What to Give Gifts for Music Lovers in New Year 2023

10 Best Gifts for Music Lovers

1. Digital Piano

Gifts for Music Lovers

A digital piano is suitable for someone who wants to learn how to play an instrument or someone who already knows how to play it perfectly, but rarely practices due to lack of an instrument. And it will be two completely different gifts. In the first option, you can stop at a more or less simple piano, at the first stages it is important to learn to read and write, to be able to play primitive melodies. In the second case, the sound, the smoothness of the movement of the keys and other parameters also matter.

2. Soundbar

A mono speaker that has multiple speakers inside is a great alternative to other speaker systems. It allows you to save space and at the same time achieve high-quality sound. As a gift for the New Year 2023 to a music lover – perhaps the best option.

The main parameter that you should focus on when choosing a soundbar is power. For spacious rooms, it is worth focusing on an indicator of 300 W or more, for a medium-sized apartment, 200-300 W is enough.

To date, the leaders in the production of high-quality soundbars are Yamaha, Polk, Ginzzu, JBL, and Denon.

3. Vinyl Players

If you are going to give a gift for the New Year to a person who is well-versed in music, then you will have to spend several times more.

4. Music History Books

Music history books are a great Christmas present. This may be the popular “Muzprosvet” by music critic Andrei Gorokhov about the fate of popular music of the nineties and zero. Or, for example, a large-scale study of the role of music in culture by David Byrne. Or a very general book by Lev Gankin “Clearly. It’s clear. Music”.

5. Headphones

Headphones are always a great Christmas present.

For professional work, the Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro will be an excellent option, they are sharpened to check the volume level and carry out detailing when mixing a track. However, all Beyerdynamic equipment is a good choice for those who understand music.

Of the technical parameters, you need to pay attention only to the frequency characteristics: 40 Hz – 15 kHz is a good spread. The larger the range, the better the headphones transmit frequencies and the better they sound.

6. Finger Kalimba

Kalimba is an ancient instrument played with thumbs (from the side it looks like a person is playing Tetris). The game on it is easy to master, and the musical instrument itself is convenient to take with you on a trip.

A great souvenir for music lovers. It will inspire you to write new musical compositions or expand your understanding of music in general.

7. Vinyl Records

For owners of vinyl players, records will be an excellent gift. But there are difficulties here. Vinyl collectors tend to have a lot of trouble. Some quote only old records, others – new ones, but from certain labels. For example, very Vertigo Records records, which have a large black and white spiral on the apples. So, it is better to check with the recipient in advance about the features of his preferences.

8. Fimbo

Fimbo is an intuitive musical instrument that everyone can play a beautiful melody on the first try. Allows you to relax, and feel the rhythm.

An excellent gift for a music lover – it will allow you to expand your musical ideas, and try yourself as a performer on an unusual musical instrument.

9. Harmonica

Cool gift for a music lover. You can learn to play in six months if you devote at least a little time to studying literacy. Much, however, depends on the instrument itself. The regular blues harmonica is easier to play than the classic version.

What Else Can You Give?

  • Tickets to a concert of your favorite band;
  • A mug with the image of your favorite group;
  • Posters of favorite bands;
  • Professional microphone

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