Birthday Gift for Ex Boyfriend or Husband

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What to give a birthday gift for ex boyfriend or husband is a question that may seem strange to someone. Yes, and it is difficult to imagine a situation when you may need to choose a present for a former man. But in life, it often happens, as in the status on Vkontakte, “everything is complicated.”

First, they meet, fall in love, and get married, but this is not always the end, then parting or divorce may follow, and an attempt to preserve human relations, because a lot of things have been passed together …

Birthday Gift for Ex Boyfriend

If you are already reading this article, then look for a gift for your ex-boyfriend or husband, and you have your own reasons. Perhaps defuse the situation in order to remain good friends in the future. Or maybe you just have to communicate in common companies or at children’s birthdays. Or you just sincerely wish all the best and want to please with something.

One way or another, congratulations on the holidays, especially happy birthdays, are a good reason to end a feud or maintain friendly relations.

On the one hand, everything should be simple. You know his interests well. On the other hand, your gift may be considered overly personal. And, if a man already has a new girlfriend, this can provoke a conflict. Therefore, the main thing is that the present is appropriate. So, it is best to opt for valuable things or simply symbolic, non-binding little things.

And what kind of birthday present for a former man, in this case, can be given and how to present it is a big question, which will be discussed in detail in this guide.

9 Best Birthday Gift for Ex Boyfriend or Husband

You did not have time to register your relationship but broke up as friends, then there is nothing reprehensible in making him happy with a pleasant surprise for a holiday. Here’s what to give your ex-boyfriend for his birthday so that he remembers you with a kind word:

1. Coffee Maker

A set for making coffee in an oriental way is a great gift idea for a husband after a divorce. It is believed that the coffee prepared in this way allows the coffee taste and aroma to unfold. The kit includes a brazier, turks, sand, a spatula and spoons. The main advantage is that the roaster allows you to brew coffee on any electric stove.

2. Key Tracker

A key tracker is a revolutionary keychain with which an ex can find out the location of anything, person or animal.

It is enough to attach the tab that comes with any item and install the application on your smartphone. At any time, the application will show you where what you are looking for.

3. Magnetic Darts

There are no age and gender restrictions for this gift, this game is for any status and mood!

The magnetic version of the game makes it absolutely safe while remaining the same gambling. This option will be an excellent gift for a lover of sports, excitement and various games.

4. Smart Dumbbells

Smart dumbbells are simple, modern sports equipment. The main advantage is that the dumbbells are connected to the application on the smartphone, where all training results are transferred. Also, a man will be able to communicate with other users of the application, compare results and compete, receiving virtual prizes.

5. Hiking Machete

It is a 2-in-1 tool that includes a large knife and a serrated saw. It is not a melee weapon and will serve as an assistant for household work, traveling or hiking.

6. Reflex Massage Slippers

Reflex massage slippers are a great health-conscious gift. It improves blood circulation, relieves stress and fatigue in the legs, improves tone and much more. This is a home massager that can replace an acupuncture session.

7. Battery Case for a Phone

A battery case for a phone is an interesting present that not only protects the gadget from damage but also prolongs its operation. This type of case has a built-in battery that serves as an additional power source.

8. A Set of Car Care Products

The gift will allow you to keep the car clean and keep its original appearance as long as possible.

It can be either a ready-made set or a self-assembled one. You can buy a variety of sprays, emulsions, cleaning or polishing wipes, sponges, and more.

9. Skewers With Carved Wood Handles

Skewers with carved wood handles are present for those who love to spend their free time in nature. For a man, the process of cooking meat on fire is a whole magical ritual with its own “secrets”. One of them: the kebab should be cooked on the “right” skewers.

The Inexpensive Gift to the Former, as a sign of Attention

If you have a good relationship with your ex, then you should not forget about the man’s birthday. Of course, there is not always the opportunity and desire to spend a large amount on a gift, but you can always present an inexpensive thing. These gifts include:

1. Shoehorn With an Unusual Design

A shoehorn with an unusual design interior decor and a helpful gift. A stylish piece of metal with a touch of aristocracy, bronze in the Art Nouveau style or wooden with a handle in the form of an animal head – there are a lot of options. An accessory that, entering the house, will be appreciated by all guests.

