100 Best Choices Birthday Gift Ideas for Son

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Choosing a good birthday gift ideas for son is not an easy task, no matter how old he is and what he enjoys. In the modern world, everything is changing so quickly that a thing that was fashionable and desirable only yesterday will seem boring and old-fashioned today.

Birthday Gift Ideas for Son

That is why parents have to seek advice from different angles. Our 100 birthday gift ideas for your son will be a great help in your search.

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100 Best Choices Birthday Gift Ideas for Son (All Ages)

  1. A good electric shaver with a trimer.
  2. Removable hard drive.
  3. Cool computer chair.
  4. Projector.
  5. A quality MP3 player.
  6. Gaming headphones for the lover of computer games.
  7. A camera or a good lens for it. This is a great gift for a beginner photographer. But an experienced one himself knows better what he needs, and will be more delighted with a certificate from a photographic store.
  8. An e-book is a great gift for a guy who actually loves to read.
  9. Brand new computer. Neither child nor adult will refuse such a gift.
  10. Radio-controlled helicopter or quadcopter. This is the dream of all boys from kindergarten age to quite respectable years.
  11. Kinetic sand is a good gift for a little son.
  12. Bicycle. It can be presented both to a kid if you choose a small three-wheeled bike and to a completely grown-up son.
  13. Car. If the son is already an adult and parents can afford such valuable purchases, the car is one of the best gift options.
  14. Home planetarium. It will delight an inquisitive child, and an adult will help to create a romantic atmosphere at home by drawing a starry sky on the ceiling and walls.
  15. Giroskuter. This is the dream of kids and adolescents, but an adult son may also like a present.
  16. Boardgame. Both the classic version, for example, the originally designed chess, and something modern, like the cheerful Elias, will be appropriate. It is important to consider the preferences of the birthday person.
  17. Portable game console. Another toy that will captivate a fully grown son.
  18. Smartphone or tablet. Such a gift will delight a child and will please an adult son, especially if you buy an ultramodern functional model.
  19. Wristwatch. A child or a young guy can be presented with a modern “smart” watch, and an adult fashionist will like a model close to the classics.
  20. Virtual reality glasses. They will delight the lover of computer games and modern technologies, no matter how old he is.
  21. Fitness bracelet. It will be a great birthday present for an athlete son or just a guy who keeps track of his shape and loves an active lifestyle.
  22. 3D pen. It will appeal to a creative guy, as it allows you to create unusual three-dimensional drawings right in the air.
  23. A cool umbrella, for example, in the form of a samurai sword or with a handle shaped like the butt of a gun. And for the lover of discreet things, you can pick up a compact folding umbrella that will not take up much space in your bag.
  24. Mechanical 3D puzzle. It allows you to create 3D models of mechanisms with moving parts that are beautiful and realistic.
  25. Thermo bottle in a nice case. It will be useful for a child and an adult, especially for busy people who do not have time to stop for long tea parties.
  26. An interactive T-shirt is featuring a musical instrument that makes sounds when touched. This is a great gift for a teen or adult partygoer.
  27. Power bank for recharging gadgets. You can choose a battery of an unusual shape or a simple rectangular one. It is necessary to choose based on the tastes of the birthday man.
  28. Alarm clock with a target so as not only to wake up but immediately shoot the culprit of early awakening. You can also give a runaway alarm clock that can wake even the most notorious sleepyhead out of bed.
  29. Bathrobe with the recipient’s name embroidered on the back.
  30. Cooling table for working with a laptop.
  31. A computer-powered USB mug warmer that provides a dear birthday person with a tasty and warm drink.
  32. Cool barbecue set in a beautiful leather case. Additionally, you can apply engraving to the skewers so that the present is not only useful but also unique.
  33. USB fridge for one can of drink.
  34. Certificate for tailoring in a good tailor shop. Such a gift will delight a real fashionista.
  35. Clutch purse with personalized embossing. This is a fashionable men’s accessory that is only gaining popularity and will be a good birthday present for your son.
  36. A multifunctional screwdriver with interchangeable nozzles is an excellent present for a real master, no matter how old he is.
  37. Car seat covers. If your son has a car and he just adores his iron horse, such a present would be an excellent choice.
  38. Own housing. One of the best gifts for an adult child who is not yet able to buy an apartment for himself. But not everyone can afford such a present. Therefore, you can choose such an option as a down payment on a mortgage or pay your son a rented apartment for six months or a year in advance.
  39. Parktronic. If the son recently received a license and parking in a cramped urban environment makes him difficult, such a present will be a real salvation.
  40. A tent for the lover of outdoor recreation.
  41. Dynamo flashlight, so as not to be left without light in all situations.
  42. Sleeping bag for hiking in nature.
  43. A rubber boat for the fishing enthusiast.
  44. Collapsible dumbbells to keep fit.
  45. 3D lamp in the form of a soccer ball, Darth Vader’s mask or Thor’s hammer, imprinted on the wall.
  46. A hammock for relaxing in the country or somewhere in nature.
