What to Give an Anime Lover

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What to Give an Anime Lover: The concept of anime includes not only Japanese animation but also comics, cosplay and even video games. Not surprisingly, anime has a lot of fans of all ages.

What to Give an Anime Lover

If your friend or girlfriend classifies themselves as anime people, then they will only be delighted with a themed birthday present. And what to give, look in our selection.

Gifts with Japanese Flavor

It’s no secret that anime lovers love Japanese culture in all its manifestations. Therefore, you will not be mistaken if you give something that will remind a friend or girlfriend of the longed-for land of the rising sun. By the way, this option is perfect if you don’t know the birthday boy’s favorite anime, but want to choose a really useful and memorable gift.

We offer these ideas:

  • A kimono-style robe is a great gift for your favorite anime girl;
  • Pictures or posters in Japanese style;
  • Fabric tapestries;
  • Sushi set;
  • Japanese sweets (drinks, chewing gum, mochi cakes, lollipops, Pocky sticks, chocolate with green tea);
  • Japanese-style crockery;
  • Round fans are suitable for cosplay.

By the way, if you don’t know what to give an anime fan for his birthday, then it’s better to buy something related to Japan than to give a banal mug with a picture from an unknown anime.

The Best Gifts for Anime Fans

A great gift for a boyfriend or anime friend will be a thing related to the theme of his favorite anime. Suitable fan paraphernalia, clothing, accessories and souvenirs depicting characters that the birthday boy is fond of.

For example, you can donate:

  • T-shirt with manga print;
  • Hoodie or sweatshirt with a thematic picture;
  • Kigurumi pajamas are a good option for a boyfriend;
  • Protective face mask with black and white print;
  • Stylish wallet or purse with anime symbols;
  • A bag or backpack with a print;
  • Badges and key chains with the image of your favorite heroes;
  • Desk calendar with a picture;
  • Comics and manga in a style that a friend likes;
  • Men’s bracelets or pendants in Japanese style.

And if you find a poster on the wall or stationery with an anime print that your friend likes, then his joy will know no bounds.

Universal Gifts for Anime Girls

We figured out the gifts for anime people, now we will determine what to give an anime girl for her birthday to cheer her up.

If your girlfriend or girlfriend is an avid anime girl, then adopt these ideas:

  • Light novels are Japanese novels with illustrations in anime style;
  • Popsocket in kawaii style;
  • Sculpted cup, for example, in the shape of Pikachu’s head;
  • Cute cosmetic bag;
  • Bracelet with charms depicting symbols from Sailor Moon or other cult anime;
  • Kigurumi or any anime-style pajamas is the best gift for your girlfriend;
  • Sketchbooks, notebooks, notepads, sticker sets and other anime-style stationery;
  • Amigurumi soft toy;
  • Figured pillow ;
  • Ears Neko;
  • animal hat;
  • Fluffy headphones;
  • Pendants, rings and bracelets in anime style;
  • Sleep mask;
  • Choker with a heart;
  • Purse or crossbody bag in Kawaii style.

Among the listed gifts, there are both budget and more expensive options, which will allow you to choose a present for a close friend, girlfriend, younger sister or good friend.

What to Give for Anime Day

Anime Day is celebrated around the world on April 11, although nothing is known about the origin of this date. In any case, now you know when to congratulate all the anime people you know.

And what to give, choose from our list:

  • Notebooks, pens, pencils with pictures;
  • Postcards and mini-posters with scenes from cult anime;
  • Jewelry with symbols of popular anime;
  • Bright socks;
  • Paw print gloves and hats with ears;
  • Headbands with cat ears;
  • Lip balms, perfumes and cosmetics in a kawaii style;
  • Soft toy in the shape of your favorite Pokemon;
  • Artbooks and tutorials on drawing anime.

We hope that in the list you will find what to give to your girlfriend, boyfriend or soul mate for Anime Day.

Anime Figurines Are the Best Gift for an Anime Fan

And finally, we will tell you about the original gift that any fan of this genre will be delighted with. We are talking about volumetric figures depicting characters from different anime.

Figures can be vinyl, acrylic, and also be articulated dolls that can be dressed up in different clothes. The price of such figures is not small, especially if they are detailed and original (made in Japan).

Non-original figurines (copies) can be bought 8 times cheaper, but their quality will be lower. Vinyl and acrylic Minifigures are also inexpensive but are guaranteed to please any anime fan, as long as you find their favorite character.

The most expensive are busts and statues created by real Japanese sculptors. Such sculptures are presented to collectors who have long been fond of anime and Japanese culture. Inexpensive figurines can be safely given to anime friends for a birthday or other holidays.

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Choosing a gift for anime lovers is often not easy for a person who is not fond of this culture. But in our list, you will find the most interesting and original ideas that will cause a lot of positive emotions among your friends and loved ones.

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