2. Anti-slip Mobile Phone Mat

The multifunctional, magic rug can be easily attached to the car panel.

It is able to hold everything that a man constantly uses on the road – a mobile phone, a GPS device, keys, a pen, etc. Your present will become a convenient solution that will allow you to efficiently use the space in the salon.

3. Camouflage Bucket Hat With a Mosquito Net

A universal headdress that will be appreciated by a tourist, fisherman, hunter, mushroom picker. The hat will provide 100% protection from blood-sucking, annoying insects, which will make relaxation in the bosom of nature comfortable. This is the perfect present at an attractive price!

4. Inflatable Sofa – Lamzak

The cool novelty of the season at a low cost. It is helpful in the fresh air and on trips when staying on the beach, going out to barbecue and camping.

Main advantages: unique anatomical shape, inflates with several strokes through the air, without using a pump, and withstands a load of up to 300 kg! And when deflated, it easily fits into the small bag that comes with the kit.

Interesting Gifts to the Ex-husband

Your family broke up, but you remained kind, good friends, in this case, the ex-spouse can be presented with a thing that will demonstrate your warm attitude.

Remember what he lacks for a comfortable life? Or perhaps something for his hobby? If you have no ideas, use a selection of gifts for your ex-husband:

1. A Heat-resistant Barbecue Apron

it will become an indispensable assistant for your ex-husband. Moreover, it does not matter at all with what equipment it will be used – an outdoor grill, barbecue, an open fire or a home stove. An apron is irreplaceable in any case.

2. Home Mini-brewery

will be an excellent find for a lover of foam. The easy-to-use set will allow you to make cider, beer, wine or mead with your own hands and also earn a positive reputation in the eyes of friends and family.

3. Docking Station 3 in 1

An actual gift if the ex-spouse has several gadgets. It is a stylish and convenient docking station that allows you to charge three gadgets at once. This saves space and time, which is so lacking in our time.

4. Floor Bar-canister

It looks like an ordinary canister, but in reality, it is a convenient portable bar. Every man will like it: unusual, roomy. It will be perfect for picnic outings or social gatherings with friends. And the bar door is also lockable!

50 Ideas of Birthday Gift for Ex-Boyfriend or Husband

  • Light alarm clock.
  • Portable music speaker.
  • Tie pin or cufflinks.
  • Charcoal shower soap.
  • A set of “masculine” jams, for example, with rum.
  • Thermos.
  • Set of game meat delicacies.
  • Car perfume.
  • Thermal underwear.
  • External hard drive.
  • Cooling stones for drinks.
  • High-quality flashlight.
  • Training gloves.
  • Chameleon mug.
  • An original set of space food in tubes.
  • Night vision binoculars.
  • Stylish lighter.
  • Travel blanket-transformer.
  • Stacks of Himalayan salt.
  • A fitness tracker or pedometer.
  • Shaker.
  • Digital compass or pocket navigator.
  • Radio station.
  • Sports bottle.
  • Towel kilt. Suitable for both home and fitness/sauna.
  • Cool wading boots.
  • Comfortable sheepskin slippers.
  • Large bath towel or bathrobe.
  • Warm scarf, hat, gloves.
  • Karemat.
  • Vest. Summer or winter – tested by any weather.
  • Unusual teas with exotic aromas.
  • Toaster.
  • Huge liter mug.
  • Cushion with an interesting print.
  • Bottle opener bucket for cooling bottles.
  • A set of soaps with exclusive aromas.
  • Small desktop weather station.
  • Clay or copper turkey for coffee.
  • Survival kit.
  • Gift set of men’s handkerchiefs.
  • Guitar pick. A win-win for a musician.
  • Backlit keyboard.
  • Themed cupcakes.
  • Drawer – an organizer for tools, and tackle.
  • Form for ice stacks.
  • Scratch poster with 100 important things to do for a real man.
  • Gaming computer mouse.
  • Army dry ration.
  • Manual coffee grinder.
  • Mobile smokehouse with a recipe book.

