50+ Romantic Good Night Quotes for Love

In this article, we have prepared a selection of romantic good night quotes for love so that you dedicate them to your partner every time the night comes.

Good Night Quotes for Love

Good Night Quotes for Boyfriends

Whether he is close to you or far away, in that private moment, you can also tell him in a very romantic way that you wish him a good rest. We are sure that it will give you great joy to read your beautiful good night messages for love with all your feelings and good wishes. Original good-night love messages for boyfriends:

  • “You seemed like a distant dream, but the hopes of conquering your difficult heart make you feel closer than I imagined. Have a happy night”.
  • “You are like a dream that cannot find its night to be dreamed… how difficult it is to conquer your heart… I love you intensely..”.
  • “Forgive me time, I know it is very valuable but I have to go to sleep because I have a meeting with you. Good night”.
  • “My love, you know that I would love for you to sleep with me but at the moment it is not possible and I want you to know that even if you are not physically in my room, spiritually I carry you in my heart and your love will accompany me all night . Sleep well”.
  • “Love, I want you to think that you are a beautiful princess when you sleep and that when you are sound asleep I will appear in your dreams so that your awakening is sweet as if I were giving you a kiss. May you rest like a little angel.”
  • “My sweet love, sleep like an angel, let no noise at night dare wake you from your lethargy, from where I am I will try to think about you so much until my thoughts reach your mind and we can connect in that world dream where we can continue loving each other. I’ll see you in your sweet dreams.”
  • “My Queen, a few hours ago we said goodbye but it is only momentary because as soon as bedtime arrives I am sure that we will meet again in our dreams. Good night, precious ”.
  • “Sleep my dear, I want you to stop thinking about this day that was fatal for you, it is better that you turn the page because you must fill your spirit with hope that things will improve for you and I will pray for you so that it happen. Good night, love”.
  • “My sweet love, may the darkness of the night invite you to have the best of dreams and while you sleep you may be lucky enough to dream of me. From my room I will do the same because I never stop thinking about you. Have a happy night ”.

Happy Night to Love

  • “My love, promise me that you will rest when you get home and that you will not watch television until late, you must use the few hours that remain until dawn again to sleep because otherwise you will wake up in a bad mood and sleepy. Goodnight”.
  • “My Queen, go to sleep now, so that you don’t get insomnia I will forgive you for not thinking about me before going to sleep, because it has happened to me many times that thinking so much about you has kept me up all night. Sleep peacefully and confident that my love for you is pure and sincere. Goodnight”.
  • “My love, I leave this message on your voice mail because I know that by now you must be sleeping like a little angel and I want you to know very early tomorrow when you see your messages that at this time I was still awake and thinking about how much love you.
  • May you sleep like a sweet little angel.”
  • “Sweetheart, you have arrived exhausted from work, I have prepared something light for you so you can sleep well, don’t worry about the boys, I’ll take care of everything for you and there’s nothing I can’t do without your help. I will try to make as little noise as I want you to rest my king”.

When you have such deep feelings and your thoughts are so sweet, you can’t hold back even if you don’t have the loved one nearby and for this, you can send a WhatsApp, an SMS, or write something on their wall to wish them a happy night.

Original Romantic Good Night Quotes for Love

Romantic Good Night Quotes

In this article, you will find romantic good night quotes that will never be repeated on any other website because we are always original and exclusive to satisfy our most demanding readers. Read and download the good night thought for free so that you can send it by SMS or WhatsApp to your partner. Search for the best romantic good night texts for boyfriends.

  • “You are fascinating like the mystery of the night, it will be because you are the dream that always keeps me awake because day and night I only think of you”.
  • “Good night, I can’t keep waiting but I have to sleep because it’s the only way to know if I’ll see you again.”
  • “Every night I re-enter a world where things could have been but were not. That is where my deepest desires for you live.
  • “I would like you to come under the pretext of kissing me good night and not wanting to return from where you came”.
  • “If the world ended tomorrow I would not forgive myself for not having kissed you goodnight”.
  • “Although you are not physically here, my dreams ignite the hope of seeing you again tonight.”
  • “The darkness of the night will be the only spy of our deepest dreams, I adore you my Queen!”.
  • “When the lights go out at night you keep my heart on, I love you so much my King!”.

