What to Give a Classmate

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When deciding what to give a classmate for her birthday, you can present stationery (notebooks, original pens, covers), sets for creative activities (beading, embroidery, drawing), and gadgets (netbook, tablet, smart watch, video camera).

What to Give a Classmate

Fashion accessories, decorative and skin care cosmetics are in demand. You can add a postcard, a photo album, or an original bouquet to the present.

What to Give a Classmate – Top 30 Best Ideas for a Girl’s Birthday

When choosing a birthday present, you can pick up the following universal gifts:

  1. Original stationery (erasers, bright covers, pens, notepads, colored paper, diaries, book covers, bookmarks, coasters).
  2. A set of thematic 3D puzzles or puzzles.
  3. Thermos and a set of thermo glasses for travel.
  4. A set for creating jewelry with fasteners, beads, beads, rhinestones, and sketches of products, step-by-step rules for their manufacture, diagrams, and sketches of work.
  5. Festive box of fortune cookies. Baking can be placed in a tin dish with a mug, painted with a bright ornament, or with a printed photo print.
  6. Plastic bottles for water and juices, plastic tableware sets for school lunches with carrying cases.
  7. As a gift to a classmate, you can present a stylish wallet or a fashionable party clutch, decorated with rhinestones, embroidery, and beads.
  8. The original form of a wristwatch.
  9. Gift editions of books corresponding to the age and interests of the birthday girl.
  10. Home planetarium or a projector and a set of themed films for viewing.
  11. Comfortable leather backpack or bag, durable and comfortable to wear.
  12. Pajamas or a set of home clothes with original prints.
  13. Flash drive with large memory. The product can be in the form of a pendant, a fairy-tale hero, etc.
  14. Neon wireless headphones.
  15. Scooter or balance bike.
  16. New smartphone model with the case.
  17. Tablet with a set of developing programs.
  18. Cases for gadgets and portable technical devices.
  19. Wireless mouse of the original form.
  20. A table for study or a dressing table for the age of the birthday girl. Products can be folding or non-separable.
  21. Roller skates are suitable for a birthday girl involved in sports.
  22. Sweatshirt and T-shirt with original print or lettering.
  23. 3D pen complete with a liquid crystal display for performing three-dimensional images.
  24. Set of lunch boxes with a bag for transportation.
  25. A camera with a carrying case, a memory card, and stands for filming.
  26. A set of pillows with original prints.
  27. Armchair with orthopedic back.
  28. Set of a scarf, knitted hat, gloves, snood. Products must be made in the same style, and colors and complemented with prints, applications, and patterns.
  29. Stand for textbooks and organizer for stationery.
  30. Original jewelry box.

For a Beloved Friend – 15 Interesting Gifts for a Classmate

When deciding what to give a classmate, you can pick up the following unusual presents:

  1. Table lamp or night light.
  2. Alarm clock original.
  3. Bedside rug, made in the style of patchwork or other patchwork technology.
  4. Music Box.
  5. Decorative panel or sculptural group.
  6. Mirror in a designer frame or folding mirror.
  7. Plush toy.
  8. Stylish jewelry.
  9. Diary with a set of colored markers.
  10. Indoor flower in a ceramic pot or hanging planter.
  11. A set of sports equipment (dumbbells, balls, karemat, hoops, electronic scales).
  12. original keyboard.
  13. Collapsible umbrella in colorful fabric with a bright print or themed appliqué.
  14. A set of fashionable headbands, bracelets, baubles, or jewelry made of genuine leather.
  15. Certificate for a professional photo session and a set of original frames for creating a collage.

Top 15 Best Gifts From a Guy for a Classmate

When deciding what to give a classmate guy, it is recommended to pick up the following universal gifts:

  1. Globe or map of the world.
  2. Set for creative activities (paints, colored markers, sets of colored paper, and cardboard).
  3. A set of figured candles and candlesticks made of metal or ceramics.
  4. Thematic books (artistic, historical) for study in a gift box.
  5. Stylish name watch.
  6. Wireless speakers with neon lights and different colors.
  7. Teenage model of a bicycle or skateboard.
  8. Board games “Beauty Salon”, “Designer”, “Modeler”, etc.
  9. Quality branded perfumes. A 12-year-old friend can present the fragrances La Rive Violetta Love, Bon Bons Primobacio, Melvita, La Rive Frozen, Chicco Natural Sensation, Kaloo Les Amis, Petits et Mamans from Bvlgari, Miss Corolle Rose, etc.
  10. Certificate for training courses, taking into account the hobby of the birthday girl.
  11. Sunglasses in a sporty or classic style.
  12. A tablet for working with documents or drawing up diagrams, drawings.
  13. Fashionable teenage clothes with original thematic prints (jacket, sweatshirt, T-shirt, sneakers).
  14. High-quality bijouterie or jewelry (bracelets, rings, chains with pendants, earrings, etc.).
  15. A cosmetic bag with a bright print, applique or embellished with embroidery, rhinestones, and beads.

Top 20 Original Gifts for a Schoolgirl

As a gift to a classmate, you can present the following universal things:

  1. Notebooks with original thematic covers. You can prepare a personal diary with photographs of the hero of the occasion, transferred to the cover.
  2. Original table clock (with flip mechanism, hourglass).
  3. Brochures thematic, a set of rulers, banners, pencils, rubber bands, and stickers.
  4. A cork or magnetic board for fixing reference materials, drawing up curricula, and attaching drawings, and sketches.
  5. Stationery organizer or pen holder.
  6. A set of colored crayons and watercolors.
  7. 3D drawing board.
  8. A modern model of a computer mouse, a new keyboard, or wireless speakers.
  9. A set of school textbooks, maps, and handouts thematic material.
  10. A set of pens of different colors and quality, felt-tip pens, and markers with a pencil case.
  11. Covers school textbooks with personalized engraving or thematic prints.
  12. Rack for storing books and notebooks. The design can be made of wood, metal, or durable plastic.
  13. A school backpack or a comfortable bag made of durable and high-quality materials.
  14. A sweatshirt and a T-shirt with photos of the class and the birthday girl were transferred to them.
  15. Stencils for preparing drawings, a set of quality paper, and stickers for textbooks with the name or initials of the student.
  16. Modular furniture for arranging a school corner in an apartment. Items must match the age of the birthday girl and match the style of the room.
  17. A set of lunch boxes with a bag or case.
  18. Course Certificate.
  19. Geographic map and set of handouts on geography.
  20. Sets for conducting scientific experiments (in physics, chemistry, etc.).

For a Classmate Aged 8, 9, and 10 – a List of 15 Ideas

You can give a classmate the following practical presents:

  1. Children’s computers or tablets with educational programs.
  2. Tablet for the implementation of painting techniques with sand or water.
  3. Set for weaving bracelets from beads, rubber bands, or beads.
  4. Children’s suitcase for travel, a compact bag backpack for trips.
  5. Stylish children’s watch.
  6. A camera and an original photo album decorated with applications, scrapbooking, or decoupage.
  7. As a gift for 10 years, you can present mugs with applications or photo prints.
  8. Sports equipment, selected taking into account the age of the birthday girl (karemat, dance mat, balls).
  9. Thermos and thermal mugs for travel.
  10. An easel and a sketchbook with paints are suitable for a birthday girl who is fond of painting.
  11. A friend at the age of 9 can be presented with a bicycle.
  12. Roller skates or scooters. The model is selected according to the weight and age of the birthday girl.
  13. Music center with AM/FM radio function and MP3, USB, and CD connectors. Speakers must be powerful, with high-quality sound.
  14. Wallet or handbag for storing jewelry and children’s cosmetics.
  15. Certificate for the purchase of fashionable clothes in a branded store.

Gifts for a Girl Aged 11, 12, 13, and 14 Years Old – 20 Ideas

You can give a classmate for your birthday the following things:

  1. For 11 years, you can present a set of educational publications with a reading stand, geographical maps, and handouts for lessons.
  2. Wireless headphones allow you to listen to audiobooks, and music while walking, traveling, or jogging.
  3. Scratch calendar “100 cases” for drawing up plans for study, creativity, and sports activities.
  4. Transformable study table lamp. The device should vary the intensity of illumination, and the focus of the direction of the light flux.
  5. A set of board games for developing horizons, learning a foreign language, etc.
  6. As a present for a girlfriend for 12 years, you can present a compact USB lamp under a computer keyboard.
  7. Sweatshirt with name print.
  8. Fabric bag with the symbols of the educational institution, complete with a calendar, and a postcard.
  9. Hourglass for “Time Management”.
  10. By the age of fourteen, a book reader or a tablet for creating drawings Boogie Board Rip Tablet will do. Devices allow you to keep records, create sketches, and drawings and transfer and process them on a computer.
  11. Organizer “Energizer” with battery.
  12. Panoramic map of the world, decorated with LEDs for illumination.
  13. Video projector that allows you to view films for training, and creating presentations. Science videos can be included in the package.
  14. A set of photo frames with archival photographs printed as a keepsake.
  15. A folding umbrella with an original application or a raincoat with a bag case.
  16. Children’s cosmetics for skin care are made from natural ingredients (cream, shower gel, soap) or decorative products (shadows with sparkles, colored hair gel, hygienic lipstick with shine).
  17. Mirror and hair care products (combs, irons).
  18. Transformable furniture or sports corner with rings, and slats. The design must correspond to the room of the birthday girl and the required weight and age of the girl.
  19. Compact hair dryer, curling irons, irons. The composition of the presentation can include hair styling products (mousse, fixing varnish, gel to create the effect of wet hair, tint varnishes).
  20. Board games set. For school age, educational and intellectual games (Imaginarium, Ekivoki, Elias, etc.) are suitable.

