What to Give for a Gender Party

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What to Give for a Gender Party: Pregnancy is a very exciting and at the same time touching event not only for the parents of the unborn baby but also for their entire environment. After all, not only they are waiting for the birth of a little peanut, which will radically change life and fill it with joy and meaning.

What to Give for a Gender Party

One of the important stages during the expectation of a child is an ultrasound. It is after him that the sex of the baby becomes known, which will soon be born. To announce this important news, the future mother arranges an event for her inner circle. Naturally, as with any other holiday, giving gifts is a mandatory procedure.

In our article, we will figure out which gift for a gender party would be the best option.

Gifts for a Gender Party for Future Parents and a Child

A gift for such an event must please both parents. But do not forget about the baby himself. The gift should also be useful for him. It is worth paying attention that the sex of the child is still unknown to anyone except the mother. Therefore, we suggest opting for universal, practical presentations.

Specialized stores for expectant mothers and fathers offer a huge range for this occasion. In order not to get confused and confused by the variety of accessories, we advise you to pay attention to the list below.

So, a good and useful gift for a gender party for parents will be:

  • Plaid of pleasant material;
  • rocking chair for a newborn;
  • a bag to the hospital with a set of necessary items;
  • comfortable cocoon for sleeping;
  • comfortable pillow for nursing;
  • corner pads;
  • soft bumper in the crib;
  • bed linen, it is better to choose a neutral color;
  • beautiful set of brackets and hanging toys;
  • fitball for babies, with such a massager you can practice from 2 months;
  • a comfort toy in the form of an animal;
  • organizer for the crib, you can put everything you need into it;
  • dresser with changing table;
  • a set of interior stickers on a neutral theme;
  • soft educational toy books;
  • robotic vacuum cleaner for safe and efficient cleaning;
  • spa certificate for both parents;
  • care products during and after pregnancy;
  • set for making casts of handles and legs;
  • a subscription to online courses or a book for future moms and dads.

Gifts for Friends at a Gender Party

If you received an invitation to such an interesting party as a gender party from your friends, then we advise you to think carefully about choosing a gift. In our selection below you can find an option for every taste.

A well-chosen present will not only please the recipients but will also be useful for happy parents.

Top Universal Gender Party Gift Ideas for Friends:

  • Bouncer for newborns;
  • children’s roller for the back;
  • children’s simulator for the development of movement;
  • safe humidifier-purifier for the nursery;
  • a set of bodysuits and warm socks in a neutral color;
  • newborn care products;
  • a set of rattle toys;
  • baby’s album – parents will fill it out themselves;
  • baby accessories – nipples, bibs;
  • feeding bottle;
  • comfortable backpack for walking;
  • quality stroller;
  • climate complex for a nursery with a built-in baby monitor;
  • towel -a corner for the baby;
  • anatomical children’s mattress in the crib;
  • a beautiful envelope for a meeting from the hospital;
  • diary for records of the first year of a child’s life.

Gender Party Gift for Husband

The highlight of the gender party is the announcement of the baby’s gender. Usually, mom prepares an interesting surprise for the future dad in advance. In the process, the gender of the baby is known. Invited friends and a relative to share this touching moment.

So, a good gift for a husband to announce gender will be:

  • A large cake painted in blue and pink tones. The filling inside will talk about who will be born – a boy or a girl;
  • box with balls of the corresponding color. After the husband opens it, the sex of the child will be revealed;
  • a huge ball of pink or blue confetti;
  • cupcakes with children’s designs and filling – red or pink. Naturally, the husband tries the first cupcake.

The gender party is the first celebration in honor of your unborn child. Therefore, it is worth taking its organization more than responsibly. Be sure to rent a beautiful room, host, and photographer for this occasion. After all, it is very important that this moment be remembered for a lifetime.

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