What a Surprise to Please Your Girlfriend in the Morning

Last Updated on July 25, 2023 by Lisa C. Levy

What a Surprise to Please Your Girlfriend in the Morning: A morning surprise for a girlfriend should be unexpected and pleasant. At the same time, it is not at all necessary that it be a gift, moreover, it is not always possible to give something in person, for example, if you are in different cities due to a business trip or for other reasons.

Surprise to Please Your Girlfriend in the Morning

There are other ways to please a girl in the morning by giving a little surprise. Let’s talk about a couple of such “tricks” that can be useful to every guy.

Postcard “Good Morning” and Nice Words

One way to give a girl a surprise in the morning is to send her a beautiful card and nice words. If you woke up before her, send her a beautiful postcard with good morning wishes on a messenger, social network or phone.

There is a large source of such postcards where you can download a variety of images for free – with flowers, animals, and beautiful objects. At the same time, pleasant words are immediately applied to the images, which should set a positive mood in the morning.


To make the surprise really work, send the girl a postcard on a social network or messenger where her notifications are turned off, or send a message without sound. Otherwise, there is a great risk of waking up a loved one with such a message earlier than he planned to wake up.

The advantage of this method is the ability to repeat it often. But we would not recommend sending such surprises directly every day – they can get boring, but several times a month is a good option.

Tasty Breakfast

Tasty Breakfast

Trite, but nevertheless impressive, is to prepare breakfast as a morning surprise for a girl. Choose a simple recipe so as not to rattle dishes for a long time, which can wake up your loved one.

Please note: We do not recommend going from stereotypes in choosing dishes that can be seen in films or advertisements. You don’t need to cook pancakes, cheesecakes or pancakes if your girlfriend likes to have breakfast with delicious sandwiches or a roll.

How to prepare a delicious breakfast, you can serve it right in bed if you are spending a day off. If you decide to present such a surprise for a girl on a weekday, then by doing so you will also be able to save a girl a couple of tens of minutes in the morning.

Let’s Sleep a Little Longer

As we noted above, a surprise with breakfast on a working day will allow the girl to get a little more time for herself in the morning. But there are other ways to please her in the morning.

For example: If a girl gets to work by subway or other public transport, make her feel good and take her by car that day. You can take car sharing if you don’t have your own car, or call a taxi. When you are sure that she will be able to get to work much faster than by public transport, you can even postpone her alarm until later, allowing her to sleep.

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