Best Christmas Gifts Ideas of 2023

Best Christmas Gifts: Christmas has finally arrived! One of our favorite times of the year, when we share our love with our dearest friends and family. This year, more than ever is a time to appreciate the people in our lives and to show how much we love them. In this time of giving and receiving, gifts are a very good way to express our love to those important people in our lives by giving them what they have always wanted.

Best Christmas Gifts

However, sometimes choosing the perfect gift can be a bit complicated, not to mention stressful and tedious. To help you, here we bring you a list of Christmas gifts, with the best Christmas gift ideas for Him or Her, to inspire you and find the perfect gift for those special people in your life.

Christmas Gifts for Women

If you don’t know what to give your girlfriend, your friends, your granny or some other special woman in your life, don’t panic! If you are looking for what to give a woman, first of all, remember that not all women are the same. To get her the perfect Christmas gift, really think about what she would like to get, what goes with her personality and her style.

Christmas Gifts for Women

Remember that women can like everything, from a good book to good running shoes. So as a suggestion, listen carefully when you talk to that person and take note of their hobbies and the things that make them happy. But, in case you lack inspiration, here are some recommendations for the most common gifts for women this December season.

Christmas Gift Cosmetics

If the woman you are going to give her loves the world of makeup and dreams of one day being a make-up artist, a great idea for a Christmas gift is to give her new brushes or makeup.

Christmas Gift Cosmetics

  • For Morphe color palettes are a great option for those women who love to put a lot of color in their eyes, depending on the style you use, you can buy the 35XO Natural Flirt for more brown and everyday shades, or something like the Jaclyn Hill palette for something that stands out more.
  • For imaginative colored eyeliners, there is nothing better than the Bissú Loteria Liner Kit.
  • A very good gift idea is the Fenty Glow Trio Face Lip & Body Set package from the line created by Rhianna, which you can buy at any Sephora.

Clothes and Shoes as a Christmas Gift

Clothes and shoes are very good Christmas gift ideas, as long as you know the size of the person to whom you are going to give them or that returns are accepted. Always remember that the most important thing to giving clothes is to know that it fits the person well and that it goes with their style, take a good look at what the person wears and give them something that they will love to wear.

  • Taking advantage of the cold season, you could give her an oversized coat, like the ones sold at Zara, so that she is not only fashionable but also feels comfortable in winter.
  • A good idea is also to give her an evening dress for when she goes out to a party, like the Pink sequin mini dress from Pulls&Bear. Always remember that it is the person’s style and size, ask your friends and family if they will like the gift you are going to give them.
  • Another good idea is to give her a comfortable and sustainable Outfit like the ones sold at H&M, which not only serves to be productive in the home office but also makes you look good while you feel comfortable.
  • If you are going to give away shoes, we recommend that you pay close attention to the style and size you wear. We recommend the beautiful Darline heels that you can find at Loly in the Sky.
  • A very good and warm gift can be giving him Christmas adult pajamas, such as the Just Love – Adult Pajamas that you can find on Amazon. With this, you will not only sleep warm but also have sweet Christmas dreams.

What to Give for Christmas

1. Drovnitsa

A great gift for anyone who enjoys the fireplace. With the help of a firewood rack, you can organize a convenient place for storing and drying logs.

Roomy models most often have parameters of 1.8 x 3.7 m or 2 x 4 m. Structures with such a floor area will hold 6–10 cubic meters of firewood. For summer cottages, if no one lives there all year round and does not use the fireplace all the time, smaller firewood sheds are suitable, literally 10 logs.

2. Fire Bowl

Another summer accessory is a fire bowl. It is installed anywhere on the street and allows you to make a fire at any time of the year.

Choose models with a thick bottom (from 4 mm) – then the bowl will last a long time. However, if the recipient of such a gift does not plan to use the bowl regularly, you can also look at models that are more budgetary and simpler in design.

3. Nativity Scene

A nativity scene is perhaps the best gift for Christmas. It is difficult to come up with something more thematically suitable.

You can choose a nativity scene in the form of wooden figures or a hanging picture with a garland. Another option is to create a nativity scene yourself from improvised means. But it takes time and good artistic taste.

4. Tablecloth

Universal Christmas present. Even if the recipient has a dozen similar things, one more never hurts.

In order not to miscalculate, choose tablecloths made from natural materials, plain, preferably natural shades. The recipient will be able to complement the textiles with bright runners and napkins to create a unique design.

5. Board Games

One of the best Christmas gift options is board games. They can unite the whole family, a company of unfamiliar people, colleagues and neighbors.

Choose desktops depending on the age and hobbies of the recipient. Detective stories are suitable for someone, strategies for someone, games for dexterity and speed of decision-making for others. And, of course, there is an option that will suit everyone – everyone’s favorite game “Mafia” and its analogues.

