Creative 70th Birthday Gift Ideas for Mom

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The question of Creative 70th Birthday Gift Ideas for Mom is a challenge to everyone who wants to surprise and please a loved one and give her the most sincere gift. Such a birthday is an honorable and memorable date for any woman and her family.

70th Birthday Gift Ideas for Mom

This is the date when the next line is drawn and the result of the years lived, and it is also one of the reasons and the opportunity to get together with the whole family.

Finding a good 70th birthday gift isn’t easy. But it is even harder to choose an original gift for your beloved mom. After all, I want to show her my love, and respect, and at the same time, take care of her well-being and beauty.

Be sure to start preparing for your birthday in advance in order to surround the birthday girl with care, attention and give her a good mood for the whole year.

A birthday present for mom should symbolize the family’s hearth and comfort, express love, delight and certainly surprise. Below we have collected many options for how to surprise a mother for 70 years, among which there is definitely an option for every taste and wallet. And a list of what gift you can give your mother for her 70th birthday so that it will surely please the birthday girl.

Now that we have established how to select the correct gift for her, let’s have a look at some of the best creative 70th birthday gift ideas for mom;

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Top 20 Best Gifts for Moms for 70 Years

It is better to choose a gift for a mom of 70 years that is practical so that it can be used constantly.

1. Juicer

JuicerEssential for any housewife who is fond of preparing food for the winter. It is also indispensable in the summer for making fresh juices, for personal consumption or to treat grandchildren.

2. Perfume

PerfumeA woman at any age wants to smell good. Your favorite scent will create a good mood.

3. Glasses Case

Glasses CaseAs people get older, most people have vision problems. The original and practical case will help you always carry your glasses with you.

4. Rocking Chair

Rocking ChairMade of natural materials, it follows the anatomical curve of the body. It is comfortable to spend evenings in it reading, handicrafts or watching your favorite program.

5. Wall Clock

Wall ClockIt will look beautiful in any room or kitchen, depending on the design of the product.

6. Garden Tools

Garden ToolsSuitable for those who have a summer cottage or their own personal plot.

7. Convertible Bag

Convertible BagDesigned for high-volume purchases. It can be worn daily as a small accessory and, if necessary, can be quickly transformed into a large volume.

8. Electric Samovar

Electric SamovarThe gift item can be made semi-antique. It will quickly boil water, and maintain the desired temperature for a long time. Suitable for receiving guests and relatives.

9. Kerchief

KerchiefNatural fibers are pleasant to the touch and do not cause irritation or allergies. The product warms up well and looks aesthetically pleasing.

10. Home Massager

Home MassagerThis can be a mattress, rug, pillow or chair. The variety of models allows you to choose the right product for the specific needs of the mother.

11. Thermos

ThermosOlder people often brew teas and infusions. The drink will always be warm during the day, and the elderly person will not need to spend time warming it up.


PHOTO SESSIONThe beautiful setting of the photo studio and the opportunity to try on a historical image will help to give a good mood and capture the moment.

13. Fireplace

FireplaceIt is easy to connect to the network and does not consume a lot of energy. Flames will help create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

14. Humidifier


Indispensable for maintaining health. Some models have additional functions: ionization and the ability to add essential oils.

15. Indoor Flower

Indoor FlowerA house plant with a beautiful flower will delight you with beauty and help create a pleasant home atmosphere.

16. Natural Stone Jewelry

Natural Stone JewelryA necklace, bracelet, brooch, earrings or ring will look very beautiful as an addition to any outfit.

17. Indoor Fountain

Indoor FountainCreates a pleasant and relaxing water sound. It will also humidify the indoor air.

18. Family Photobook

Family PhotobookIt can be ordered from the printing house, filled with photographs of all family members.

19. Digital Photo Frame

Digital Photo FrameIt can be placed in a conspicuous place. It alternates with a given frequency a large number of photographs.

Important! The gift is selected based on the personal taste and preferences of the mother.

What to Give a 70-year-old Mom From a Daughter

70th Birthday Gift Ideas for Mom

Mom and daughter have a close relationship, so gifts can be personal.

