Best Gift Ideas for 5 Year Old Son

Best Gift Ideas for 5 Year Old Son: On the eve of the holiday, parents are wondering what to give their son for 5 years for his birthday. The tastes of boys of this age are the same, so choosing a gift will not be difficult.

Top 30 Best Gifts for a Son on His 5th Birthday

Gift Ideas for 5 Year Old Son

Every child looks forward to their birthday to find out what their parents and godparents have prepared for them. In order for expectations to coincide with reality, you need to approach the choice of a presentation responsibly.

Best ideas:

  1. Toy equipment (cars, helicopters, planes, excavators).
  2. Transformer, robot.
  3. Interactive pet.
  4. Table hockey, football.
  5. Set for creativity.
  6. Educational toys to prepare for school.
  7. Book, encyclopedia.
  8. Control toy.
  9. Railroad or road.
  10. Set of doctor, builder, astronaut, salesman, etc.
  11. Sports area.
  12. Impression gift.
  13. Toy gun, pistol.
  14. House-tent.
  15. Puzzle.
  16. Constructor.
  17. A set of superheroes or toy soldiers.
  18. Bike.
  19. Clothes, shoes.
  20. A set of tools for a young master. A holiday gift for your son might include screwdrivers, pliers, files, and even a hard hat.
  21. Magnetic easel (developing board)
  22. Collection of favorite characters.
  23. Three-dimensional puzzle.
  24. Board game for the whole family.
  25. Quadcopter. The gift is expensive, so the child can use it only with their parents.
  26. Toy radio.
  27. Sports equipment.
  28. Set of a young scientist for experiments.
  29. Game console.
  30. Educational tablet or computer.

25 Cool Toys for 5-year-olds

The best gift for a son in his fifth year of life is a toy. To understand what the child wants, it is enough to walk with him through the shopping center or listen carefully. Many children talk about new toys that their comrades have.

Gift options:

  1. Robot. It can be made in the form of a person or an animal. A robot cat or dog will appeal to a child who has long dreamed of a pet.
  2. Radio-controlled toy. It can be a car, a helicopter or a boat. The main thing is the presence of simple and understandable control.
  3. Railway.
  4. Table hockey.
  5. House-tent.
  6. Toy weapon.
  7. Electric car. You can give a son who wants to grow up and buy his own car.
  8. Board game for a large company.
  9. Constructor.
  10. Puzzle.
  11. Game console.
  12. Favorite superhero.
  13. A set of soldiers.
  14. Military equipment (tank, aircraft, artillery installation).
  15. A toy that repeats words and sounds after a person. Such a surprise for his son on his birthday will delight the boy.
  16. Musical instrument.
  17. Role play set. Thanks to such a gift, the son will be able to feel like a doctor, a magician, a veterinarian, a firefighter or a representative of another profession that he dreams of.
  18. Transformer.
  19. Metal constructor for assembling cars and other mechanisms.
  20. Dance mat. It makes the child flexible and plastic improves the coordination of movements, and reinforces the concepts of “left” and “right”.
  21. Spy or superhero set. It may include a mask, raincoat, watch, binoculars and other items.
  22. Toy car or motorcycle.
  23. Scooter.
  24. LEGO constructor.
  25. Automotive constructor. After assembly, a miniature model of an existing machine is obtained. The car doors open and the steering wheel turns.

For an Active and Athletic Guy – 20 Birthday Ideas

A son’s birthday is a good way to show your love for him. In order for the boy to develop not only mentally, but also physically, you can buy him something for active pastime.

Such a gift can be:

  1. Sports corner. It can be presented for the 5th anniversary if there is enough free space in the apartment. It is best to install a corner in the children’s room so that the child always has access to it.
  2. Bicycle.
  3. Scooter.
  4. Balance board. If the gift ideas for your son for 5 years are over, you can buy a board to keep the balance. Classes for the development of coordination will captivate the child, and help to throw out the accumulated energy.
  5. Skateboard.
  6. Rollers. Such a gift can be presented at any time of the year if the city has a roller drome.
  7. Skates. You can master the art of ice skating in winter and summer. You can do this in open areas or in the ice center. The main thing is that the child is under the supervision of adults.
  8. Skiing. It is better to give such a present if the son was born in winter. In this case, the gift can be renewed immediately.
  9. Beautiful sportswear.
  10. Gorodoki. Excellent gift for my son’s 5th birthday. Trains ingenuity, and strengthens muscles.
  11. Rackets and shuttlecocks for playing badminton.
  12. Darts. For kids, a safe play option is available, with Velcro balls and suction cup arrows.
  13. Twister. An exciting game that allows you to warm up and strengthen your knowledge of colors. You can update your twister on your birthday. The main thing is to invite the boy’s friends to make it more fun.
  14. Kimono. A good surprise for a son who is fond of martial arts.
  15. A set of blasters that shoot soft balls.
  16. Home bowling.
  17. New soccer ball.
  18. Punching bag and gloves.
  19. Beautiful sports shoes or clothes.
  20. Certificate for sports in the section.

Top 15 Gifts-experiences for a 5-year-old Son

You can give emotions for the 5th anniversary – something that the boy will remember forever and for which he will be grateful.

The best options for original gifts:

  1. Pony ride.
  2. Swimming with dolphins.
  3. A trip to the zoo.
  4. Visit a circus performance.
  5. Day at the water park.
  6. A trip to an amusement park.
  7. Costume party with friends.
  8. Guest Artists.
  9. Fireworks.
  10. Soap bubbles show.
  11. Flight in a wind tunnel.
  12. Visit the climbing wall.
  13. Flight in a hot air balloon.
  14. Passing the quest.
  15. A trip on a quad bike or snowmobile accompanied by parents.