Gift Ideas for a Former Man for His Hobby

Many men do not even suspect that there are many practical items that are useful in everyday life, on vacation and leisure, and have received one of them for a holiday, they will surely discover something new for themselves. The main thing is to take into account the age category and hobbies of the ex-man in the selection of acceptable gifts.

If your ex is into sports:

  • Isotonic is a sports drink that helps you train intensely. No energy loss. Contains beneficial vitamins, amino acids and other supplements.
  • Cooling workout towel – compact, comfortable. Provides hygiene and has a “cooling” effect.

The former is a  fisherman, hunter or tourist, which means that he often gets out into nature. Options that may be useful to him there:

  • The solar panel is 5 in 1. Combines a portable charger, flashlight, lamps and a powerful floodlight. Small dimensions will allow you to fix the accessory on clothes or a backpack, and charge a gadget, or a navigator during field trips.
  • The extreme phone case is the most reliable and useful accessory for the active man. It allows you to use the device in any extreme conditions without fear of damage.

For a gourmet man:

  • Spices that will add extraordinary taste and aroma to everyday dishes. The set will be a good gift for a man who loves meat dishes and other goodies.
  • Honey with gold. A royal gift! A large jar of fragrant honey with edible gold, in a beautiful package, will definitely pleasantly surprise your ex-spouse.

A man is a  book and movie lover, then the following ideas for him:

  • Thumb pillow for reading and contemplation. It is a comfortable small pillow designed for relaxation and comfortable placement and reading on a sofa, bed or armchair.
  • A smartphone projector is a small portable device that allows you to project images and videos onto any surface.

A geek  will always come in handy:

  • Vertical computer mouse. Due to its shape, the tension in the wrist is significantly reduced, and the hand gets less tired since there is no twisting of the muscles.
  • Mixer mug. A cool gift that a guy can use in the field, at work, at home and anywhere else if he wants to quickly make himself a drink.

Top gifts for a  hospitable man – the soul of the company:

  • A bamboo broom is an environmentally friendly massager that a man can use in a steam bath and sauna.
  • An electric BBQ grill is a great gift option for a former. The device will allow you to cook food indoors, all year round.

Gifts  for the motorist:

  • A portable infrared heater is a gift idea if a guy spends time in the garage a lot. Compact, safe, and capable of heating a room up to 25 sq.m.
  • A clock in a car is another option for a birthday present for an ex-husband. They will help you find out not only the time but also the voltage in the onboard network of the car, as well as the temperature.

 Something of this will always come in handy for a mental worker:

  • Cult Monopoly – Adult level. The name speaks for itself! It is a popular game that gained fame back in the 20th century.
  • Smart diary – designed for personal development. There is a lot of important stuff inside infographics on bestselling books, useful content, logic puzzles, web services for work and life, and much more.

Universal Ideas of What to Give to the Ex

Are you looking for something to surprise and please your ex-husband or boyfriend? Here’s an option for you: collect a collection of delicious food and tie everything with a satin ribbon. Edible birthday ideas for your ex:

1.  Cake

a versatile dessert as a gift for all time. You can order it, or you can bake it at home. It has long been believed that sweet surprises are the best gift for ladies.

However, representatives of the stronger sex are no less sweet tooth, preferring a variety of cupcakes, cakes, desserts and other confectionery products.

2. Edible Bouquet

it attracts with its originality and availability, it can be ordered or assembled with your own hands, taking into account the taste preferences of the birthday person. The only limit is your imagination and budget! Below are several options for edible bouquets for men:

  • “Meat”: all kinds of sausages, jerky or dried meat, and cheeses. Maybe supplemented with herbs, and vegetables.
  • “Fish and beer”: dried, dried, smoked fish, crayfish and other marine representatives.
  • Fruity: seasonal or exotic fruits.