Download Good Night Love Quotes

Good Night Love Quotes

  • “I don’t want to tell you until tomorrow, if I could I would stay awake all night. Promise me you’ll dream of me.”
  • “Good night love, tonight I will look for you in all my dreams, between the folds of my sheets, in the perfume of my pillow because I know that something of you is here”.
  • “Making cool with whoever you’re at odds with should be an obligation for you to have a serene night.”
  • “Good night love, it should never be late to go to sleep but it always seems too early to wake up… See you in my dreams my life…”.
  • “So you don’t feel alone, have your pillow as your best friend. Goodnight”.
  • “Rest well because I don’t want you to wake up tomorrow in a bad mood. Goodnight”.
  • “It is late and between what you say and do, only a long night separates us”.
  • “The day always ends in the same way, the things that you cannot share with me you will tell the night that will envelop you deeply until you reach unconsciousness”.

Good Night Love Things for Mobile

Good Night Love Things for Mobile

  • “I ask Morpheus to be able to accompany you in your rest until dawn, to lull you into his arms so that when you wake up he gives you to me, who am the only owner of your body and your soul.”
  • “It is beautiful to surrender to the arms of Morpheus when you have the hope of dreaming of being loved”.
  • “The darkness of the night takes your soul by the hand and transports it to a world where I hope to find you”.
  • “I wait for you beyond the arms of Morpheus, tonight I want to be between your sheets”.
  • “Let the night take its most delicate, almost magical form. Everything is sweet and softens to the deepest passion of the soul.
  • “If I were invisible I would go to kiss you good night, caressing your hair with my fingers I would listen to your breathing”.
  • “Let me curl up next to you and let my lips do what the silence of this starry night invites”.
  • “It is night, the flowers close their buds because the sky turns dark when the sun goes down. Take in your dreams my love for you ”.
  • “Don’t be afraid of the shadows. It means that I am close, anywhere, even if you do not see me, I am like a light that illuminates you. Goodnight”.

Do not go to sleep without first sending your partner a nice good night message that you can download for free from this website.

The Best Good Night Quotes for My Love

When night falls it is good that you address your partner with some romantic quotes to say goodbye and wish them a good rest, you can do it live or direct, through a good night message via WhatsApp, SMS, on the wall From Facebook any means will be valid so that they receive your words full of tenderness with joy. Remember that the best good night messages for my love can be downloaded for free from this page.

Best Good Night Quotes for My Love

Romantic Good Night Messages to Send by Whatsapp :

  • “We still cannot sleep together, so when it is time to rest I ask for you to have a restful rest from all the energy you have consumed in your work and that tomorrow when you get up very early you feel that you have truly rested as you wanted. Sleep like an angel my Queen.
  • “Love, if you want to rest, try to think as little as possible and just focus on the fact that tonight I will appear in your dreams so that you do not feel alone. See you soon my Queen ”.
  • “When night comes I do nothing but get very romantic and think about you knowing that you are resting by my side and I cannot stop contemplating your rare beauty but I am in no rush to sleep because I never tire of admiring you and feeling lucky to spend every night by your side May you sleep like a sweet little angel ”.
  • “I like to know that you are one of the people who are very methodical when you go to sleep and I imagine that before you fall into a deep sleep you think a lot about our love, just as I do not stop having you in my thoughts because you are the only one person capable of distracting my mind even when I feel very tired. Have a happy night and I hope you dream of me my Queen ”.
  • “My love, I thank the night that invites us to want to be closer together as we fall into the arms of Morpheus to rest and recover from this hectic day. Have a sweet dream and whatever you need, know that I am by your side.
  • “Good night, my dear: Remember that you are permanently in my thoughts because you are part of my life. Love you !!”.
  • “Love, do not think of the night as something that separates us, on the contrary, try to admire the beauty that a person in love can find in the darkness that surrounds the sky that is dyed dark to invite you to indulge in a sweet dream in which I will appear to accompany you and in this way you feel that you were with me while you slept. See you tomorrow love ”.
  • “Love of my life, sole owner of my heart… have a beautiful rest. I will do my best so that when I sleep my spirit enters your sweet dreams.
  • “My love, be patient because it is only for a few days that I will not be able to sleep with you, promise me that you will sleep early and that you will behave well. Upon my return I will reward you with many kisses and endless caresses. Good night my sky ”.