6. Vinyl Player

A nice Christmas gift that will create a retro atmosphere in the house. Prices for models with a high-quality sound start at 100,000 rubles. But even budget options have their advantages. Firstly, if a person does not have perfect hearing, then he may not notice the difference between the sound from an expensive speaker and a regular one. Secondly, inexpensive vinyl players are compact, you can take them with you on a trip.

7. Sommelier Set

The sommelier set is a Christmas gift for wine connoisseurs. It, as a rule, includes a corkscrew (manual or electric), a watering can aerator with a stopper, a stopper, and a drop catcher ring. Ingredients vary by price.

If the budget is small, then it is better to choose options from two or three items, but made from quality materials.

8. Service

The service for many of us is associated with a set of dishes in a flower, which stands in the far corner of the drawer and collects dust. This is exactly the kind of service you don’t need to give.

Now there are a lot of beautiful dishes in the same style made of bone china, ceramics, and glass. It is not at all necessary that plates and mugs should be in the same color scheme. There are options when one pattern is applied in different shades on bowls, cups, and plates – and it looks spectacular.

We have prepared an overview of the best cookware brands that can be found on Ozon.

9. Slippers

Slippers are considered the best housewarming gift, but they are also perfect as a Christmas present for the closest people.

Choose neutral models – the simpler the better. The main thing is that they are made of natural materials – felt, linen, and wool.

For a large family, choose models in the same style.

10. Paint by Numbers

Painting by numbers is a great gift for creative people. It can be created both by one person and by a large family.

Now there is a wide variety of such paintings. We recommend donating canvases based on paintings by famous artists. Of course, everyone likes such options.

11. Diamond Mosaic

Diamond mosaic (diamond embroidery, diamond appliqué) is a fascinating art that allows you to bring the whole family together to create a unique work of art. Unlike ordinary paintings, this one can be created together. The drawing is embossed. And instead of paints and brushes, rhinestones and artificial, less often natural stones, as well as glue are used.

As a gift for Christmas, you can pick up mosaics with drawings based on biblical stories.

We collected beautiful paintings that you can lay out with rhinestones and stones, spend time creatively and become the author of your work of art.

12. Big Constructor

A great Christmas gift that will bring the whole family together is a big designer. It can be Lego or its analogues – now there is a wide variety of high-quality models from budget manufacturers.

With a gift, you can emphasize the recipient’s hobbies. For example, a designer in the form of a typewriter is suitable for an editor, for an architect – a set of “St. Basil’s Cathedral”, etc.

13. Chair-pouffe

A gift that family members will fight for. It will fit into the country and home interiors.

When choosing, pay attention to the content. Small balls, as a rule, quickly turn into crumbs and “sink” the pouf. The size of the fillers should be 5–20 mm in diameter.

14. Christmas Star

A Christmas star, like in IKEA, is a gift that instantly creates a festive mood in the house. You can buy a set of several – and hang them around the house or all together on the window.

15. Glasses

You can donate glasses every year. As a rule, they have a short lifespan, especially in homes where they like to drink drinks from beautiful dishes.

If you want an original present, choose models of an unusual shape – as a rule, cocktails are poured into them. So along with the dishes, you can also present drinks for which it is intended.

We have prepared a selection of glasses that will decorate any table.

16. Glass Markers

Surely at the big table, you have heard more than once: “Is this your glass?” And no one can answer for sure. This is where glass markers come in handy. At the beginning of the evening, everyone chooses their own “hero” or the inscription on the “keychain” – and it is not difficult to determine your glass further.

Another plus of such a gift for Christmas is the cost.

17. Smart Speaker

A smart speaker is another great Christmas present. A multifunctional gadget that can turn on music, search for information on the Internet and control other elements of a smart home.

18. Wooden Plank

A great gift for Christmas, which will help to cope with the table set for one or two. It is enough to lay a tablecloth, put a board with snacks on the table and light candles. However, there is one drawback: beautiful serving boards are expensive.

19. Manazhnitsa

A classy toy box is a worthy gift for Christmas. Can be used for snacks, nuts, jams and more.

Choose ceramic cup holders – they look beautiful on the table, are easy to clean and go with everything.

Christmas Gifts for Personal Care

Another very good gift idea is gifts for personal care, from masks to creams or a spa certificate. It is always a good idea to give relaxation at Christmas!

  • Eye patches are a great gift, they not only relieve pain and swelling that sleeplessness can cause us, but they can also remove dark circles and wrinkles, we recommend the Marine Energy Eye Mask With 60 Pz Bty-k from Shanghai.
  • Another good idea is to give them a collection of Sephora masks so that the person can try them all, find their favorite and relax for a while.
  • Another good option is to give them a Momiji Beauty Life kit that contains an eye serum, a serum against blemishes and a moisturizing toner so that the person can start to do their skincare routine correctly and in no time get perfect skin.
  • A humidifier like those sold by VicTsing is a very good gift for those people who need to relax with good aromatherapy, not only will their rooms smell good, but it will also bring relaxation.

