Best Gifts for 12-Year-Old Girls in 2023

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Best Gifts for 12-Year-Old Girls: Children and especially teenagers are one of the most difficult categories: their tastes and hobbies at this age change very quickly, and it can be difficult to please them.

Gifts for 12-Year-Old Girls

Best Gifts for 12-Year-Old Girls

We collected 50+ ideas of what to give a girl 12 years old.

  • Wireless headphones;
  • Smartwatch;
  • Styling styler;
  • EBook;
  • Smart mirror;
  • Temporary tattoos;
  • Instant camera;
  • Graphics tablet;
  • Original alarm clock;
  • Piggy bank from Tik Tok;
  • Diamond mosaic;
  • Anti-stress coloring book;
  • Slackline;
  • Tripod and microphone;
  • Mosaic-photoconductor;
  • Paints and markers for fabric;
  • Video course on the history of cinema;
  • Aqua farm;
  • Sports gum;
  • Dancing shoes;
  • Smart scales;
  • Folding table for the bathroom;
  • Makeup kit;
  • Column for use in the shower;
  • Chameleon backpack.

Let’s talk about these and other ideas in more detail and share a selection of great products.

Gifts for a Girl 12 Years Old: Gadgets

Gifts for a Girl 12 Years Old

Usually, the most expensive and valuable gifts for teenagers are given by parents or relatives, so if possible, choose technological devices. Moreover, from year to year, they are included in the top desired gifts for teenagers. Here are just a few options: 

  • Tablet. Not too big, so as not to take up much space in a backpack – it’s convenient to take it to study, listen to music, and watch TV shows. 
  • Smartwatch. With the functions of a pedometer, heart rate measurement, backlight and the ability to receive calls and messages. The gadget strap can be either neutral or, conversely, bright and unusual. 
  • Hairdryer or styler for styling. Powerful and yet not too big, with several modes of operation, different nozzles, a protective mitten and a case for storage and transportation. 
  • Wash brush. Compact, with multiple functions (skin care and facial massage) and a waterproof storage case.
  • Original alarm clock. With such a gadget, if it is difficult for a teenager to get up for school, waking up to study will be more fun and easier. There are a variety of device options: from “runaway” alarm clocks to devices with programs that wake up at the most appropriate time in terms of sleep phases. 
  • EBook. Great for girls who love to read. As a bonus, textbooks can be loaded into the device to make the backpack lighter. 
  • External battery. For one or several devices at once. As a gift, choose options with a quick charge function. 
  • Wireless headphones. Another device that you can give a teenage girl. They are useful for studying, and for classes with tutors, and for communicating with friends via video links. It’s great if a case is attached to the headphones. It can also be an extra gift. 
  • Speaker with Bluetooth connection. Allows you to listen to music at full capacity, anywhere and anytime. Thanks to its compact size and Bluetooth, you can take the device with you and not have to worry about wires and additional connection to a computer or laptop. 
  • Electric toothbrush and irrigator. In addition to such a practical, but the necessary gift can be a set of toothpaste with different tastes. 
  • Smart mirror with light. For a quick pick-up in the morning. It can also serve as an LED lamp when a teenager wants to shoot a video for social networks. 
  • Instant camera. You take a selfie and get the finished frame in just a minute. Particularly memorable photos can be used to decorate the room. 
  • Smart speaker with built-in voice assistant. At the first request, he will turn on the music, answer almost any question of a teenager and chat with pleasure if he gets bored. 
  • Graphics tablet. For drawing sketches, comics, creating drawings and sketches. Models with a stylus included are among the most popular. 
  • Game console. A gift not only for teenage boys but also for girls who often like games as much as guys. 
  • Tetris or Tamagotchi. Toys from the past are back in the present!

What to Give a Creative Girl 12 Years Old

What to Give a Creative Girl 12 Years Old

At this age, sculpting from colored clay and cutting out of paper, as in childhood, may no longer be so interesting. But many girls still like to do things with their hands. Gifts for this occasion

  • Set for beading. With its help, the girl herself has been making fashionable baubles, necklaces and beaded rings for several seasons. An alternative can be embroidery kits, creating bath bombs, and perfumes. 
  • Diamond mosaic. It is somewhat reminiscent of a coloring book, but with the use of beads, rhinestones and beads. The finished masterpiece can be used as decor. 
  • Blogger set with tripod and microphone. The kit often includes different lenses for experimenting with light, a lavalier for a microphone and a lamp with artificial lighting to always look good in the frame.
  • Visualization board. A base and a set of stickers to create your own wish card.
  • Paints and markers for fabric. For experiments with clothes. The main thing is that the compositions are safe and resistant to water. 
  • Antistress coloring book. This an inexpensive and interesting gift option for a girl of 12 years old. Such a present can be supplemented with a set of quality colored pencils or markers with a storage case. 
  • Musical instrument. Synthesizer, ukulele, guitar, drums or microphone. In a word, everything can be useful for writing songs or creating your own band.
  • Constructor. A versatile or collectible Lego set, such as Hogwarts Castle.
  • Sets for body and face art. With paints, glitters, temporary tattoos and colored crayons or hair sprays. Components should be easily washed off with warm water. 
  • Video course on the history of cinema, art, fashion or theater. A good opportunity not only to learn new things but also to spend your free time usefully. 
  • Roombox. Almost like a designer – only in the format of the house. Depending on the configuration, you can equip one or more rooms as you wish.
  • Table games. You can find a variety of options – from the beloved by many “Mafia”, “Crocodile”, “Jenga”, Activity and “Monopoly” to boards for the development of memory, attention, and empathy. 
  • Mosaic-photoconductor. An alternative to the usual puzzles, with the only difference being that you can assemble your own photo or a memorable frame with friends from plastic parts.

