Best Gifts for 10-Year-Old Boys

Last Updated on February 16, 2023 by Lisa C. Levy

Best Gifts for 10-Year-Old Boys: Birthday, and even more so the first anniversary, for any child is a holiday when he expects something special from his parents. Parents, in turn, want to bring joy and cause delight and interest in the birthday boy for the presented surprise.

Gifts for 10-Year-Old Boys

Choosing a gift for a son is somewhat more difficult than for a daughter, so many are wondering what to give a boy for 10 years.

At this age, the boy is developing rapidly. This transitional period into adulthood is a time when a child has many new interests and hobbies. Therefore, a birthday present for boys at 10 years old should be quite useful in terms of gaining knowledge and overall development.

Gifts for Development

Even though at this age the boy already considers himself an adult, he is still a child at heart and loves various games. When choosing a gift for a child at the age of 10, one should take into account his inclinations, favorite activities, character traits and other preferences.

If these are games, then they should be entertaining, clothes should be bright, beautiful and fashionable, and books, even if they are teaching aids, should be interesting. Depending on the hobbies of the son, you can present:

  1. radio-controlled car;
  2. puzzles that are suitable for age;
  3. toy soldiers, a transforming robot;
  4. Board games;
  5. a table clock;
  6. T-shirt with a beautiful print;
  7. named sweets.

The choice differs depending on which parent presents the present. So that the son feels like a man from childhood, the father can give him:

  1. Soccer ball. Playing it, the boy will develop dexterity and athletic endurance.
  2. Board games for boys, contribute to the development of ingenuity and quick reaction.
  3. A helicopter, a flying radio-controlled saucer, or another novelty that awakens a boy’s interest in technology.
  4. Children’s racing car develops attention on the roads and helps to learn the rules of the road.
  5. Paintball, for a game in which the birthday boy will be able to invite friends, expanding his social circle.
  6. A bow with arrows or a snow weapon to develop a boy’s accuracy.
  7. Home planetarium or children’s telescope if the boy is interested in space.


When choosing what to give a boy at 10 for his birthday, you need to know what gift is suitable for this age. Pleasant and useful enough for a child, for example, a Lego constructor or other similar item from the DIY series.

Such activities contribute to the development of perseverance, and ingenuity, and also calm and distract from internal contradictions.

Almost any boy is interested in assembling an airplane, car or ship from small details.

For Drawing

On this solemn day, any parent wants to give the boy the best gift in his life. If the spouses notice that their son is beginning to show a special interest in drawing, then the set of the young artist will certainly please the birthday man.

Such a gift for a ten-year-old boy will not only develop nascent abilities but may also become the basis of a future profession. For a child, a drawing or painting lesson with a professional artist will be a surprise.

For Needlework

When deciding what to give a boy at the age of 10, it is necessary to be guided by his desires and interests. There are many fun and useful gift ideas in the field of needlework, such as a set for weaving, sculpting or a device for burning, which are becoming popular again today. And if the parents have personal experience, they will help their son in mastering this type of creative work.

For Sport

For a boy who is fond of sports for his birthday at the age of ten, choosing a gift is quite simple. Most likely, the child has already expressed his addiction to any type of active activity more than once. If a ten-year-old boy is interested, for example, in boxing, then a punching bag or gloves, as well as protective equipment attached to the surprise, will be a useful sports gift for him.

It is possible that the student, unlike his classmates, does not pay enough attention to physical culture. In this case, it is desirable to introduce him to sports by making appropriate gifts. It can be:

  1. basketball hoop;
  2. ball or club;
  3. tennis set;
  4. scooter;
  5. bike;
  6. skateboard board;
  7. jumper;
  8. roller Skates.

But you need to select such items carefully, checking the reliability of fasteners and quality, so that the boy, instead of the expected pleasure, does not get injured on his 10th birthday.

