Exclusive Gifts for Pregnant Women

Universal gifts for pregnant women are selected from the list of useful things for the home (special pillows, fitball, rubber mat, air Ozonator, table lamp), cosmetics (creams, mousses, relaxing oils), modern gadgets (electronic scales, thermometer, slow cooker). The list of necessary gifts includes knitted items for the future baby (bodysuit, romper suits, slips, booties, semi-overalls, hats).

What to Give a Pregnant Girl – Top 20 Suitable Birthday Gifts

Gifts for Pregnant Women

When solving the problem of what to give a pregnant girlfriend for her birthday, you can choose the following universal gifts:

  1. Baby monitor – for comfort in the first year of a child’s life.
  2. Certificate for purchases in departments for newborns.
  3. A photo album with a spectacular design – for fixing 1 year of a child’s life, with blocks for recording observations, and saving important information in sections.
  4. Certificate for a professional photo session before childbirth.
  5. Electronic rotating photo frame with automatic photo replacement function.
  6. Certificate for a course in therapeutic and relaxing massage treatments.
  7. Portrait of a birthday girl in a designer frame.
  8. A special diary for keeping records during pregnancy and after, supplemented with recommendations and recipes.
  9. Steamer for preparing healthy meals with low-calorie content and preserved vitamins.
  10. Subscription for a year to specialized magazines on parenting.
  11. Practical backpack with compartments for bottles, diapers
  12. An open spa certificate is a nice surprise for a pregnant wife.
  13. Specialized pillow with orthopedic inserts.
  14. Air freshener with air ionizer.
  15. Cashmere throws with the possibility of draping or with sleeves.
  16. Massager for relieving tension in the back, and legs.
  17. A set of thermos and thermos mugs for walks, and trips.
  18. Disc with relaxing classical music – will allow you to relieve stress, and relax. Music recordings can be used after the newborn arrives.
  19. Electronic thermometer – will allow you to control the state of health and a calendar for pregnant women.
  20. Certificate for the purchase of vitamin complexes in a network of pharmacies.

Top 20 Practical Gifts for a Pregnant Woman

Practical birthday gifts for pregnant women are in demand:

  1. Fitball – a special gymnastic ball that helps to relax the muscles of the lower back, and legs, and allows you to perform physical exercises, after the birth of a child it can be used for motion sickness. Regular use of the device will help relieve tension, and reduce back pain. Fitball exercises help develop flexibility, and muscle plasticity, normalize blood pressure, stabilize blood circulation, improve well-being, and develop endurance. The advantage of fitball lies in the possibility of organizing classes with different loads.
  2. Rubber mat – will provide comfort in the room. Helps to relax the muscles of the legs. You can use it to massage your feet. The product must be environmentally friendly and of high quality. Rugs can be used in the bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom.
  3. You can give the expectant mother a certificate for 3d 4 ultrasound. A present will be required in preparation for childbirth.
  4. A universal and useful gift certificate for various types of goods (for the book department, household appliances, underwear, perfume and cosmetics departments, and specialized clothing stores for women who are expecting a baby). Certificates for products for newborns are in demand. When purchasing a gift voucher, it is important to provide it for a long period of use (at least 1 year).
  5. A special pillow will allow a woman expecting a baby to rest comfortably, relax her back muscles, support a growing belly, and reduce pain in the lumbar region. When breastfeeding, you can also use the pillow as a playpen, and support for the baby, in order to create a place to rest. Pillows are made from various materials, they differ in shape and quality of fillers.
  6. A juicer presented to a pregnant wife is useful. The product will allow you to diversify your diet with vitamin drinks, with the help of the device you can prepare juices from greens, vegetables, and fruits, and independently create new recipes. A useful present will also be required after the appearance of the child for the preparation of complementary foods: fortified drinks, and smoothies.
  7. Foot massager – will relieve fatigue, suitable for use after childbirth.
  8. An original present for the home is a set of bed linen with appliqués or openwork embroidery, 3D prints of flowers, and landscapes. Products with the author’s design will decorate the bedroom, and create a comfortable atmosphere.
  9. A lamp or a night light allows you to adjust the level of illumination, you can choose products of the author’s design in the shape of a bouquet, or heart. Lamps are complemented with painting, decoupage, and engraving.
  10. A women’s dressing gown and a set of bath towels are universal as present. Products must be of high quality and made from natural fabrics (linen, cotton). The color scheme is preferably neutral.
  11. A practical present is a cork or magnetic board for keeping records, which will help you make the necessary notes, and make plans. The design will also come in handy for preparing plans for the day, photo collages, and fixing important marks.
  12. Steamer – will allow you to cook healthy food, and after the appearance of the child, prepare mashed potatoes, and soups based on boiled vegetables. Recommended devices with several modes and bowls, a timer that takes into account the preparation of products. Comes with a book of healthy food recipes.
  13. Yogurt maker – designed to prepare milkshakes, will diversify the diet and include healthy foods in the diet. The device can also be used after the child’s birth to prepare milk mixtures. The device is equipped with a timer and has several modes.
  14. A set of pillows for the living room with the author’s design, photo images, and embroidery. Products will create a cozy atmosphere in the room.
  15. For a pregnant woman, a robot vacuum cleaner can be presented as a gift, which will reduce the load during cleaning and help freshen the air. It is easy to operate, and equipped with several modes, and different nozzles.
  16. A certificate for procedures in the spa center (massage, masks, peeling) is useful.
  17. A good idea as a gift for an expectant mother is to present a transforming blanket that combines a pillow, a blanket and a wide stole. A multifunctional thing can be used for home, summer cottage trips out of town. Products are selected from natural fabrics, with a filler made of polyester fabric. Models are fastened with a zipper and can be fixed with buttons, buttons.
  18. A comfortable environment in the bedroom, and living room will allow you to create a desktop or floor bio fireplace. The body of the bio fireplace is made of alloys of metal, glass, and the height of classic models reaches 20-23 cm, width – 30-33 cm.
  19. A set of books for preparing for childbirth and publications with information about the development of the child in the first years of life.
  20. Air ionizer – will provide a comfortable microclimate in the room, providing a comfortable environment for the child.

