Best Halloween Zombie Makeup 2023

Last Updated on November 20, 2022 by Lisa C. Levy

Halloween zombie makeup is a holiday-themed look that is done in a gray-green color scheme, including wrinkles and dry cracks, dried cuts, bruises under the eyes, objects sticking out of the head, etc. It should be understood that everyone has a different idea of ​​​​zombies. If you combine different ideas, you can get bright and original make-up for adults and children.

Halloween Zombie Makeup

Halloween Zombie Makeup Features

It should be understood that cuts and skin damage are obligatory detail of zombie makeup. At home, you can also make an imitation of cuts. For example, use paper, napkins or paper towels, tear them into pieces and stick them to your face with eyelash glue. It is important to achieve a bumpy surface on top of which the foundation will be applied. After – add red pigment (shadows, pencils) to get the effect of a fresh wound. And with the help of a black pencil, you can give the wound a dried look.

Therefore, you can have the following features in both male and female zombie makeup:

  • the rough surface of the skin;
  • cuts and abrasions;
  • pale skin color;
  • protruding objects;
  • traces of dried blood.

zombie makeup

zombie makeup

zombie makeup

zombie makeup

What Cosmetics to Use?

To create zombie makeup, you will need more than one type of cosmetics. It all depends on how complex the make-up you choose is. When creating any Halloween makeup, you may need

  • foundation;
  • Eyeliner;
  • shadows (green, brown, gray, black);
  • highlighter.

Pay attention to the features of a particular makeup. So, for zombies, you will need to use more gray and green colors, as well as red and burgundy. Zombies are dead people, which means they should look full of dark shades.

How to Make Diy Zombie Makeup?

To make it easier to create zombie makeup, you need to look at several popular makeup options in order to understand how to apply cosmetics and create individual makeup elements. To do this, there are many videos and photos on the Internet that show how to properly achieve make-up for men, women and children. Consider one of the instructions for great-themed zombie makeup.

Step 1. Apply Foundation Cream

It is better to use a dense cream, which will allow you to make a dense base. If possible, you can use professional make-up products in the application. The tone should be plastic so that later it would be possible to combine cool elements of makeup with it.

Apply foundation cream

Step 2. Making Traces of Blood

Blood is one of the essential elements of makeup. If you use fake blood, then smudges are very easy to make. It is necessary to make holes in the tonal base and pour a capsule of blood into it. You can make blood with your own hands, for this, you need to prepare a bloody solution: syrup, water and starch. You can also use red dye if other components are not dyed red.

Making traces of blood

Step 3. We Make Indentations

In places of a dense accumulation of foundation and makeup, you need to make cavities. It will look like small sores and spots. For makeup zombies, it is important to make them. It can be both fresh traces and cuts and dried. Use blue paint to emphasize fatigue.

We make indentations

Step 4. Color the Make-up

Zombies tend to look scary and have an unhealthy complexion. The tone should be gray-blue. It is important to keep the style and add a tired look. A good way is to take a dishwashing sponge, soak it in water with blue shadows and go over the finished base.

Color the make-up

Step 5. Making a Capsule with Worms

Since a zombie is a dead person, bugs and parasites must have wound up in his body. This is what we will try to do. To do this, we need a container in the form of a hemisphere with a diameter of 1-2 cm, filled with artificial worms. It is necessary to through a syringe with red paint. Next, you need to install the capsule in the makeup. To do this, you need special glue, which is used to attach makeup elements to the face. The result should be something like the one in the photo.

Making a capsule with worms

Done, zombie makeup is ready. If you wish, you can come up with your own cool chips that can be added to the finished makeup. Below is a video instruction that will help you properly apply zombie makeup.

zombie makeup

Creepy Zombie Makeup for a Guy

Whether it’s makeup for a child or an adult guy, it’s important to pay attention to the little things. The most important thing is the right tone. It should be grey-green. Guys prefer fresh ideas, such as bright cuts, deep wounds, and colored bruises. You can combine zombies with another character. Apply a pale base, and you can add whatever your heart desires. By the way, terrible makeup can be supplemented not only with lenses or a tousled hairstyle but also with false rotted teeth, faded eyebrows, hats, etc.

Creepy zombie makeup for a guy

Makeup for Zombie Girls

Girls especially prefer makeup. There are no simple ideas. Ladies pay attention to everything: lips, eyebrows, cheekbones, beautiful tone, costume, and paint color for each part of the body. Therefore, it is much more difficult for a girl to achieve perfect makeup. In addition, feminine makeup involves the use of more materials and tools.

The peculiarity of female makeup is not only to convey the style of a zombie but also to make the image beautiful and stylish. Below we have collected several options that will help you transform into a zombie girl. In addition, we recommend using useful materials about great makeup options for girls and full-fledged Halloween looks.

Makeup for zombie girls

Halloween looks

Face Painting Zombies for Children at Home

Make-up for children is both simple and complex. You must decide in advance in what style the child wants makeup. You should carefully study a few ideas with your baby to find what suits him for the holiday. On the Internet, there are a lot of great make-up options not only for zombies but also for other heroes that are suitable on the occasion of Halloween: spiders, bats, and superheroes.

For zombie make-up at home, you will need special face painting paint in several colors and a wig. Below we have collected a couple of ideas of what a children’s zombie-style face painting looks like.

Face painting zombies for children at home

Top Photo With Ideas for an Easy Image of a Zombie

To make it easier to decide in what style to work with makeup, hair, nails, costumes, etc., we have compiled a rating of bright zombie images for you. We are sure that after viewing the selection you will find a suitable image for yourself.

ideas for an easy image of a zombie

In addition, we recommend that you check out the excellent instructions for creating vampire makeup for Halloween. In this article, we have collected useful tips for preparing an image for a Halloween party.

How to Complete the Image of a Zombie?

You can complement the image of a zombie with different accessories. If you are doing female make-up, then you can pick up a handbag, and a diadem for the dress, and look for thematic details from the films. Try to make artificial wounds and protruding objects from the head. Some use catchy lenses, false jaws, and full-fledged body painting. You can even make a haircut with thematic coloring.

In costumes, it is important to pay attention to detail in order for the zombie model to look realistic. Use more artificial blood, which. can be splashed on the suit. You can also see in the movies what additional elements the zombies use. In our Halloween costumes article, we have collected cool ideas with which you can get rid of the pain of choosing and orient yourself in the desired image for Halloween.


The hairstyle should be tousled, not very neat. You can apply the washable dye and make your hair green or gray. The advantage of such a hairstyle is that this way the image will look more like a dead man.


As a rule, zombies do not have a neat manicures. Therefore, if you do it, it is better to use either long false nails or a short dark manicure. This will emphasize the theme of the image and add spookiness to the style.


The good thing about a zombie costume is that even a larger size will look appropriate, as a zombie always looks kind of sleazy. Therefore, a dress, shirt, trousers, etc. can be a size larger, and if possible, you can splatter them with green, gray, and brown paint.


There are no specific Halloween accessories for zombies. These can be knives, gloves, models of torn-off hands, gouged-out eyes, pieces of bones, skulls, etc. It is important to emphasize the themes of death and the afterlife.