The most acceptable presents will be:

  • Handmade soap set.
  • Warm blanket.
  • Bedding set.
  • Clothes: lightweight, knitted or for walking.
  • Makeup kit.
  • Skincare products.
  • Soap accessories.
  • Towel.
  • Certificate: for a visit to a beauty salon or spa center.
  • Soft room slippers.
  • Orthopedic mattress.
  • A serving table on wheels.
  • A trip to a sanatorium resort with treatment.
  • Wrist Watch.
  • Purse.
  • Small handbag.
  • Glasses.
  • Gloves: leather or lightweight material.
  • Spices set.
  • Personal pillow.
  • Curtains, drapes or tulle.
  • Certificate for the purchase of lingerie.
  • Jewelry is made of precious metals.
  • Handicraft workshop.
  • Folding umbrella with an automatic mechanism.

What to Give Mom on Her 70th Birthday From Her Son

The son can give Mom the following gifts:

  • Iron.
  • Fan.
  • Dryer for products.
  • A small freezer.
  • Germicidal lamp.
  • Microwave.
  • Bread maker.
  • Multicooker.
  • Electric heater.
  • Fire alarm.
  • Video intercom.
  • Telephone.
  • Washer.
  • A vacuum cleaner.
  • Ceramic knives.
  • Garden furniture.
  • Gazebo.
  • Hammock.
  • Garden swing.
  • Inventory for the care of the garden and flowers.
  • Garden lamps.
  • Figurines for the personal plot.
  • Heating pad for feet.
  • Certificate for a tableware store.
  • Finnish walking simulator.

What Is a Pleasure to Give Mom for 70 Years?

70th Birthday Gift for Mom

Sometimes it is not easy to decide what pleasant gift to give your mother for 70 years, because by this date you could have already presented everything possible! This category of gifts includes things saturated with family history, past, memories and important events. For example, you can give your mom some nice accessories for her 70th birthday:

  • Family photo album. Memories are the most valuable thing a person has. It is difficult to fit them into words, but the visual reflection of bright moments will always warm the soul. Collect pictures of all close and distant relatives, put them into a beautiful album and present them in honor of the holiday.
  • Pedigree book. Created to write the history of your own family in it. Previously, such books were led by noble dynasties. Present a similar gift for your 70th birthday to your mother, and she will feel like a lady from a noble past!
  • Gzhel service. A nice present for a birthday girl who likes unique things. After all, the masters engaged in such paintings never repeat themselves. The patterns on Gzhel porcelain reveal the most incredible feelings of artists.
  • A set of natural cosmetics. It is important to choose products that meet the skin needs of a woman of this age.
  • Photo collage. It is not difficult to make such a gift for 70 years for mom with your own hands. You need to stock up on a large sheet of paper, print out memorable pictures, purchase stickers. If nature has endowed you with drawing abilities, use them! The result will be a large collection of funny, touching and hilarious stories in photographs.
  • Festive basket. You can put in it everything that your imagination tells you: handmade sweets, cookies with mastic, exotic fruits, an elite grade of coffee or tea.
  • A set of beautiful potholders or kitchen towels. At this age, a woman will certainly remain a caring hostess, so such gifts are very appropriate.
  • Beautiful pendant. It can be a decoration with a name or a zodiac sign. A 70-year-old mother can be presented with a pendant with her favorite stone.
  • Gift edition of books. These can be encyclopedias, historical literature, or collections of your favorite writer. In any case, they will become a decoration of the home library.
  • Nominal cup. An inexpensive, pleasant gift for a mother of 70 years. For completeness, you can complement such a thing with an engraved spoon or a volumetric postcard.
  • Music box. A pleasant surprise for a woman who loves music and unusual things.

Mom will be pleased to receive an antique stylized portrait or a basket with delicacies (wine, jam, honey, smoked meats or different types of cheese) as a birthday present. Discs or records with your favorite music will be a good surprise.

What Original Gift to Give Mom for 70 Years?

Every son or daughter, wishing to make an unforgettable impression, thinks: what can be original to give a mother for 70 years? Although it seems that by this age, the woman managed to experience everything interesting and see everything incredible, do not give up. Original gifts for Mom for her 70th birthday are the things and experiences that she least expects to receive.

