Best Gift Ideas for the Year of the Rabbit

Best Gift Ideas for the Year of the Rabbit: Towards the end of the year, hundreds of magnets and figurines with the symbol of the year appear in stores and marketplaces – cute, but not the most practical souvenirs. These are nice gifts if the recipient is a collector and, for example, collects porcelain figurines or key rings. If not, there is a risk that the porcelain rabbit – the “patron” of 2023 – will stand on the shelf and soon hide in the closet.

15 Best Gift Ideas for the Year of the Rabbit

Gift Ideas for the Year of the Rabbit

In this material, we have collected useful little things that can be attached to a present for loved ones or presented suddenly dropped by guests: soap, plates, compact lamps – everything, of course, with rabbits.

1. Wooden Mosaic

The peculiarity of such mosaics is the strong base material, bright colors, and the original shape of both the finished product and the puzzle pieces. In our selection, the image of the symbol of the new year 2023 can be assembled from carrots, tiny rabbits, snowmen and other thematic figures. The only thing that is important to decide on is the design and the number of elements. Sets of 30-40 large parts make a great gift for children, and for adults, you can find complex options from 200-300 components to stretch the fun of assembly.

2. Candles in the Shape of a Rabbit

Candles are one of the main attributes of the Christmas and New Year interior. And also a nice and useful sign of attention – even if the recipient already has a couple of sets of candles. We advise you to choose products not from paraffin, but from wax – bees or vegetables. 

3. Smartphone Stand

The simplest option is a wooden or plastic plate – inclined or horizontal with a notch to place the phone at an angle and watch videos while eating or doing household chores. But there are also more advanced models – for example, a telescopic stand with rabbit ears and paws, the height of which can be adjusted.

4. Smartphone Stand

The simplest option is a wooden or plastic plate – inclined or horizontal with a notch to place the phone at an angle and watch videos while eating or doing household chores. But there are also more advanced models – for example, a telescopic stand with rabbit ears and paws, the height of which can be adjusted.

5. Sleep Mask

Useful for those who like to sleep in complete darkness, but have not acquired blackout curtains. And also – in case of rest on a trip or during a flight. You can find “smart” models (even with a headset to listen to soothing music), with cooling gel inserts or 3D ones that follow the contours of the face. Inexpensive options are classic headbands, they are perfect as a souvenir for the New Year. The advantage is the mass of colors, including those with a fluffy symbol of 2023.

6. Soap in the form of a Rabbit

A great alternative to figurines. There are just as many designs – naturalistic and fabulous, bright and pastel rabbits. But soap wins in terms of practicality: during the year (January, winter, holiday week – whatever you want) you can put it on a shelf for bathroom decor, and then use it to wash your hands. And by next year, make room for a new “patron” animal.

7. Hat with Rabbit Ears

A present that you can buy if you go to visit a family with children – both kids and even teenagers will surely appreciate it. However, the accessory is also popular among adults, especially if you want to complement the New Year’s look for walking on the street or skating. An option for cold weather is a balaclava, which also covers half of the face from the wind. Of course, also with ears.

8. Crockery with Rabbits

We will not consider mugs with a photo print and New Year’s greetings – although they are bright, you cannot call a practical solution: a year will pass, the symbol will change, and the mug will end up in the far corner of the cabinet. A more neutral option is dishes with small, discreet rabbit figurines. It is easy to find such among salad bowls, egg holders, bowls, and napkin holders. 

9. Mittens or Socks

Things that do not happen much – especially in winter. Choose warm socks and mittens so the recipient can wear them for a long walk, or thinner options. The advantage of the latter is a larger assortment and the ability to immediately find a set in a gift box. 

10. Shoppers with a Rabbit

Refusing plastic bags in the store is a great eco-habit that you should acquire in the new year (or continue to maintain it). And it is convenient to transfer purchases with a fabric shopper, which folds compactly and fits into a backpack or pocket. For the mood – a creative drawing.

11. Bath Bombs

The most festive – with a citrus or coniferous aroma. Although the smell can be anything at the choice of the recipient: chocolate, fruit, berry. The current form for the New Year’s gift 2023 is a rabbit (although it can be difficult to find it). There is more choice among round bombs – and they are decorated with images of an animal and congratulatory inscriptions.

The alternative is to donate not a ready-made bath product, but a form for making it: there are more rabbits here. It is not difficult to make a bomb: you will need baking soda, citric acid, sea salt, vegetable and essential oils, milk powder and dyes if desired.

12. Nail art stickers

Even if the recipient does not do their own manicure, but prefers the services of masters in salons, these stickers will certainly come in handy – they are easy to use. You just need to dip a tiny drawing into the water, transfer it to the nail plate and fix it on top with transparent varnish – and the nail design has already become thematic.

13. Set for Knitting, Felting or Embroidery

For those who like to make souvenirs and home decor on their own, and have already tried diamond mosaics and paintings by numbers (although this is also an excellent gift for the New Year of the Rabbit). Which set to choose is a matter of taste. You can add a frame to the embroidery to place the product in the interior, and to a soft toy made of wool or yarn – a ring with a chain, with which the animal will become a keychain.

14. Figured Chocolate

Inexpensive gift for the New Year, which is worth stocking up before the holidays. Chocolate will come in handy in case of a visit to a family with children (however, adults will not refuse) as a thematic addition to the main gift or at a meeting with colleagues or acquaintances – as a sign of attention. And such a present will not be wasted, even if it remains after the holidays.

15. Brooches and Bunny Badges

Jewelry and costume jewelry is a popular New Year’s gifts. But it can be difficult to pick them up – for example when buying a ring, it is important not to miss the size. With brooches and badges, it’s a little easier: there are a lot of designs, and you can attach them to a backpack, sweater, and even a hat. Colored wooden or plastic badges are an option for teenagers and those who like to dress brightly, a neat metal brooch is for adherents of the classics.