Good night messages will always be well received by your loved one, we are also sure that they will make them rest peacefully knowing that they have your love and all your romanticism. Come back soon!. We will wait for you!.

Messages to Wish Good Night on Valentine’s Day

Who does not like to have a partner who is so detailed that they do not neglect the slightest opportunity to show the love they feel for one and so we have seen it a few moments ago, dedicate something nice to us again before surrendering to the arms of Morpheus?

Messages to Wish Good Night on Valentine's Day

In this article, you will find the best good night quotes to dedicate to your partner to wish them a good rest at the end of Valentine’s Day. We hope you like this initiative and remind him that it is a parenthesis because among good lovers there is no specific date to celebrate love.

Good Night Love Messages to Send:

  • “I just wanted to say goodbye to you again, wish you a good night, rest like a sleeping beauty. I thank you for spending an unforgettable Valentine’s Day with you.”
  • “My love, the truth is that with you I sleep like a little angel but today, as it is February 14th, I have insomnia and it seems to me that we could take the opportunity to continue celebrating our Valentine’s Day”.
  • “Good night my dear, we have had a beautiful Valentine’s Day. I’ll go to sleep and until I get sleepy I’ll keep thinking about the most intense moments we’ve had on this day when you’ve shown me the depth of your feelings”.
  • “If they told me that they could grant me a wish, I would ask so that soon it can come true that we can sleep together every night. Always see you at the end of the day and say goodbye with a tender kiss. May you rest my heaven, thank you for having celebrated a wonderful Valentine’s Day with you”.
  • “My love, I see that you are tired and it would not be fair of me to keep holding you by my side when I know that you have to wake up early to go to work. We have had a very intense Valentine’s Day and if you agree tomorrow we can continue celebrating our love.
  • “My dear, everything we had planned for this Valentine’s Day went perfectly, I hope you liked the gift I gave you and I went crazy with the one you gave me. It’s time to sleep , have a good rest and thank you for giving me a happy February 14 “.
  • Good night, my dear. What a pity that we have to say goodbye on this day of love because we still do not share the same bed, it would be wonderful if I could hug you while you fall asleep and continue dreaming of me.
  • “My dear, I hope that this Valentine’s Day that we have spent together has been very special for you because you deserved all the details that I prepared with a lot of love to see you smile with happiness.”
  • Good night my Queen , have sweet dreams, and when you wake up again you will realize that the celebration we had for the day of love was not a fantasy and that is why you will find me sleeping next to you”.
  • “At the moment we are saying goodbye to another Valentine’s Day and we can have the satisfaction that we have had a very romantic day where we both shined to exchange details, gestures and loving caresses that denote how much in love we are. Thank you for so much happiness received on this day and have a very good night.
  • “Good night love, may God continue to bless a person as good as you with whom I share the same feeling of love. I hope that the excitement of this beautiful Valentine’s Day that we have celebrated together allows you to fall asleep quickly. Rest well ! “

If you are one of those who never tire of being in communication with your partner, you can say goodbye to her with some original good night quotes to tell her that you had a fantastic day of love.