What to Give a Boy for 6 Years

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Hello! This article contains 60 cool what to give a boy for 6 years. We have selected from a huge number of ideas only the best and most interesting for the child.

What to Give a Boy for 6 Years

Gifts were divided into sections to make it easier to choose: sports goods, toys for boys, toys for mental and creative development, clothes, and experiences.

Sporting Goods

Six years is the time of active fidgets. Few of the boys will be able to sit quietly at this age, they need to move – drive, crawl, jump and run. The first ten ideas will help you choose the right gift for this. When choosing, consider the dimensions of the children’s room, and the season, and the child’s lifestyle.

Bike. Desired transport for any boy. When buying, consider the height of the child: the option with 20-inch wheels is most likely suitable. Choose a light and tuned model.

Scooter. When choosing, ergonomics is important: handles with non-slip and soft pads, height adjustment, and a wide non-slip platform. The model should be light and maneuverable. For smooth roads, you can take a scooter with plastic wheels, and for off-road with rubber ones.

Sports complex. This is a prefabricated corner for a children’s room. You can climb ladders and ropes, hang on horizontal bars and rings, and beat a pear. In general, an ideal place for active fidgets. If the dimensions of the room do not allow, then you can limit yourself to the Swedish wall.

Set of sports games. They can be for one person, as well as for a couple or a team. For example, sets for badminton, tennis or “towns”. You can also donate a basketball hoop with a ball or a volleyball net.

Inflatable swimming aids. If the birthday boy still does not know how to swim, then he needs such a gift for the summer. Inflatable armlets and floating animals, fish, and birds. They can be in the form of a circle or with handles on the back.

Snow scooter. For winter, you also need your transport to ride down the hill. Pay attention to the frame made of durable metal, the presence of shock absorbers and hand brakes, and flexibility is important for skis (runners). For a six-year-old birthday boy, choose a model with a folding back and removable sides.

Baby dumbbells. It is very good if parents teach the boy to sports from childhood. Sport disciplines. And dumbbells as a gift will be very useful. They should be no heavier than one kilogram, and ideally – 500 grams.

Trampoline. The boy will be incredibly happy to receive such a gift! This is the dream of all children. But you need to choose very carefully: the frame must be made of durable aluminum or steel, and for safety, it must be equipped with a mesh around its perimeter.

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Rollers. Important selection criteria: anatomy, stability, lightness, rigidity, and strength, better on polyurethane wheels. The gift will truly be desired and the best!

Helmet, armlets, knee pads. If the birthday boy already has a scooter, a bicycle, or roller skates, then you can’t do without abrasions on your body. He has not yet fully developed the instinct of self-preservation, so this gift will please both the child and his parents.


Boys love outdoor games and technology, so this is one of the best gifts for them. Do not forget about quality and brand, because if the toy breaks on the first day, then the child will not be happy, but disappointed.

Transforming toys. An amazing toy that can transform. At first, this is a simple racing car – you can arrange speed competitions. Sleight of hand – and the machine is transformed into a harsh robot monster that can crush everything around.

Interactive robot. You certainly will not miss the gift of presenting a robot friend to a child. It can be in the form of a man, a dog, a dinosaur, or some strange animal. The robot can carry out several commands, speak, glow, dance, and much more, depending on the program embedded in it.

Autotrack. There are many varieties and assortment of the toy-auto river – there are also teams of segments made of plastic, luminous, powered by a network, with garages for cars and with turns like roller coasters. In general, the more “bells and whistles”, the happier the birthday person will be.

Railway. The dream of all boys, regardless of age. For a six-year-old birthday boy, it’s best to choose a buildable model with lots of details – let him do it! Also in the set, there should be additional accessories – figures, buildings, and semaphores.

Set of racing and passenger cars. They are needed both for auto tracks and just for competitions with friends. They are also collectible. You can also donate cars standing on the trailer platform.

Radio-controlled toy. A variety of cars, motorcycles, ATVs, helicopters, and robots. They are controlled remotely with a remote control. The most desirable option is a quadcopter that can shoot from above.

Machines of special equipment and special services. Ambulance, fire or police car, military and construction vehicles. With them, you can start an interesting role-playing game by building a whole city and playing an impromptu scenario.

Water transport toys. Sailboats, ships, submarines, and even a racing dive boat! They can be radio-controlled or simple. For games in the pond, it is better to choose a bright color – suddenly the ship gets lost in the grass.

Snowball Blaster. This is a wonderful gift for a boy who was born in the winter. After all, you can immediately use it when playing snow paintball with friends. First, a snowball is molded in a special form, then it is loaded into a catapult and fired with an elastic band.

Water toy weapon. And this gift is suitable for a summer or spring birthday. It is very fun to play with it – you need to fill the “clip” of the weapon with water and release it at your opponent.

Gifts for Mental and Creative Development

For a boy, logic and spatial thinking are important – the following selection serves their development. These gifts will develop masculine qualities in him and serve as a preparation for school.