Pregnancy With Comfort – 15 Necessary Gizmos as a Gift

When deciding what to give a pregnant woman, you can present the following things:

  1. Electronic floor scales – will allow you to control weight gain, and change your diet.
  2. Diary for keeping records. In a notebook, you can make a daily plan, save prescriptions, mark completed tasks, plan doctor visits, record test data, medical recommendations, change in body weight, etc.
  3. Multicooker – will allow you to organize a healthy diet, and quickly prepare meals after the birth of a child. The device allows you to save the useful qualities of products, vitamins and minerals, and cook without the use of fats. You can load products in the evening.
  4. The Baby Bullet kitchen robot makes cooking easy for the family. In bowls, you can adjust the degree of grinding, mix different products, and prepare children’s fortified mixtures. The device is equipped with standard bowls and containers for preparing food for the child.
  5. Photo album for fixing newborn changes, pictures, keeping records, etc.
  6. Washing machine capable of scanning the quality and characteristics of clothes, determining the optimal modes for operation.
  7. A set of thermocouples, a capacious thermos.
  8. Multifunctional device (3 in 1) that combines a table lamp, a night light and a clock.
  9. As a gift idea for a pregnant woman, the winning device is the fetal pulse detector, which allows you to monitor your state of health. The waves of the device are harmless, they note the heartbeat from 12 weeks.
  10. In the list of simple gift ideas, is an MP3 player with headphones and relaxing music recordings. The memory card of the device must be capacious.
  11. Comfortable peeling will provide an electric pumice stone for procedures at home.
  12. As a present, a pregnant girl can be presented with a wireless headset, which allows her to play melodies without extraneous noise. You can use the device anywhere.
  13. A practical present is a bag in the form of a fashionable backpack. The bag is roomy, contains several departments for storing things for an adult and a child, suitable for walking, and trips. The outer cover may be made of waterproof fabric.
  14. Makeup mirror with touch controls and LED lighting. The built-in mirror has a 10x magnification capability.
  15. Adapter for seat belts – will allow you to adjust the fit according to the changed proportions of the figure. The device is presented to the owner of the car.

Necessary Cosmetics for a Future Mother – 10 Best Gifts

As a gift to a pregnant friend, you can present specialized cosmetics. It is recommended to clarify the type of skin, and the presence of individual intolerance to some natural components.

In the list of universal means:

  1. Massage oil, which will help with stretch marks, maintain the hydro balance of the skin, and eliminate peeling and redness.
  2. Cream against the occurrence of excessive pigmentation, preventing dehydration of the skin.
  3. Foot cream that helps eliminate fatigue, and tones and refreshes the skin.
  4. Restorative agents for nail plates, which are weakened during the period of bearing a child.
  5. Face masks are tailored to your skin type. Compositions based on natural ingredients are recommended.
  6. Body lotions and mousses with a firming effect. In compositions with the addition of olive oil extracts, cocoa beans are in demand.
  7. The gel from stretch marks preserves the elasticity of the walls of blood vessels, preventing the occurrence of edema, and varicose veins.
  8. Shampoo based on plant extracts – strengthens fine hair. Detergents with the addition of copper, zinc, and iron are optimal.
  9. You can improve the condition of your hair with masks with shea butter, yeast, and panthenol. The compositions are intended for use no more than 1 time per week.
  10. Sets of diverse cosmetics (creams, tonics, milk, mousse, scrubs) are universal.