Large Selection of Toys for Boys

Among all the variety presented on store shelves, it can be difficult to choose a gift for a boy. Therefore, to bring joy to a ten-year-old son, you need to prepare in advance by learning about his cherished dreams.

RC Toys

For parents who do not know what to give a child for 10 years, you can advise radio-controlled models. Almost every boy will appreciate such a gift since such toys are of great importance in the life of children. The main thing is to find a conscientious manufacturer so that the surprise brings joy to its owner for a long time. Such gifts may include:

  1. Radio-controlled quadcopter. With such a small model, the boy can even shoot videos and take photos.
  2. Car Track is a fun racing set that includes a flexible, glow-in-the-dark racing track that comes in a variety of shapes and forms. The set comes with cars that move independently and shine with headlights.
  3. A radio-controlled flying ball – will be a great surprise. This amazing unusual model an interest not only a 10-year-old boy but also an adult man. To control the toy, you don’t even need a remote control, since manipulation is done with the help of your hands. The ball has a protective field that does not allow it to collide with other objects. The toy will help the child to understand the initial laws of electromagnetism and aerodynamics.
  4. The radio-controlled construction set of 450 parts will develop the boy’s fine motor skills, logical thinking and creative ingenuity. The race car includes parts that are easy to assemble and do not fall apart during the game. The machine is controlled with a remote control.

Toy Weapon

A rare boy at a young age is not interested in weapons. Parents will not be mistaken if they give the boy a toy machine gun or a pistol for his birthday. Many interesting specimens on sale imitate the sounds of shooting and glow when they are used. A child can play war with peers, pretend to be a scout, or a sniper, if the weapon has an optical sight, carry out a secret mission.

A good gift for a boy would be a water gun, a bow with suction cup arrows or a fantastic blaster that plays with lights, which will make the child feel like an intergalactic hero saving the world from an alien invasion.

Board Games

When choosing a gift for a child who has reached the age of ten, you should pay attention to board games such as billiards, hockey or football. These traditional 30-year-old toys are still relevant today, and school-age children are happy to fight in them. You can come up with a lot of gift ideas among board games, it depends on the goal that parents want to convey to the child.

Games can train logical thinking, and have an educational or entertaining effect, for example, this is a cheerful “Twister”, the classic “Monopoly”, etc.

The board game “Young Detective” will help develop analytical skills, which comes with a forensic laboratory, where various tasks are given introducing the simplest chemical reactions.

The child will also be interested in the Beginning Magician set. After studying it, the child will be able to surprise friends with the technique of performing tricks.

Other Interesting Toys

A rather fascinating, informative and interesting gift for a 10-year-old boy can be an electronic design. To master this complex present, the child needs to learn how to work with electrical circuits. Such a practice can captivate him and bring tangible benefits already in adulthood.

The son, who is happy to help his father with household chores, will be pleased with the set of the young builder. If a boy likes to take pictures, then a digital camera will be a pleasant surprise for him. A useful and original thing will be an apparatus for making cotton candy or popcorn, which will be in great demand at a children’s party.

Impressions as a Gift

Unusual experiences will be an original gift for a ten-year-old child. It could be:

  1. a trip to the safari park;
  2. boat trip;
  3. rafting on a catamaran;
  4. horse riding;
  5. karting;
  6. trip to the archery, crossbow, and weapons shooting range;
  7. yacht trip;
  8. trampoline center;
  9. amusement park;
  10. a gift certificate for a visit to a bowling alley or a water park.

If any other impressive options, for example:

  1. flight by plane, paragliding;
  2. buggy racing;
  3. hike to the climbing wall;
  4. rope park;
  5. diving;
  6. tubing;
  7. flight in a wind tunnel;
  8. wakeboarding;
  9. skydiving with an instructor.

But when choosing impressions as a gift, one must be careful not to spoil the boy’s holiday if he is afraid of heights, darkness or speed. For those children who are not fans of extreme entertainment and like quiet types of recreation, it is recommended to organize an interesting master class by attending a lesson on making clay crafts, felting toys, etc.

