What to Give a Cheese Lover

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What to Give a Cheese Lover: Cheese is a delicious delicacy that people around the world adore. There are many types and varieties of this wonderful dairy product. It is produced in many countries. Some manufacturers pass down the recipes of their cheeses from generation to generation, but at the same time, they keep them in the strictest confidence.

What to Give a Cheese Lover

Cheese lovers are most often gourmets who like to try something new. A gift for such a person should be interesting and original. Therefore, it is worth approaching his choice wisely and it is better if it is in advance.

In our article, we will tell you what to give a cheese lover. Such gifts can be presented absolutely for any holiday – birthday, New Year or Cheese Day, which is celebrated on January 20th.

Wine and Accessories as the Perfect Gift

Few would argue that wine pairs perfectly with cheese. A bottle of good dry red wine is perfect with Brie or Camembert cheese, while tart white wine can be a great accompaniment to blue or green cheese. The combination of cheese and wine is a separate art form to which a cheese lover can be attached.

If a person loves cheese, then, for sure, he also loves wine. And you can make wine even tastier with a simple accessory – a decanter. As a gift for a cheese lover, you can buy a wine decanter, which will help you feel the wine better and have a more pleasant time.

Decanters come in different price categories and different in appearance, you need to choose based on the budget and task. For example, if a person has little space in an apartment, or he lives in a rented apartment, he does not need to give him a large decanter-decanter, an aerator for a bottle will do an excellent job of saturating wine with oxygen.

Please note: Decanters and aerators can be used not only for wine but also for other drinks. For example, lovers of aged whiskey will also appreciate such a gift.

If you’re buying a decanter or aerator as a gift for a cheese lover, don’t forget to get a bottle of wine as well, even if it’s young, so you can feel the effects of the decanter on it.

Useful From the World of Cheese

A person who loves to feast on different cheeses will definitely be happy with a gift that will remind him of his favorite product. But it doesn’t have to be cheese.

There are exciting and necessary things that can please a cheese lover, we have collected them in the selection below.

So, the best present will be:

  • Cheese tasting certificate with a professional sommelier. There you can get to know different types of cheese, and try unusual varieties. All in all, this is a real paradise for a cheese lover;
  • a book about cheese and cheese making. Such a present will be received with a bang and will be a good addition to the bookshelf of a loved one;
  • set of knives for cutting cheese. Special knives allow you to make beautiful and neat cheese slices;
  • special paper for storing cheese at home;
  • tray table for beautiful serving and convenient eating;
  • certificate for the purchase of a cheese store;
  • a set of cutting boards for cheese – choose a set with different sizes;
  • cheese fondue. A gift that will not leave indifferent any raw foodist;
  • a certificate for a master class in cheese making will give me a unique experience and an interesting pastime. A cheese lover will be in seventh heaven with happiness that he was independently engaged in the manufacture of his favorite delicacy.

Cute and Nice Gifts

A small but sweet surprise can be made for a cheese lover on New Year’s Eve or Cheese Lovers’ Day, which is celebrated on January 20th. Even a small but nice gift will please the raw foodist.

A loved one will surely like:

  • The drawer has a beautiful design, it can be made of wood or ceramics. In such dishes, you can aesthetically serve cheese to the table;
  • sauce set. Many cheese lovers like to enjoy this dairy product and some sauce – honey, lingonberry, or mustard. And it turns out it’s pretty appetizing;
  • cheese-shaped ceramic mug, you can find funny triangular options;
  • a set of cheese graters of different sizes. After all, a cheese lover, for sure, prefers to cook pizza with cheese at home, and other dishes;
  • a homemade t-shirt or sweatshirt with a cheese print;
  • linen shopper with a thematic image;
  • knife-zhirol for cutting and chips of hard cheeses.

Delicious Food as a Gift

Of course, a cheese lover’s favorite delicacy is the cheese itself of different varieties. Nevertheless, such a gourmet can be pleased with an excellent gastronomic gift.

You definitely won’t go wrong if you give a raw foodist such goodies as:

  • a couple of jars of jams, choose fruit or berry options. They are ideal for cheeses with an airy, yogurt consistency;
  • delicious gourmet cheese, this type includes the varieties Dischatel, Langre, Gruyère and the most famous Camembert;
  • cheese basket. It may include not only a set of cheese but also fruits, berries;
  • honey set. As you know, honey is in perfect harmony with hard and curd cheeses – Mascarpone, Cheddar, Brie and Feta. You can present lime, floral, clover or lavender;
  • nuts of different varieties – almonds, macadamia or pistachios;
  • a jar of truffles and truffle oil. Such an exquisite gift will definitely be appreciated by a sophisticated cheese gourmet.

Love for cheese is not just loved for the product. After all, cheese making is an ancient craft that gives us a unique and delicious product. Please a loved one with a pleasant gift, and he will definitely be happy with such attention from you.

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