooks and music but also for communicating through voice communication.
  • Jewelry box. Chic and roomy, handmade with personalized engraving.
  • Table mirror. Large with tilt adjustment and fixing of turns, at least gilded, in the palace style.
  • Expensive diary. More luxurious elements on the cover – give your mom an inexpensive and no-frills birthday present.

Super Energetic Mom

He gets up before everyone else and goes to the gym, manages to cook breakfast for everyone, meets friends and goes above and beyond the norm at work. Traveling is a passion, yesterday she went to Paris for fashion week, and the following weekend she won everyone over with her agility at a ski resort. What can you give for your mother’s birthday, from which a stream of energy flows?

  • Fitness tracker. A wonderful gift for monitoring all indicators of your body. It takes into account the standard of sleep, the level of blood oxygen saturation, pulse, calories burned, mood and much more.
  • Travel bag. Roomy and very fashionable. Well-known brands offer a large selection of beautiful bags, they do not look massive, but at the same time, they have a large number of compartments. A very popular wardrobe item among show business stars.
  • Coffee machine. In a couple of minutes – a strong, invigorating and natural coffee is obtained from the capsule. Suitable for maintaining tone throughout the day.
  • Map. For those who like to travel, this is ideal. Upon returning from each trip, on a huge map, you can paint over or mark the conquered countries with flags, and brag when you meet friends.
  • Bio fireplace with basalt stones. The glass case creates the feeling of a small fire, from which it becomes very cozy.

Mom is a Creative Person

The woman-creator surprises with her positivity, brightness and imagination. While preparing dinner, she dances, sings in her soul, paints pictures in the evenings, and dabbles in arts and crafts on weekends. Childhood in the eyes and eternal youth – all this characterizes women of this type.

  • A porcelain doll. Even women of age love dolls that are pale with a pink blush. Many replenish the collection with rare specimens, in which case you will have to try to find the right one.
  • Automatic ice cream maker. All children love ice cream, and women of this type even more! The equipment will help you quickly and seamlessly prepare a delicious treat.
  • Sweets basket. Many confectionery companies provide a sweet basket service, which beautifully fits a huge amount of chocolates, sweets, cookies and other sweets. This option can be given to the boyfriend’s mom for a birthday or the husband’s mom.
  • Photo archive. Convenient sliding shelf for photographers. The developed photos are inserted into the compartments and resemble a portfolio.
  • Training courses in your favorite direction. If you want to learn how to draw or take salsa training, this is a great choice.

Mom is a Philosopher

A deeply spiritual woman, every morning begins with meditation and chanting a mantra to charge all family members with positive energy for the whole day. He eats only fresh and tasty products, and very selectively approaches the nutrition of the whole family.

  • Yoga mat. Special mats with massage effect and air structure allow you to relax even more during your morning meditation.
  • Juicer. Fresh fresh juice has always been an excellent source of vitamin groups that help increase tone for the whole day.
  • Robot vacuum cleaner. A very convenient thing that not only frees up time that should have been spent on cleaning but also does not allow you to torment your back with unnecessary loads.
  • Eye patch for sleep. Sometimes it becomes easier to enter a meditative dream if extra light sources do not appear out of nowhere.
  • Garden in a glass. A small aquarium with various ornamental plants will give freshness and tone if it stands by the bed.

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