3. Men’s Candy

Men’s candyis a ready-made inexpensive solution for a birthday present for an ex-man. They are small chocolate bottles filled with liquid fillings with alcoholic flavors (liqueur, rum, cognac, etc.). Such a gorgeous treat will be appropriate for any occasion.

4. Sports Nutrition

If a former man is actively involved in sports, then sports nutrition will always be an appropriate gift for himThe only problem is the variety. But, there is a way out, universal sports supplements: whey protein, amino acids, minerals and vitamins, creatine, protein bars and sweets.

A Couple More Interesting Thoughts on What to Give

Surprising a birthday boy with a birthday present is easy. For practical men, choose appropriate gifts. For example:

1. Eau de Toilette

Eau de toilette is the most typical, but at the same time, practical surprise for a man. Difficulties with the choice should not arise because who, if not you, knows the tastes of the former? However, if a man already has a new “passion”, it is worth excluding such a gift option in order to avoid quarrels.

2. Multi-functional Survival Pen Kit

Outwardly, it really looks like an ordinary pen, but inside the case, there are useful devices. This is a cullet, a knife, a saw, a compass and a compartment for matches, hooks, etc. Minimum space, maximum benefit!

3. Book-cache

A very original cache that imitates a real book, the existence of which no one will guess for sure. Made of metal, reliable and durable.

4. Collapsible Shockproof Sports Bottle

It saves space because it folds easily and takes up very little space. And thanks to the carabiner handle and non-slip surface, it is comfortable to use. This accessory will come in handy for a guy traveling, jogging or training.

5. Modular Model of Equipment

Regardless of age, any man at heart remains a little boy, so a modular model of equipment will always be appropriate.

Today, on store shelves, you can easily find various kits for assembly – here, you can find models of military and historical aircraft during the Second World War, racing cars, ships, etc. The assembled model will also perfectly decorate your home, office or study.

How to Understand What Is Better to Give

To choose a good present, you should read some useful recommendations.

First of all, the formula for the perfect gift can help you. Yes, there is one. So, a good present should:

  • carry practicality;
  • correlate with the inner world of the birthday person;
  • age-appropriate;
  • be with a WOW effect;
  • have value, carrying the memory of something, for example, children (be careful if there is a new woman).

Do not hit hard. You have a powerful weapon in your hands – you know all its weaknesses. But, using this and touching it after parting is not worth it – bad form. Leave grievances and reasons for the gap in the past, and be neutral.

Gift cost. In this matter, a golden mean is needed. A cheap thing will look ugly, and a very expensive one will demonstrate a kind of challenge: look, I can afford it! And in that, and in the other version, there is more subtext than idleness.

The new status of a former man. There is a new passion – excluding too intimate things or joint photos, they can cause an imbalance in their relationship. It is better to give preference to neutral things. The former has not yet found a couple, and he leads his own life. In this case, useful little things for comfort, inexpensive household appliances and other things that will brighten up a man’s lonely life will be a suitable gift.

The next thing worth paying attention to is the benefits of the gift. According to statistics, more than 90% of men prefer fashion and beauty, benefits in everyday life and life.

A gift to him, not to yourself. Forget about your tastes and preferences when making a gift for a man. Accordingly, you should give the ex what he wants and not what you yourself considered useful for him. You’re not in a relationship anymore.

The main thing, remember, good friendships are a sign of the prudence of both. People who part ways peacefully, in most cases, live amicably. Therefore, carefully choosing a present for an ex-man shows you in a favorable light. And, an extraordinary approach will give the ex-man a charge of positive emotions, memories and feelings of gratitude.

Examples of Unsuccessful Gifts That Are Best Not to Give

No matter how your relationship with your ex develops, it is definitely not worth provoking him into a quarrel or offending him with a gift. Therefore, when choosing gifts for an ex-man, refrain from the following things:

1. Money

In this case, it will look like a very ugly attempt to demonstrate their own superiority or the failure of the former.