  • A voucher to a sanatorium. Spending a few days by the sea or in the forest is a welcome change of scenery. It is also an opportunity to make new acquaintances, to be closer to nature, and to escape from the monotony.
  • A ticket to the theater, opera or cinema. Watching TV is one thing, but being in a temple of art is another. The majestic atmosphere, and the emotions of the people sitting next to you will help Mom to experience new impressions. Especially if she hasn’t been to such places for too long.
  • Video congratulations. You can order it on the appropriate channel or make it yourself. You can edit the video using the available programs and applications and then send it to your mom on your phone or via Skype.
  • Visit the spa. For a woman, there are no boundaries when she must stop listening to her desires. On her 70th birthday, Mom can be presented with a certificate for attending a massage or chocolate wrap.
  • Mini garden. So that mom does not get bored on winter evenings during the summer season, give her boxes for planting crops with lighting and a drainage system. Such a garden is placed on the windowsill and pleases the hostess with the process of growing various plants.
  • Subscribe to your favorite newspaper or magazine. Although the Internet has certainly won the hearts of many older people, a woman who is prone to the old way of life will be delighted with such a gift.
  • Indoor mini-fireplace. It will create coziness, and give warmth without an unpleasant smell! With such a device, any rainy evening will acquire a romantic touch.
  • Nordic walking sticks. These accessories will help a woman stay toned. They can be presented to the birthday girl if she has back problems. Such walking brings all muscles into activity, therefore it serves as a good prevention of pain.

A mother for 70 years can be presented with a showcase table. This idea is suitable if a woman is fond of collecting some items or jewelry. For a practical lady, you can choose a metal watering can for watering indoor plants. An experienced housewife and gardener should present an outdoor rack with a cover that can easily turn into a greenhouse for growing crops.

Birthday Gift Ideas for 70th Mom

What Is a Useful, Practical Gift to Give a Mother for 70 Years?

When choosing what is useful, and practical to give a mother for 70 years, take into account the needs of her health, hobbies and lifestyle. Active women will like modern accessories, admirers of the past – items imbued with the spirit of the past decades. The main thing is that the presented things find application in everyday life.

  • A set of solar-powered garden lamps. Such devices are suitable as a 70th birthday gift for a mother who appreciates beauty not only inside the house but also outside.
  • Beautiful floor lamp. It will come in handy for a woman who reads a lot or knits in the evenings.
  • Bathrobe. It is convenient to wrap up in it after bath procedures.
  • Plaid with sleeves. Companion of autumn and winter evenings. Will never lie idle in the closet.
  • Tonometer bracelet. It can be presented on the birthday of 70 years to a mother who needs special care for her health.
  • A book for writing memoirs. It will come in handy for a creative person who is in no hurry to put the pen aside. In such a book, a woman will be able to describe the best years of her life, feeling like a writer.
  • Wicker basket for mushroom picking. Here’s a gift you can give a mother for her 70th birthday, who hurries to the forest with the arrival of autumn.
  • Pedometer. A find for an active lady, for whom her age is not an obstacle to walking.
  • Sheep wool belt. It will become a manifestation of care – it will warm you and protect you from drafts.
  • Rattan armchair. Suitable for a summer resident who willingly gets out of town with the arrival of spring. Such furniture will decorate the summer cottage and give minutes of pleasant relaxation.
  • Multicooker. It simplifies cooking, which is important when your favorite TV show is about to start or guests unexpectedly show up.
  • Warm scarf and mittens. Another present that expresses care for a person.
  • Beautiful chandelier. If mom has always been a romantic by nature, and every time you come to visit, she has candles lit, give her this thing.
  • Set of dishes. It will be useful in everyday life for a hostess who shows talent in the kitchen.
  • Toaster. It will help mom to cook her favorite croutons without excess fat.
  • Hammock for legs. It will allow you to throw your legs higher after a working day. It can be used right at the table.
  • Folding table. Suitable for a laptop or tablet when mom wants to watch movies.
  • Convertible bag. It is convenient to go shopping or for a walk with her.
  • Radio player. It can be presented on the 70th birthday of a mother who loves to cook with music.
  • Thermos. Suitable for brewing medicinal plants. It is also convenient to take tea brewed in a thermos with you to your friends.
  • Garden awning. Suitable as a gift for a romantic nature.
  • Digital photo frame. You can upload photos of grandchildren, great-grandchildren, pictures from the past.