  47. Bag chair. Such a piece of furniture is liked not only by children and teenagers but also by quiet adults, as it easily changes shape and adapts to the curves of the seated body.
  48. Decorative pillow filled with massage balls. She may resemble a cool animal or a simple cobblestone. Another good idea is a photo print pillow.
  49. Flying in a combat plane flight simulator is a great adventure for kids and adults.
  50. Wireless speaker. It is advisable to choose a waterproof and shockproof model that will come in handy even in the most extreme conditions.
  51. The speaker system is a super-gift for a music lover.
  52. Cool wallet made of quality leather with personalized embossing. It is necessary to invest at least a small bill in it so that it brings financial well-being in the future.
  53. Anti-theft device for a car.
  54. Cooler bag for nature hikes and travel.
  55. Car Communicator is a fun device for witty motorists.
  56. A beautiful and original tie clip. If the son often wears classic costumes, he will come in handy with a clip in the form of a sword or decorated with a unique engraving.
  57. Jewelry. If the son wears them, you can give him a signet, amulet, cufflinks or bracelet.
  58. Stylish belt with an unusual buckle, for example, with a hidden knife hidden in it.
  59. Parachute jump. Such a dangerous gift is suitable only for an adult son and will delight a real extreme.
  60. Riding ATVs, snowmobiles or buggies. This is an adventure that most guys will love.
  61. Home exercise machine. It will help you keep fit and work out at home without spending money on the gym.
  62. Multitool knife. It is a handy tool that helps you solve many problems and tasks.
  63. Cool set for a bath. Choose a set with an original kilt towel and personalized embroidery.
  64. A sports bag for going to the gym or anywhere else.
  65. A good leather briefcase if it fits into the son’s wardrobe and is useful to him at work.
  66. Travel bag.
  67. Convenient folding brazier for arranging picnics.
  68. Folding chair or chaise longue. Such gifts will appeal to the birthday man who loves to relax in comfort, even if it happens in nature far from home.
  69. A set of unbreakable dishes in a convenient carrying case.
  70. Shovel multitool. It will come in handy during outdoor recreation, and you can also simply carry it with you in the car in case of unforeseen situations on the road.
  71. Musical instrument. If, for example, a teenage son dreams of a guitar, buy it. But be prepared that you will also have to pay for a tutor or to attend training courses.
  72. Stylish men’s bouquet. It is made from different delicacies to the taste of the birthday person, you can also add various cute little things.
  73. Keychain with defroster for car locks, with a flashlight or with a small screwdriver.
  74. Scratch map of the world. She will appeal to a guy who loves to travel and dreams of conquering the whole world.
  75. Levitating globe. This is an interior decoration that any man will like, as it looks very unusual.
  76. A notebook or notebook with a stylish wooden cover.
  77. An interactive toy such as a robot dog. This is great entertainment for a child, but it will also interest and captivate an adult.
  78. Inflatable hammock sofa.
  79. Electric scooter. This unusual type of transport is rapidly gaining popularity and will appeal to both a child and an adult.
  80. Fortune or wish cookies. It can become not so much a gift as a cool addition to it.
  81. An unusual mug, for example, a gaming mug with a joystick-shaped handle.
  82. Cool stainless steel glass with Starbucks lid and straw.
  83. A tabletop punching bag is a cool anti-stress toy for children and adults.
  84. A flash drive in the form of an army token with engraving. You can also choose a cool toy-shaped or wiggly memory card.
  85. A blanket with sleeves and a hood so that it is comfortable for your little son to relax in front of the TV or with a book.
  86. A bottle case with a sommelier set is an interesting present for an adult son.
  87. The original writing set “Golf.”
  88. The Pinart 3D Express Sculptor is a fun toy for all ages.
  89. Flying in a wind tunnel.
  90. Bank card in the name of his son. This is a simple and decent way to donate money in an uncommon way.
  91. The extreme driving master class will be useful even for an experienced driver to feel even more confident in difficult conditions.
  92. A ticket to a concert by your favorite artist. Even if you do not share your son’s musical preferences at all, make such a gift on your birthday.
  93. A poster depicting a frame from your favorite movie.
  94. A gym membership is an excellent present for an athlete or someone who dreams of becoming one.
  95. Congratulation film. This is a very touching and even sentimental gift for an adult son. Be sure to use photos and videos from his childhood and try to make the film show your feelings and remind your son how much his parents love him.
  96. Participation in an exciting quest that will help your son show his talents and leave an unforgettable experience.
  97. T-shirt with a unique custom-made print. You can use a birthday photo to create it. And, of course, the inscription should be pleasant and encouraging, and in no case, make fun of the recipient or somehow unpleasantly poke fun at him.
  98. The set for conducting scientific experiments will appeal to the student. It is important to choose it so that it is appropriate for the age, as well as the existing knowledge and skills of the recipient.


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When choosing a gift for your son, try to remind him once again how much you love and appreciate him. No matter how old the son is, he will be pleased with the attention and recognition of his parents and this will make his birthday even more pleasant.

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