What to Give at the First Meeting

What to Give at the First Meeting: Often the first date determines the future of the relationship. A small gift will help brighten up awkwardness and win over. There are several options for gifts that you can give on a first date to a guy or girl.

What to Give at the First Meeting

Is It Worth Giving a Gift on a First Date?

The first meeting does not necessarily involve the exchange of gifts, since on the first date people do not know each other yet and are only going to get to know each other better.

For guys, a bouquet of flowers is a good form, which will be appropriate on any date. Girls can choose a small souvenir or a sweet gift, such as a Snickers bar or Mars, so as not to come empty-handed.

According to the rules of etiquette, a man should come with a gift or a bouquet of flowers, and a woman may not give anything in return. But if there is a desire to present a small present, then it is recommended to choose something insignificant and symbolic, for example, a souvenir or a box of chocolate.

It depends on you – to give or not to give a gift at the first meeting, but if you were presented with a souvenir, a bouquet of flowers or sweets, then you need to be sincerely happy and thank you for your attention and care.

What to Give a Guy at the First Meeting

A gift for a guy on a first date can be given as a sign of location and reciprocity.

For guys, a date is an exciting event, especially if the initiative for the meeting was theirs. Then a small present from the girl will help to relax, as the guy will see reciprocity towards himself.

If the initiative was from a girl, then gifts should not be given, as there will be an overabundance of steps, it is important to wait for the guy’s actions.

If the guy himself called for a date, then you can present a symbolic present:

  • Magnet, especially if the guy is from another city;
  • Trinket;
  • original pen;
  • Statuette;
  • Notebook;
  • The book he mentioned.

You should not look for something original, unusual or expensive, a small expression of attention is enough for the guy to understand your disposition towards him.

The best thing you can give a guy for the first meeting is a gift made with his own hand. Write him a small postcard, burn a CD with a movie or TV series he wanted to watch or draw a small comic or drawing. Such a gift will be remembered for a long time, but will not cause a feeling of obsession and expectation on the part of the girl.

What to Give a Girl at the First Meeting

Flowers are considered a traditional present for a first date, but you can get creative and present an original gift instead of a bouquet:

  • soft toy;
  • A stylish box of chocolates, for example, Raffaello;
  • A box of cookies;
  • Balloon in the shape of a heart;
  • book;
  • A notebook or a beautiful notepad;
  • Sketchbook if a girl loves to draw.

A small gift can be combined with a bouquet of flowers or presented on its own, wrapped in a beautiful package.

Most girls love desserts, so you can safely give any sweet present – from a kinder surprise to a box of chocolate.

Etiquette suggests that a man should come with flowers to a romantic meeting with a woman, so a bouquet must be purchased so as not to disappoint the girl from the first minute of the date.

Of the most interesting options that you can give a girl at the first meeting, gifts-impressions stand out. It can be a ticket to a planetarium, an amusement park, a boat trip or a horse ride.

It is better to give paired tickets so that you can keep the girl company. It is believed that during interesting joint activities, genuine sympathy and affection for each other are born.

Universal Gift Ideas

In addition to personal gifts, there are universal options that are suitable for any romantic meeting, including a first date.

A guy can give a girl a chocolate bar, a postcard, a small toy, a glass ball with a unique composition inside, or a cute souvenir from a gift shop.

A girl can give a guy a handmade gift, for example, a small picture or a postcard. Any edible present is also suitable: your favorite soda, a chocolate bar or another sweet option. If a guy is fond of sports or a healthy lifestyle, then soda will not please him, you will have to come up with a useful replacement. In this case, give fitness bars, all athletes love such snacks.

If you do not have plans for a first date, then you can give tickets to visit an institution, for example, an amusement park, a planetarium or an aquarium. So you will have a fun and interesting time, and the gift will be useful to both of you.

What Not to Give on a First Date

It is considered bad manners to give expensive gifts at the first meeting, for example, jewelry, perfumes, accessories and cosmetics. Even if the date was long-awaited, the rules should not be neglected, otherwise, the gift may be misunderstood.

Expensive gifts are a demonstration of serious intentions, which is inappropriate at the first meeting when people are just getting to know each other and cannot be sure about the future of the relationship.

Follow the etiquette and please each other just like that, then there is every chance that the first date will develop into a long and strong relationship.

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