Experts recommend buying products with vitamins C, groups B, E, and F, extracts of pharmacy chamomile, sage, and aloe vera. It is important that the composition contains moisturizing substances (hyaluronic acid), different types of clays (white, blue, black), and proteins. Universal hypoallergenic products for sensitive skin.

Beautiful Things for an Unborn Baby – 10 Interesting Ideas

A pregnant friend can present fashionable things for an unborn child:

  1. Sleeping bag-cocoon from knitted fabric.
  2. Crocheted or knitted pants and bonnets.
  3. Woolen tights and long socks with an openwork pattern.
  4. Body.
  5. Slips.
  6. General purpose semi-overalls.
  7. Sliders.
  8. Blouses.
  9. Hats and mittens.
  10. Undershirts.

Top 12 Modern Gadgets for a Future Mother

When deciding what to present as a gift for a pregnant woman, you can choose gadgets:

  1. Electronic thermometer – allows you to quickly and accurately find out body temperature, control well-being, and keep a diary of observations. The device is optimal for a newborn.
  2. Compact humidifiers – will allow you to control the atmosphere in the room. Such a device will help maintain the required parameters in the room for the newborn. The devices are silent and safe to use.
  3. The gadget for keeping video notes can be mounted on the wall. The device allows you to quickly capture information and involves setting up a video informant about the required actions, and the daily routine. You can set the desired alarm time for task reminders.
  4. In the list of gift ideas for expectant mothers, electric swings. The device is attached to the cradle and, when turned on, begins to swing it. The technique helps the child to fall asleep quickly, develops the vestibular apparatus, and strengthens the muscles. Electric swings do not take up much space during storage. Several speed modes are provided. The gadget is turned on remotely using the control panel, a timer is provided.
  5. It’s easier to give a bottle sterilizer to a pregnant girl. For children under 1-year-old, sterilization of dishes is required. The device allows you to process 6 bottles and accessories for the child in 10 minutes. If necessary, the device is used as a multicooker.
  6. Tumble Dryer – This allows you to quickly dry your child’s clothes. The device unfolds and allows you to save space in the room.
  7. When choosing gifts for a pregnant wife, you can choose a blender. The technique helps to quickly grind food products, it is necessary when the child switches to mashed potatoes and cream soups.
  8. An improved model of a baby monitor – will allow you to monitor the condition of the child in the room while exercising in another room at home. The device captures sounds and transmits a video image. The gadget is necessary when placing a child in a separate room at night.
  9. Electronic scales for a child – designed to measure body weight up to 1 year. The gadget is equipped with a memory function that allows you to control gradual weight gain. With its help, the norm for the child is calculated, which allows you to adjust the diet.
  10. For a pregnant girl on her birthday, you can buy a night light that plays music. In the memory of the device, there are lullabies, soothing instrumental works, and sounds of nature. When the child wakes up, the night light turns on.
  11. Thermometer-hygrometer – will allow you to maintain a balance of humidity and temperature for a woman and a child. The device is equipped with a liquid crystal display, easy to manage and configure. The gadget is placed on the countertop or suspended from the shelf, attached to the wall.
  12. An electronic baby thermometer is given to a mother who has already given birth. The gadget will allow you to monitor the health of the child. The product does not contain mercury. The results are recorded on a memory card, then an assessment of the general condition of the baby is performed.

Inexpensive, but With Meaning – 10 Budget Gifts for a Friend in a Special Position

Birthday gift ideas for a woman can be simple and useful. The following options are in demand for a pregnant girlfriend:

  1. Disc with a collection of relaxing music.
  2. Editions-coloring books for adults to relieve stress.
  3. Cosmetics set.
  4. A set of t-shirts with name applications.
  5. Mug with the symbol of motherhood.
  6. Sculptural group (figure of a stork, child, etc.).
  7. Box of candies.
  8. Natural honey in a beautiful package will improve immunity.
  9. Sets of medicinal teas (green, based on medicinal herbs).
  10. A set of photo frames to create a thematic collage.

What to Give an Expectant Mother – 15 Original Ideas for a Pregnant Girlfriend

Original gift for a pregnant woman:

  1. Portable fetal heart rate detector.
  2. Feeding bottles.
  3. Bathing circle for children.
  4. Children’s hair clipper.
  5. Healthy sweets and nuts, decorated in the form of a bouquet.
  6. You can give a girlfriend who will become a mother for her anniversary a set of bed linen with embroidery, themed applications
  7. A certificate for thematic courses is an original gift during the period when a child is expected to be born.
  8. Bandage.
  9. Flash drive with plenty of memory to store soulful snapshots.
  10. Antistress toy.
  11. Digital photo frame.
  12. Thematic publications.
  13. Annual subscription to your favorite magazine.
  14. Certificate for comprehensive house cleaning services.
  15. Themed jewelry.

What to Give a Pregnant Sister for Her Birthday – 15 Gifts for the Closest Person

When deciding what to give a pregnant sister, you can choose a present from the following options:

  1. Certificate for massage courses.
  2. Certificate for maid services.
  3. Certificate for paid medical services.
  4. Paid cosmetic procedures.
  5. Jewelry (pendants, bracelets) depicting a bottle, a baby, a pram.
  6. When deciding what to give a woman, the best choice is a health diary during the period of expectation of a child.
  7. Breakfast table in bed. The item is made of natural wood (pine, birch, ash). On the product, you can make a nominal engraving.
  8. Thematic collage.
  9. Breast pump.
  10. A set of quality underwear.
  11. Comfortable chair with shock-absorbing inserts.
  12. A set of candlesticks and aroma candles with extracts of lavender, and chamomile create a comfortable atmosphere in the room.
  13. Bathroom accessories (holders for brushes, cosmetics, towels).
  14. Covers chairs or stools to create a comfortable home environment.
  15. Designer curtains, bathroom curtains.

Exclusive Handmade Gifts – 9 Original Options

An exclusive present for pregnant women is handmade items:

  1. Natural soap is made according to the author’s recipe. Cosmetics with glycerin, aromatic oils and extracts of lavender, sage, chamomile, and oregano are in demand. When choosing the composition, it is important to take into account the preferences of the birthday girl. You can choose an original color scheme for soap and pack a present in wrapping paper.
  2. Knitted mittens, scarf, tippet, hat. Products are made using knitting needles, and hooks. The yarn is selected naturally, without synthetic additives. Models with openwork patterns will be winning.
  3. Decorative plates.
  4. Woven beaded necklace, earrings, bracelet.
  5. Floor vases decorated with glazed mosaic slabs. The design of the product is chosen in accordance with the interior of the house, color and stylistic preferences of the birthday girl.
  6. Photo portrait of a birthday girl, framed in a decorative vintage frame.
  7. Candles made by yourself will become a home decoration. Products can be decorated with dried flowers, shells, and small stones.
  8. Natural cosmetic scrub – prepared according to the author’s recipe, includes moisturizing and cleansing ingredients. The product is hypoallergenic and does not contain artificial dyes and fragrances.
  9. Home slippers, sewn by yourself, will become a comfortable thing for a woman. To make a presentation, you will need fabric, foam rubber, lining, batting, insoles, and strong threads.

What to Give a Pregnant Girlfriend for the New Year – 15 New Year’s Presents

When deciding what to give the expectant mother for the New Year, you can choose a present from the following options:

  1. Sweater with a Christmas theme.
  2. Set of hat and mittens, complemented by Scandinavian patterns.
  3. A set for knitting with patterns, patterns in the presence of a hobby for needlework.
  4. Pajamas made of natural materials with ornaments or eye-catching appliqué.
  5. A set of themed scented candles and decorations for the nursery.
  6. Cashmere stole decorated with Scandinavian ornaments.
  7. As a gift for the new year for a pregnant woman, you can purchase a wall calendar with inserts for writing, and making plans, complete with stationery.
  8. Notebook made of genuine leather with embossing.
  9. Home set for oxygen cocktails.
  10. Certificate in a specialized store.
  11. As a New Year’s gift, a future mother can be presented with a certificate for taking childbirth preparation courses.
  12. Original ceramic floor vases or a piggy bank with the symbol of the year.
  13. Collage or painting.
  14. Board with magnets for fixing records, and photos, framed in a stylish frame.
  15. A set of pillows with a New Year theme, embroidered patterns, and appliqués.

7 Gifts Not to Give to a Future Mother

When deciding what to give a pregnant girlfriend for the New Year or for her birthday, it is not recommended to give:

  1. Certificates for extreme sports.
  2. Exotic treats and alcohol.
  3. Perfume.
  4. Cosmetics with perfumes and harsh aromas.
  5. Cakes and pastries.
  6. Home cleaning kits.
  7. Travel certificates.

Subscriptions to the gym for intense physical activity, as well as things for the child for growth, will not be useful. products should be purchased taking into account the sex and weight of the newborn.