Technological Christmas Gifts

Tech gifts will always be a good idea because they are practical and will probably be very useful to the person you are giving them. Find one that is really useful for that person and give him the best Christmas present.

Technological Christmas Gifts

  • One of the most useful technological gifts you can give is an Amazon Echo Dot because, with Alexa as your personal assistant, alarm clock and speaker, your life becomes so much easier.
  • Another very good gift is a smartwatch like the Apple Watch, with which the person will not only be able to see the time but can also do everything they do from their phone from the comfort of their wrist.
  • Another gift can be a Roomba, which is a robot vacuum cleaner that helps you keep your house clean and free of dust.

Christmas Gifts for Men

If this Christmas you don’t know what to give your boyfriend,  your dad or a friend, don’t worry! There are many gifts that surely they will like. Remember that not all men are the same, so think about his tastes and hobbies, and give him something that makes him happy and goes with his style.

Christmas Gifts for Men

  • If the person to whom this gift is going has a beard or mustache, you can give him a Barber Kit like the ones Rapid Beard sells so that he can take care of his beard with its different brushes, oils and waxes.
  • If he’s a fan of any sport, you can buy him his favorite team’s jersey at some sports store or somewhere online like Amazon.
  • A gift that does not fail for any man is to give him a wallet, you can find these from brands such as Perry Ellis and Dockers, even made with the best quality by artisans who are dedicated to leather or imitation.

Prank Gifts for Christmas

Well-done pranks always lighten the mood by creating laughs and making hilariously unforgettable memories. If you trust the person to whom you are going to give the gift, and you know that they have a good sense of humor, a joke gift for Christmas can be the perfect gift. If you have a very good relationship with the person, you can use your creativity to come up with a perfect gift that incorporates an inside joke you have with each other. If nothing comes to mind, take note of the following:

  • The most classic Christmas gift is to give a whole bag of coal, it is a joke with the classic assumption that Santa Claus does not bring gifts to those who misbehave, but rather coal. In the end, you can tell the person that his gift is to use charcoal to make roast meat. You will surely have a lot of fun!
  • Another prank you can do with gifts is to buy the person a gift card, wrap it in lots of tapes and put it in lots of different-sized boxes. The joke is that the person will take a long time to open each of the boxes, and what at first seemed like a huge gift, in the end, turns out to be just a gift card.
  • A very simple Christmas joke gift can be buying a very beautiful glass container, filling it with water and putting buttons and a carrot inside. The joke is that when you give it to the person you say “I made you a snowman, but on the way here it melted.” It is a very nice and simple joke that can make anyone smile.

Christmas Gifts to Exchange

Gift exchanges are a very nice way to celebrate Christmas. If you are very lucky, you can get someone with whom you get along very well and you know their tastes perfectly. However, if you get someone you don’t know as well or like as well, it can be a little more difficult.

For this, we recommend that you investigate with their friends or on social networks, what that person likes and what could be a good gift to give them. If not, any of the following options are good to give to anyone in a gift exchange:

Christmas Gifts to Exchange

  • A Gift Set of Christmas- themed soaps and perfumes such as the Winter Candy Apple from Bath and Body Works.
  • A Christmas kit like the so-called Azap Flores Christmas Corporate Gift, which contains chocolates and nuts with a very Christmas decoration.
  • A package of Christmas cookies, either baked by you or the typical butter cookies with Christmas decorations, such as Jacobsens, which you can find in any supermarket.

Original Christmas Gifts

For us, the most original Christmas gifts that exist are those that are made from the heart. That is why, whether you make the gifts yourself or buy them from an artist or artisan, or a brand that collaborates locally, they will always be unforgettable.

  • A unique item that really stands out from the rest is the brush sinks which are designed to wash both makeup brushes and paint brushes. These sinks are a very tender detail, you can find them made by artisans on Instagram or on pages like Etsy.
  • Another very original gift is a stellar map that shows how the stars were positioned on an important date in the person’s life, such as their birthday. This type of gift can be found both in stores on Instagram and on pages like Etsy.
  • A very nice gift is to give a person a little plant to take care of, whether it is a succulent or a small cactus, the person can give the plant a name and take care of it so that it grows big and beautiful. A very nice way to personalize these gifts is with pots as original as Headplanter’s.

These have been all our tips regarding the products that you can get to give away this Christmas. Use your creativity and show how much you love those close to you! Remember that the best gift is one that shows all the love you have for that special person.

Frequently Asked Questions About Christmas Gifts (FAQ’s):

What is Christmas?