For a Future First Grader – 20 Educational Gifts

You can give your son for five years something that will prepare him for school and form a craving for knowledge.

Such gifts can be:

  1. Preschool folder. Includes bright brochures, coloring pages, and cards. Properly selected exercises contribute to the development of basic skills (writing, arithmetic), the development of logic, the study of colors and shapes, and species of animals and birds.
  2. Ruler-stencil. Allows you to create pictures, and memorize the names of different shapes (circle, triangle, rhombus, square, etc.).
  3. Hourglass. A good gift for the anniversary of the son, who will teach the child to tell the time.
  4. Roulette for measurements. A useful tool that allows you to study numbers and values, and measure your own growth.
  5. Projector with film strips. In addition to the device, you can buy a set of cartridges with cartoons and educational materials.
  6. Useful stationery.
  7. Textbooks for preschoolers. You need to choose illustrated books with a playful form of learning. In this case, the process of obtaining new knowledge will be interesting and exciting.
  8. Sound poster. A useful device that allows you to study the alphabet, world map, animals, and musical instruments.
  9. Children’s tablet or laptop with educational games.
  10. Home planetarium.
  11. Children’s microscope for knowledge of the world around.
  12. Ant farm. You can give such a present for 5 years if the boy is not afraid of insects and loves nature.
  13. Electronic designer. Provides basic knowledge about the operation of electronics and the design of the electrical circuit.
  14. A set of children’s encyclopedias on various topics.
  15. Musical alphabet.
  16. Lotto.
  17. Wall alphabet.
  18. Logic board game.
  19. A set of a young physicist or chemist for scientific research and experiments.
  20. Model of world sights.

For the Development of Intelligence and Creativity – 20 Relevant Proposals

For a five-year-old son, you can buy something useful for the development of his creative and mental abilities.

Popular ideas:

  1. Coloring book.
  2. Painting by numbers.
  3. Corn creativity set. Consists of colorful corn kernels and a special tool. Develops fine motor skills well.
  4. An origami set for creating animals, birds, planes and other figures.
  5. A set of quality pencils or felt-tip pens.
  6. Colored crayons for drawing on asphalt.
  7. A set of plasticine or polymer clay, molds and other accessories. Modeling well develops imagination and fine motor skills.
  8. Set for coloring ceramic or wooden blanks.
  9. Diamond mosaic.
  10. Set for sewing or knitting. You can give 5 years to a boy who loves creating things with his hands.
  11. Kinetic sand. Easily takes the desired shape. Promotes the development of imagination, and fine motor skills.
  12. Karaoke with a microphone. A child who loves to sing and dreams of becoming an artist will like it.
  13. Children’s camera. It helps to look at the world with different eyes and develops creative abilities.
  14. Sketchbook for drawing.
  15. Notepad or diary to record important thoughts.
  16. Yarn and accessories for felting wool. Such a gift is suitable only for an assiduous child.
  17. Graphics tablet.
  18. Home plant growing kit.
  19. 3D pen.
  20. Set for creating an application.

What to Give a Godson for 5 Years – Top 20 Good Gifts for a Boy From Godparents

You can give the godson for 5 years the following:

  1. Games for learning.
  2. Cozy slippers.
  3. Instant camera.
  4. Solar constructor.
  5. Children’s gyro scooter.
  6. A bunch of balloons. You can add foil products in the form of animals or characters of your favorite cartoons.
  7. Bouquet of fruits and sweets.
  8. Cake in the form of a car or a superhero.
  9. Batman or Spiderman costume.
  10. Luminous laces for sneakers.
  11. Shoes with shimmering soles.
  12. A magic ball that gives answers to any questions.
  13. T-shirt, sweatshirt or another wardrobe item with a cool inscription.
  14. Spy glasses.
  15. piggy bank. You can buy an electronic version showing how much money is inside.
  16. A set of “crooked” mirrors for a boy with a sense of humor.
  17. Movie tickets.
  18. A pedometer that shows the distance traveled and the number of steps taken.
  19. Going to a sporting event together.
  20. Original mug.

What to Give Your Son 5 Years for the New Year – 20 Ideas for the New Year Holidays

An equally important question is what to give your son for the New Year. The gift can be selected taking into account the upcoming holidays.

Best ideas:

  1. Warm woolen socks with deer.
  2. Knitted sweater.
  3. Home slippers-boots.
  4. Thermal mug for hot tea or compote.
  5. Live spruce.
  6. A box to keep secrets.
  7. Participation in creative workshops. Nice Christmas gifts for my son. Promote rapprochement with parents and the development of new skills.
  8. MP3 player.
  9. Video greetings from Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden.
  10. Collection of puzzles, and logical problems.
  11. Set for creativity.
  12. Sweet gift with sweets, tangerines, and chocolate.
  13. Handmade cookies or gingerbread in beautiful packaging.
  14. Scarf with the logo of your favorite football or hockey team.
  15. Soft antistress toy.
  16. Valenki or warm boots.
  17. Down jacket.
  18. Joint fishing trip.
  19. Interactive pet.
  20. Finger paint.

The choice of a gift for a 5-year-old boy must be approached responsibly. You should take into account the preferences and interests of the child in order to buy what he has long dreamed of.

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