Inexpensive Gift Ideas

Boys at this age have many desires, but parents do not always have the opportunity to buy this or that thing due to lack of money. In this case, you have to make an inexpensive gift with your own hands, but this does not mean at all that the present will be banal and uninteresting.

Mom or grandmother can knit a sweater for a child, and present an original backpack or a kite, which they will launch together.

It’s good for a father to show his imagination and organize an exciting adventure for his son on his birthday. On a trip to nature, unexpected obstacles prepared in advance by their parents will await him, which the birthday boy must overcome. Such a kind of quest will be remembered by the child and his friends for a long time, especially since at the end of the trip everyone will have a picnic with a fire and baked potatoes.

There are many other budget things that you can please your son with:

  1. eBook;
  2. inexpensive headphones;
  3. smartphone holders;
  4. flashlight.

Favorite Pet

Many children at the age of 10 dreams of such a devoted friend as a dog. Therefore, by giving a boy a small puppy for his birthday, parents will help him develop such positive qualities as caring for a defenseless animal, and a sense of responsibility to those whom he has tamed.

If for some reason you cannot get a kitten or a dog, then you can buy a self-cleaning aquarium with fish, which are easy to care for.

Gadgets and Computer Games

Any modern boy is interested in electronic novelties and computer games. Tablets, computers, set-top boxes, laptops, and smartphones today have almost every child. Often such gifts are presented to children by grandparents or parents. In addition to gadgets, there are many accessories from which it is not difficult to choose a gift for a 10-year-old boy, for example, these are:

  1. flexible silicone keyboard;
  2. backlit gaming keyboard;
  3. optical computer mouse;
  4. convenient joystick;
  5. modern speakers;
  6. game steering wheel;
  7. disc storage container.

The child will also be delighted with the new computer game: a shooter, a walker or a race. You just need to check if it is allowed for minors.

Is It Worth Giving Money?

There is a belief that it is undesirable to give money to children. But a child already at an early school age receives a certain amount of pocket money, and if parents help him manage his finances correctly, then there is nothing wrong with that. In addition, due to being busy at work, it is not always possible to allocate the right time to search for a present.

It happens that the idea of ​​a gift never occurred to the parents or the child has not yet decided on interests. In this case, the way out of the situation will be to give the boy a certain amount, and he will be able to choose the right thing for himself on his own.

If the money received is not enough to make your dream come true, then such a budgetary gift as a piggy bank of some original form will help push you to accumulate the necessary amount. Parents should immediately replenish it with several coins of a large denomination. The piggy bank will teach the boy to save money by not spending it on unnecessary or useless things.

What to Give a Friend for 10 Years

At this age, friends are unlikely to find a large amount for an expensive present. But children often share, talking about their interests and desires, so it will not be difficult for them to decide what to give a friend for his birthday. For example, if a boy is fond of reading, he can be presented with an interesting book in his favorite genre.

At this age, the child already has his musical preferences, which means that a ticket to a concert of your favorite artist or group will be a good gift. Colorful posters or a new music album released by an idol are suitable as inexpensive presents.

It is enough just to decide what to give a friend if he is a collector. The boy may no longer play with cars, but he may have a collection that he regularly replenishes with new car models. You just need to ask what copies your friend doesn’t have yet.

Gifts from a series of jokes will be interesting, which will cheer up all those gathered at the holiday, for example:

  1. Magic Ball of Answers, which will help you decide by answering any question, and just have fun and have fun. With a high probability, this toy will be liked and will not get bored for a long time.
  2. T-shirt with a graphic equalizer that moves to the beat of the music and glows with bright colors.
  3. Simulator “Khvatator”, which develops not only reaction and manual dexterity, but also mental qualities.

A present for a 10-year-old teenager should be bright, memorable, cause delight and joyful emotions so that the boy will remember the first anniversary in his life for a long time, and the thing that the birthday boy received as a gift was not thrown into the far corner the next day.