As an experience gift, choose a pottery workshop, a vocal lesson, a theater class, and any other activity that a creative daughter or teenage niece might enjoy. 

What to Give an Active Girl 12 Years Old

What to Give an Active Girl 12 Years Old

If the girl already has a favorite sport, it will be easier for her to choose a gift. We will share universal ideas: 

  • Smart jump rope. With backlight, jump counter and saving progress in the application.
  • Mat for training. Made from durable, yet flexible, stain-resistant material, it comes with a pouch for easy storage and easy portability.
  • Sports weights or elastic bands.Suitable for warm-up, and for a full workout through a special application. 
  • Exercise bike. You can find a compact model that will not cost a five-figure sum.
  • Sportswear or dance shoes. Not the most popular type of New Year’s gift for a girl of 12 years old, but if you know the child well and are sure of his preferences, feel free to purchase it. 
  • Electric skateboard. Like a regular board, only with a motor that helps you move faster. Don’t forget your helmet, knee and elbow pads. 
  • Thermal accessories. These include hats, socks, and gloves. It is better if the latter is also with a sensor in order to use the gadget and not freeze your hands. 
  • Slackline. A set for mastering walking on a tightrope and developing balance.
  • Sneakers. Not only functional and comfortable but also fashionable. These can be models with backlight and luminous laces, but it’s better to pay attention to the shape: tall, with fur out, non-trivial colors are relevant. 
  • Smart scales. With various functions for measuring weight, and body composition and is a useful application with dietary recommendations.

A subscription to various trial classes at the same sports school or fitness club is also nice to see under the tree. Well, if the girl can go to training in the company of her mother, older sister or friend. Learning skills together is much easier and more fun. 

Unusual Gifts for a Girl 12 Years Old

Unusual Gifts for a Girl 12 Years Old

Regardless of your budget and the interests of a teenager, you can find gifts that most girls will like. We chose several options. 

  • Aquafarm. In this, you can grow plants and settle fish at the same time.
  • Kigurumi. The home suit, overalls and pajamas in one piece. Comfortable, cozy, unusual.
  • Levitating photo frame. With a favorite photo of friends or family. 
  • Folding table for the bathroom. You can put a cup of tea on it and lay out all the cosmetics you need for your home SPA.  
  • Piggy bank from Tik Tok, in which you need to put money and cross out the days/amounts in the table.
  • A set of cosmetics from your favorite blogger. Social network stars often release personalized boxes – you should find out which of the beauty bloggers the recipient of the gift is following.
  • Projector. For watching YouTube videos and movie shows with friends right in the room. 
  • Column for use in the shower. You can not refuse your favorite music even in the bathroom. 
  • Traveler scratch card. With a coin or a special scraper, a teenage girl will be able to “cross out” the countries and cities she has already visited. Other options are “100 things to do for the new year” or “100 things to do for a real girl.”
  • Backpack with charger. An accessory from which you can recharge your phone or tablet. 
  • Box with a lock. For notes, pleasant things and other personal items. 
  • Wall organizer. In the form of a heart, flamingo or other shapes to hang notes, or photos on it and make a kind of mood board.

Inexpensive Gifts for Girls 12 Years Old

Inexpensive Gifts for Girls 12 Years Old

If you need a symbolic present, a nice little thing as an addition to the main gift, or something to please your daughter/niece/sister classmates, budget gift ideas will come in handy.

  • Phone case. Bright color, with a three-dimensional pattern or unusual decorative details. 
  • Buff. Bandana-transformer, which can be worn as a scarf, and as a hat, and as a wristband.
  • Hair bands. Actual in 2022 – wide, velvet or decorated with pearls.
  • Diary. With a bright cover and a key to keeping secrets.
  • Nail decorations. sets of stickers, rhinestones or sequins to do nail art on your own.
  • Temporary tattoos or shiny freckles. And yes, it’s not just for kids!
  • Stand for a tablet or phone. To watch videos in bed (long models with a clothespin are suitable for this) or at the table.
  • LED garland. Unusual: in the form of pizza, snowflakes or clothespins to attach photos to the wall.
  • Solid perfume in the form of a pendant. With a neutral fragrance and so that you can carry them with you – as a decoration.
  • Sleep mask. With gel cooling pads or a funny slogan.

Memorable Gift for a Girl of 12 Years Old

A good memorable gift for a girl of 12 years old for the New Year can be tickets to a water park, to a concert of your favorite band, flying in a wind tunnel, a trip to a husky kennel and much more – there are enough options.

The main thing is to choose the right one. Gifts-impressions can be an addition to the main present, or they can become a real surprise for a teenager, which many people are waiting for in the New Year – even if they no longer believe in Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden.