What to Give a Tea Lover

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What to Give a Tea Lover: Tea culture has been popular all over the world since ancient times. Tea has a rich history and a wide variety of species. Probably, most people cannot imagine their morning without a cup of aromatic tea. Many people love this drink for its beneficial properties. Tea can elevate mood, and improve well-being and productivity.

People for whom tea is a whole culture are quite common. They are passionate about learning about the tea world. After all, it is not so simple and has its own history, science and philosophy.

What to Give a Tea Lover

A gift for a tea lover should inspire and delight him. In our article, we have collected the most original and useful gift options for a tea lover.

Gift for a Man Who Loves Tea

To please a man who prefers to drink tea, you can not only fragrant leaves but also useful devices.

Such a gift can be given on any occasion – birthday, New Year or February 14th. Below we will tell you what to give a man – a tea lover.

The list of the best presentations includes:

  • A small knife is an awl. Such a present is useful if the recipient prefers pressed teas, pu-erh. The awl knife allows you to conveniently break off a piece;
  • transparent flask-tipot – a stylish device in which it will be pleasant to brew tea to take with you;
  • a certificate for a certain amount to a tea shop. An excellent present, a man will be able to independently choose the desired variety or thing;
  • teapot for brewing clay, its other name is Yixing teapot;
  • an interesting book about tea history and culture;
  • tea thermos, which is convenient to take with you;
  • a set of pu-erh pancakes;
  • figurine of the tea spirit. A small figurine will give a real atmosphere of a tea ceremony, it can be placed on a tray with bowls and cups;
  • a trip to the tea plantations;
  • tea ceremony certificate
  • if the recipient is a beginner and just getting to know the tea culture, you can give him a starter kit, which includes bowls, gaiwan and several well-known varieties of tea.

Tea is the Best Gift

Of course, the best gift for a connoisseur of drinks from fragrant leaves is tea. When choosing such an offering, avoid the mass market and tea bags in the first place. Most likely, it will never come in handy for a connoisseur of real tea. In this section, we present a list of what tea to give to a tea lover.

Best Options:

  • Chinese white tea – “Bai Cha”. This is a variety of light teas, considered the very first variety. It is famous for its spicy taste and indescribable aroma;
  • green tea. It is considered one of the main types of tea. A classic gift option for a tea lover, it is popular all over the world;
  • Hong Cha red tea is a dark type of tea. One of the common varieties of Chinese black teas, it has a wide range of flavors and aromas. Red tea tones and warms well, especially on winter evenings. The main flavor composition is honey, bread, and flowers;
  • Black Chinese tea Hei Cha. This kind of black tea will definitely appeal to gourmets. The flavor composition depends on the recipe. Most often, it has a rich velvety taste, where you can feel the nutty, woody and earthy shades;
  • Puer is a famous tea variety. It is famous for the fact that it invigorates perfectly, in the taste and aroma you can feel the pleasant motifs of nuts and wood. Pu-erh can be in loose form or in the form of a “cake”, that is, pressed;
  • Huang Cha is a yellow tea from China made from young tea buds. It has a pleasant floral taste and aroma. Yellow tea is incredibly delicate and evokes associations with spring freshness and flowering. By the way, Huang Cha is considered a rare and expensive tea variety due to its production;
  • Oolong is a fresh, pleasant and flowery tea. Taste and aroma have multifaceted delicate shades of tea petals.

Accessories and Equipment for the Tea Lover

You can please a real tea lover not only with this delicious drink. There are a lot of options for practical and indispensable things for a tea gourmet.

We offer win-win ideas as a functional present that no tea lover can do without.

The recipient will be delighted with such a gift as:

  • Teapot for brewing from the Chinese province of Jingdezhen. This thing looks incredibly stylish. This gift will bring maximum pleasure from the tea ceremony;
  • a cup with a lid for brewing clay tea – Gaiwan. Necessary utensils for the proper preparation of tea;
  • a set of handmade bowls;
  • durable sieve for filtering tea infusion. With its help, tea becomes clean, transparent, and separated from the leaves. In special stores you can find options for different shapes, and sizes;
  • Chaban – a special board, without which the tea ceremony cannot take place;
  • Chabu – a textile alternative to the Chaban board, these are towels made of dense material that serves to absorb splashes and spilled tea;
  • thermo pot or electric kettle;
  • a beautiful organizer or box for proper storage of the tea collection.

It’s always nice to give gifts to loved ones. The emotions of the gifted person bring a positive, charge of a good mood. Choose a gift for a tea lover based on your budget and the tastes of the recipient. Perhaps you will fulfill the old dream of a tea gourmet by presenting him with a desired thing.

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