Constructor. Preferably “Lego” for boys – it is the most popular! Entire toy cities can be assembled from their parts. But there are other options: magnetic, technical (with bolts and nuts), mosaic designers (according to a model and sketch), and even musical ones!

Puzzles. For a child, the time of wooden puzzles with large segments has already passed. At this age, you can also give quite “adult” cardboard puzzles with many small details. If he is calm and diligent by nature, then he will be delighted with such a gift.

Pottery set. Of course, the child will not immediately become a pottery master, but what a skill he will get! The boy will learn to work with clay, a natural, harmless material. The kit includes a potter’s wheel, a sculptural grid, blue clay brick, and instructions.

Children’s workbench with tools. The young master must have already looked into the suitcase with his father’s tools. Children’s workbench, case, and tools are the same, only slightly smaller and the material is slightly different. It remains to learn how to use it.

3D pen. It can draw large pictures. Pens vary, but for a 6-year-old boy, it is best to choose a safe, no-heat, liquid polymer-based, battery-powered option that is portable and easy to take with you.

Burnout kit. Some believe that such a set is too early to buy preschoolers. But practice shows that boys from the age of 6 are already quite able to cope with it and observe safety precautions. Well, in a child, such an activity develops perseverance, diligence, and imagination.

Research kit. For a boy, a crystal growing kit will be very interesting. Physics and Chemistry in One! The process is simple – according to the instructions, you need to pour all the ingredients into water and watch the crystal grow daily. You can grow various shapes, for example – a heart or sheep’s wool.

Wooden model. There are many options – ships, planes, castles, bridges, and even weapons! Many models do not require glue during operation, they are assembled and attached thanks to convenient grooves. To begin with, it is better to give a simple model, and if he likes it, then in the future he will collect large sailboats.

Telescope. It is not necessary for a young astronomer to immediately buy a bulky and professional apparatus. For starters, you can donate a telescope that magnifies objects by 175 times, with an azimuth mount on which it will be installed.

Educational games and books to prepare for school. In our time, all children must learn at least the basics of reading and counting before school. Therefore, learning literature such as the alphabet will be a wonderful gift. Board games with letters and numbers will not be superfluous – “Prostokvashino”, “Read-Grab”, “Children’s Scrabble” or “Knowledge Chest”.

Clothing and Footwear

The following 10 ideas on the topic of children’s wardrobe. With your gift, you will help the birthday man look stylish and beautiful.

Headdress. Choose according to the season: for the summer – a baseball cap, in the spring and autumn – a knitted cap, and in the winter – a fur hat with earflaps with a visor.

Demi-season jacket. The jacket should be warm enough, the material is water-repellent with a membrane fabric that provides a steam vent that protects against overheating. Choose a color that is practical for a boy – not easily soiled.

Snowboots. The best shoes for “snow porridge”. It is suitable for both +5 degrees and up to -25. They have two main advantages – they do not get wet like rubber boots and are warm like felt boots. And the styles are varied – lace-up, Velcro, or no fasteners at all.

Sweatshirt. It is needed when summer has already passed or has not yet begun, and jackets are not worn. Boys love sweatshirts – they are so stylish. You can take the classic with a hood or “bomber” without it.

Costume. And at 6 you can be a little gentleman. The costume will come in handy at festive events in the family, kindergarten, or school. Material – wool, cotton, viscose, or a combination. Color preferably blue, grey, black, or brown is a classic.

Shirt. It can be chosen both for a formal suit and for everyday wear. Under the suit, you need a shirt of a single color, but for every day it can be in a box, and with drawings, and for the summer you can generally take it with a “Hawaiian” color and short sleeves. Choose a shirt in cotton or linen.

Shoes. First of all, when buying, pay attention to comfort – the child’s leg is still in the process of formation. It is advisable to choose leather or at least with leather interior trim. The toe is better rounded than tapered. Also, shoes need to breathe.

Pajamas. You can not only sleep in it but also just play in your room. Therefore, pajamas should be loose-fitting and made of soft, natural fabrics: cotton, baize, and flannel. A solid color is better.

Sneakers. These are the most comfortable and practical shoes, especially for an active child. We choose a gift light, waterproof. For sports activities, they are more suitable with laces, for walking you can also buy Velcro.

Sports suit. For sports or active games, the material must be non-marking. From fabrics, cotton with the addition of bamboo or soy is preferable. But synthetic fibers (microfiber or elastane) are also welcome – such material will not shrink or stretch after washing.

Impressions and Emotions

Unfortunately, birthdays are only once a year! It is his children who are waiting for a fairy tale and believe that today they will get an unforgettable experience for them. And it is right! The boy is not interested in sitting at the table with adults, he needs pleasant surprises. So create them for him as your gift!

Birthday Animator. What is your child’s favorite fairy tale or cartoon character? So you can invite him to the celebration as a host. Well, a photo session with an animator will be another memorable gift.