If There is Not Enough Money, but You Really Want to Congratulate – 15 Inexpensive Gifts

As a birthday gift, for example, you can present an inexpensive gift from the following options:

  1. Keychain with a built-in flash drive, decorated with personalized engraving.
  2. Modeling kit (with polymer clay, and plasticine).
  3. Stylish pendant or pendant for a cell phone.
  4. A set of DVDs with educational and animated films, and educational programs.
  5. Tickets for a movie show, theatrical premiere, or concert of your favorite musical group.
  6. School textbooks, atlases, and other thematic literature for the age of the birthday girl.
  7. Covers documents with bright prints.
  8. Magnets, key rings, pens, and badges with the author’s image, are made to order in a special salon.
  9. A set of colored pens in a case.
  10. Pencil case with applications of cartoon characters.
  11. A diary with a colorful cover for recording personal information, poetry, etc.
  12. Cork coasters for mugs decorated with unusual prints and appliqués.
  13. Ceramic sculptural composition.
  14. Personalized magazine with a commemorative inscription on the cover. A custom-made edition can include motivating quotes from famous people, creative tasks, plans, etc.
  15. Chocolate in festive packaging with images in the form of a book, world map, or globe.

For Girls Who Appreciate Humor – 15 Cool Gifts

As a birthday present for a classmate, you can present the following presents:

  1. Preparation of collective performance of the song. An original congratulation can be supplemented with a postcard and flowers.
  2. A congratulatory letter for success in needlework, painting, recitation, etc.
  3. T-shirts with original prints, photographs transferred to the fabric, and national patterns.
  4. Lamps of the original form in the form of fairy-tale characters, a ball, a street lamp, etc.
  5. Ceramic mugs with unusual phrases and applications.
  6. A decorative panel with a humorous plot or a thematic cartoon of a birthday girl.
  7. A case for a laptop, player, or smartphone with a humorous application.
  8. Scarf with applique or decorative motif in cashmere.
  9. Original sunglasses.
  10. A flash drive in the form of a keychain or pendant.
  11. Digital photo frame with original photos.
  12. Mouse of unusual shape.
  13. A calendar with different humorous plots or a set of posters of your favorite music artist.
  14. The original form of the alarm clock.
  15. Bag with the application or photo print of the birthday girl.

10 DIY Gifts

For the anniversary of a classmate, you can give things made by yourself:

  1. The original photo album can be designed using scrapbooking, decoupage, and artificial aging. For work, you will need colored paper, cardboard, craft and foil paper, archival photographs, and decorative napkins.
  2. Mini-film from photographs, and video frames from the archive of the birthday girl. The film can be supplemented with memorable melodies, musical compositions, and frames from films.
  3. Knitted hat, mittens, scarf, and gloves. When choosing yarn, it is important to determine the color scheme, pattern, and knitting pattern. The design of the product should match the rest of the wardrobe of the birthday girl.
  4. You can prepare a bouquet of flowers for 15 years, decorated with living plants, and dried flowers with your own hands. Original compositions of sweets, figured chocolate, dried fruits, and nuts.
  5. An unusual present will be an embroidered picture, framed in a wooden frame. You can choose landscapes, still, lifes, plot historical compositions, castles, and fortresses as an image.
  6. Classic jumper, crocheted or knitted. You can choose a print in the form of geometric, floral, and Scandinavian patterns. For the winter version of the sweater, different options for braids and weaves are suitable.
  7. Clay products. Optimally prepare mugs, plates, and trays. After manufacturing and firing, it is required to paint the work with acrylic and cover it with a transparent or translucent varnish. The product can be decorated with patination, gilding, and artificial aging.
  8. As a birthday gift for 14 years, you can sew a sweatshirt according to the size of the birthday girl. It is important to choose a fabric made from natural materials, environmentally friendly and durable.
  9. When deciding what to give a classmate for the New Year, you can make curly candles on your own. Original natural cosmetic products for the bathroom (shower gels, soap, shampoo, etc.)
  10. Demand jewelry made of polymer clay, complemented by beads, rhinestones, and sparkles.


When deciding what to give a girl for 13 years, you can draw a picture, a portrait of a birthday girl, make a wicker case for a phone or smartphone, a sculptural composition from ceramics, or sew a stylish fabric bag.

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