Christmas is the most important religious celebration that takes place for the birth of Jesus on December 25. On the other hand, it is a date when everyone takes the opportunity to meet with friends and family prior to the end-of-the-year celebration. In all places, it is customary to make gifts for the people with whom they will share this special date.

What is the Best Christmas Gift for a Woman?

The best Christmas gifts for women, beyond material items, there is talk of a detail that is personalized with a special touch by the person making the gift. From an album with photographs and special messages to a whole box with details that help them remember why the woman to whom they will give something is special. Ideas in summary you have:

  • watch or jewelry
  • perfumes
  • Manicure and pedicure kit
  • A trip to a magical town.

What to Give Men for Christmas?

  • Clock
  • Tennis
  • Dress Shoes
  • tie and cufflinks
  • Beard grooming kit

What to Give a Friend for Christmas?

We are sure that you know the personality and style of your friend, this will help you define what is the best gift to give her at Christmas, for example:

  • If you like to do sports or yoga: You can give a complete kit so that you can take advantage of your moments at home as a matching sports look or a weight kit that you will surely be able to use in your routines.
  • If you like fashion: A bag with a matching scarf may be the perfect detail.
  • If you are a lover of having everything organized: The complete agenda for this 2022 can be the ideal gift so that you have everything under control this coming year.
  • Surprises at home: Surprise her with a box of Happiness at Home from Alegrarte! Contains the essentials to enjoy an afternoon of self-love: a notebook to write and draw; a coffee cup, stickers, skin masks and other surprises that you will love. Each box is personalized to your liking, is handmade with love and is shipped with attention to detail. You choose the model, the shipping date and the name as well as the phrases to make the ideal box.

What to Give a Friend for Christmas

Make your Christmas Card with These Gifts

You can make your letter with the things you want or that will be one hundred percent useful for when you are already happily married.

There is no doubt, at least not for those of us who work at Zankyou, that Christmas is one of the most special times of the year, which we look forward to as they are those days in which we can share with our loved ones.

But we also believe that if you get married in a few months, you should make the most of this Christmas season, where gifts become an essential part of those dates. You can make your letter with the things you want or that will be one hundred percent useful for when you are already happily married, so take advantage and take note of our selection of the 12 top gifts that any bride should ask for this Christmas…

1. Yves Saint Laurent Tribute. The perfect shoes for every bride; you will use them on your wedding day, but surely also for many other events afterward. And if they are in this tone, much better, because you can give a touch of color to your bridal look.

2. Dior Prestige La Cure de DIOR. If you want to arrive with perfect, radiant and luminous skin for your wedding day, then you must ask for this intensive treatment, in charge of repairing the largest organ in our body; If it appears under your tree,  don’t forget to start applying it 1 month before the big day.

3.   Earrings from the Cobblestones collection with 2 rose quartz from  H.Stern. This pair of earrings is one of the best gifts someone could give you, and best of all, they will make you look spectacular on your wedding day.

4.  Percale Duvet Cover with Edge Detail from Zara Home.  The best way to decorate your new home is by asking the people closest to you to collaborate with it, so you can put more things on your gift table.

5.  Canon EOS REBEL  T6. The honeymoon is closer, and believe us, you will surely want to carry a tool that will help you capture all the moments of your first trip as a spouse.

6. A painting by Leticia Tarragó . A key element for the decoration of any house is a painting, so we recommend that this Christmas you ask for a work or lithograph by the Mexican painter Leticia Tarragó; there is no doubt that this ornament will accompany them for the rest of their days.

7. The Heritage Trech Coat by Burberry.  This a garment worth investing in, as it will surely be in your closet for many years; so if no one else wants to give it to you, then make it a gift to yourself.

8. Samsonite suitcase. A set of suitcases will be basic for this new stage of your life. So even if you can’t wait to order them this Christmas. Believe us, it is better that you do it because that way it will not be something in which you will invest directly.

9. Miu Miu acetate sunglasses.  And for when the days of the honeymoon arrive, what better than to avoid direct sunlight with these magnificent lenses? Their designs are incredible, and best of all, they will make you look very chic. Do you dare?

10. Hourglass blush and highlight palette.  We all need good help to give color to our face and illuminate it, so this product will be your best ally to take it everywhere! The mosaic effect design adds an incredible touch.

11. Earrings by Daniela Villegas.  To add a touch of color and precious stones to your bridal (or every day) look, this pair is ideal. Please don’t forget to put it in your letter to Santa. You won’t want to take them off!

12. Larsson & Jennigs watch.  So that you don’t get late and arrive on time for all your meetings or appointments with your boy, this watch is perfect. Its size and the gold effect make it a must!

Clever! Now you just need to get out a pen and paper and start writing as soon as possible,  so that you can put the letter on your Christmas tree (or give it directly to that person who usually pampers you at this time of year), and you can have one of these incredible gifts on December 24 or 25.