2. DIY Gifts

Such hand-made is usually appreciated by women, while men are less sentimental. An exception if you are a narrow specialist, for example, a pastry chef.

3. Health Gifts

(massagers, irrigators, vitamins and dietary supplements). Any man, regardless of his age, will accept such gifts with resentment and the feeling that in your eyes, he is already an old wreck.

4. Shaving and Hygiene

Shaving and hygiene kits are the basis for many anecdotes. It is unlikely that you will be happy to receive a razor as a birthday present. Therefore, a man is unlikely to appreciate it.

5. Certificates for Various Training

they may be useful, but by making such a gift to an ex-man, you seem to be hinting at the reason why everything was not cloudless in your tandem. Such hints are unpleasant in themselves, but in the form of a gift, they are offensive.

6. Personal Items

(underwear, bedding, garments). Since your relationship is already over, these gifts will not be appropriate.

7. Gifts From an Intimate Store

are very rude and straightforward, such things clearly indicate your resentment.

8. For Comfort in the House

(vases, paintings, figurines and other interior items). Such things are interesting for the keepers of the hearth – women. For a man, it will be a dust collector.

Birthday Wishes for Ex Boyfriend or Husband

  • Happy Birthday! Anything can happen in life, both good and bad. Our parting is proof of this. I am sincerely glad that you and I remained good friends, so we are not sour! After all, we are all born to be happy, which means we will definitely be happy. I wish you to find your muse who will inspire you and make you happy!
  • Happy birthday to you! As you can see, I remember when you were born! I always remember you warmly with gratitude and a smile. I want to wish you true happiness in your male destiny. May everything excellent and good always is with you, and all changes are only for the better!
  • For me, you are a reflection of the best masculine qualities. I’m glad we knew each other. Whoever we are to each other now, I always draw inspiration and wisdom from you, and I strive to learn everything. Therefore, on your day, I wish that you would be surrounded by such people all your life, from whom you could learn more and constantly improve. Congratulations and a whole cheek.
  • The main thing that I want to wish you is to find a soul mate and find great happiness with her. Be kind, cheerful, honest, and sympathetic, however, as always. Let fortune, happiness and joy follow you on your heels, you deserve it!
  • My ex-half, accept my birthday wishes! Now it is simple and routine for me to write these words, and what a flurry of emotions you and I have experienced! But it’s great that we were able to remain friends. I wish you in any situation, always remain a man with a capital letter, and if something happens, I will always help!
  • Happy birthday! Our happiness is in the past, probably for the best. But, I still wish you to find your way, set priorities and confidently achieve your goals. You can do it, I know. I wish you to be someone’s beloved man and the dearest person, and for the rest – a decent and interesting person.
  • “Name”, Happy Holidays! I want to wish your life to boil like a storm in the sea, but I’m sure you will have the strength to hold the steering wheel of the life ship and sail in the right direction. Yes, the sea is full of temptations and troubles, but all this is empty. The main thing is that there are love and human relationships in your life!
  • I congratulate you on your name day! Our relationship is over, but you, as before, are the main hope, support and caring folder for our child. Hou wishes you luck in all your life endeavors, material stability and great love.
  • You left a mark on my soul and heart. Let now, we are not in a relationship, but I will always remember them with warmth and rejoice in all the moments we lived through. I wish you one thing, may there be only those people in your life that you will remember with warmth and a smile. Happy Birthday!
  • I remember many beautiful memories of the days when we were together. Thank you for being in my life. On your day, I wish you great and mutual love and happiness. Luck and cheerfulness. And also, wives are good housewives, and there are more children. Happy Birthday, Ex-Boyfriend!
  • I wish you to find your love as soon as possible and become not a “former”, but a “real” one. More perspectives, realized goals, unquenchable strength and assertiveness, new horizons and a bright mind. Happy Birthday!

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