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Soap bubbles show. A real spectacle of colors and unusual tricks! In the dome of the soap ball, you can put not only the birthday boy but also his friends! They can also build multi-colored bubble sculptures or even put on a show of “fire and soap” – a combination of light and iridescent surfaces of soap figures.

Magician. Everyone loves tricks, and children believe in real magic. Therefore, an illusion show for a birthday will be a pleasant surprise. Usually, during the show, magicians not only show their tricks but also conduct simple master classes to reveal some secrets.

Attractions. Swings and carousels are loved by all children without exception. Of course, a trip to your favorite attractions, which will take your breath away, will be a pleasant gift. Birthday in the Park will be a great success!

Walk to the game center. Another modern entertainment. There are two options: you can go to the game room with trampolines, sports complexes and a “dry” pool filled with balls, or you can go to the room with computer gaming machines. It all depends on the interests and temperament of the birthday man.

Children’s quest. Some parents try to come up with a quest for a children’s holiday at home. And yet the professional quest is much more interesting. It is based on modern fairy tales, and children are extremely interested in getting into their world. The birthday boy will choose a team of friends, but he himself will be the leader.

Puppet show. Against the backdrop of modern children’s events, the puppet theater seems somehow old-fashioned. But it is not. Thanks to such performances, the child learns sensitivity, kindness and empathy and, of course, rejoices when good triumphs over evil.

Karting. Karting for a child is perhaps his first step towards a big sport. He will love racing at speed, that’s 100%!

Aquapark. A trip to the water park, especially with the whole family, will be the best experience for the birthday man, especially on his birthday. You can swim all day long: pool paths, “splash pool”, “whirlpool”, slides, gutters and hydraulic pipes – there is where to roam. There is also a cafe where you can have a bite to eat and raise glasses with juice in honor of the birthday.

Horseback riding. The little prince on a horse – how romantic it is and it will be the very thing for a photo shoot! Of course, experienced instructors will not offer riding a frisky horse – a child does not need such extreme sports. They will pick up a calm, specially trained horse, and it will ride the birthday boy under the strict guidance of the trainer.


Such gifts can be presented to a child only with the approval of his parents. They may have to take care of the animals, although the proposed pets require minimal care. It is also better to immediately give a house for them – an equipped aquarium or a cage.

Ant farm. This is an ordinary plastic container, which is filled to the top with gel, and ants build their numerous passages in it. It will be interesting for the child to watch how the inhabitants of the farm fuss. Well, they need only crumbs for food.

Fish. For a child, unpretentious fish, such as small guppies or a handsome cockerel (red, blue or multi-colored), are best suited. A cockerel does not need company unless it is the same fish of the opposite sex. And with an individual of his sex, he will fight mercilessly. And he needs a minimum of food.

Achatina snails. These are such huge beauties that can fit on the entire palm of the birthday man. When buying such a pet as a gift for a child, inspect the snail shell – it should not have chips or cracks. Achatina’s “house” can be glass or plastic aquariums with a capacity of at least 10 liters with lighting and a thermometer.

Triton. Very cute water reptile – the boys are very fond of such. Yes, and these lizards live up to 30 years, the owner will already become quite an adult. The growth of a newt reaches a decent size – up to 10 cm. The aquarium needs water and an island of land with twigs, pebbles, and decor.

Turtle. For a child, it is better to choose a land turtle, since the sea turtle can bite painfully. The land is very phlegmatic and slow. She can live in a box, but she will be bored there. Therefore, it is better to use a wide terrarium aquarium.

Hamster. In his cage there should be at least a house and a running wheel, and, of course, a drinker-feeder. Hamsters are kind and funny animals, they require the attention of the owner – both for care (cage cleaning, feeding) and for communication. Therefore, a hamster as a gift for a boy is very good.

Rat. Not every mother of a boy will agree with such a neighborhood. But if she gives the go-ahead, she will not lose – the rat can become a true friend of the owner. She is smart, affectionate and clean. By the way, the rat lends itself perfectly to training, so the boy will be interested in contact with this rodent.

Decorative mice. They are so cute and fluffy! Mice quickly navigate in a new environment, so they do not have to create any special conditions. If you give a child a female and a male, then there will be a lot of them, this must be taken into account. In feeding, they are picky – there are enough cereals, vegetables, fruits, and berries, or you can buy special food in pet stores.

Guinea pig. They are very trusting, kind, at first a little scared of the new owners. But over time, their fearfulness disappears. They can train, but they need to be trained very patiently. As housing, you need a cage or terrarium with plenty of space. It is best to feed the animal with special food from the pet store.

Budgerigar. If the birthday boy is active and cheerful, then the gift should match his character – here is such a budgerigar. This is a mobile, noisy, and very beautiful bird with colorful plumage. They can imitate some of the sounds and words of a person. There are exhibitions of these winged pets, and with proper care, you can even win first place!

We hope that we helped you with our ideas and you decided what you will give the boy for 6 years. Try to coordinate your choice with the child’s parents so that the gift is in demand and matches the wishes of the birthday person.

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