What Is an Inexpensive Gift to Give a Mother for 70 Years?

There is nothing wrong with wanting to buy an inexpensive mother’s gift for her 70th birthday. For example, this is the only way out if you have been deprived of your bonus. In these cases, it is better to buy a budget present than to go completely empty-handed. Here’s what inexpensive you can give your mom for 70 years:

  • comfortable pillow under the neck;
  • a device for measuring pressure;
  • beautiful scarf or shawl;
  • wallet or women’s purse;
  • sheep wool socks;
  • electric kettle with a heating pad;
  • bamboo napkins;
  • aroma lamp;
  • stand for glasses;
  • chameleon cup;
  • desktop organizer;
  • a saucepan;
  • non-stick frying pan;
  • electric BBQ grill;
  • waffle iron.

When choosing a gift, it is important to take into account the general atmosphere of the holiday. If a mother decides to celebrate a birthday in the family circle, the son or daughter can limit herself to a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates.

If the birthday girl has ordered a table in the restaurant, and has invited all the relatives, then this date has a special meaning for her. In this case, it is better to give up budget gifts and give something solid – a family tree, a living flower in a pot, a beautiful chandelier, or a bedspread.

Gifts for an Advanced Mom for 70 Years

Gifts for an Advanced Mom for 70 Years

Not all ladies in their 70s are closed from the outside world and progress. There are women who enthusiastically comprehend gadgets, learn to navigate the Internet, and watch videos on YouTube. If you are dealing with such a birthday girl, a list of gifts for an advanced mother of 70 years will come in handy:

  • Tablet or smartphone. With such a device, it will be easier for mom to communicate with relatives living far away or once again exchange photos with grandchildren. Also, such gadgets are a good bridge for communicating with children if they do not have the opportunity to visit.
  • Skype headset. Let’s say mom has a laptop and now she wants to hear the voices of loved ones clearly and with high quality. Give her such a present, and her communication with the family will become more convenient.
  • Universal remote control. With its help, you can control almost any equipment in the house.
  • Radio search engine. It can be presented to a mother for 70 years so that in case of loss of a thing, she can quickly find it.
  • Smartphone projector. Provide more convenience for watching videos and movies.
  • Timer socket. It’s no secret that older people are often forgetful. What is there? Sometimes even young people wonder if they turned off the iron. The timer socket protects against the risk of fire and other unpleasant situations. The person himself can choose the time after which the outlet will turn off the device.
  • Electronic book. Here’s what you can buy for a 70-year-old mother who loves to read, but due to her health and old age, she rarely goes shopping in bookstores. It is easy to set the appropriate font size in an e-book to read without glasses. You can upload not one but several exciting stories into it.

Expensive and Very Necessary Gifts – 15 Ideas

If the budget allows, then you can present a gift for a significant amount. The donor does not have to be alone. An expensive birthday present from the whole family or close friends.

Expensive gifts can be:

  • Exercise bike.
  • Massive massage chair with multiple modes.
  • Home theater.
  • Wall-mounted projector for showing films.
  • Fluffy Persian carpet.
  • A set of foam pillows.
  • Automatic bed with head lift.
  • A fur coat made of natural fur.
  • Luxurious curtains for the bedroom.
  • Satellite TV set.
  • Sensor hood for the kitchen.
  • Chandelier with automatic dimming on the control panel.
  • Modern electric stove.
  • Wardrobe in the hallway.

Top 20 Gifts for Maintaining and Strengthening Health

The health of an elderly person must be maintained at all times. Gifts that are suitable for this:

  • Meteorological station.
  • Hydraulic foot bath.
  • Heater.
  • Massage chair.
  • Heated bed linen.
  • Orthopedic mattress.
  • Massage pillow.
  • Inhaler.
  • Digital thermometer.
  • Blood sugar meter.
  • Oil burner.
  • A set of natural honey of different varieties.
  • Phyto-tea.
  • A set of medicinal herbs.
  • Wool belt.
  • Salt lamp.
  • Bandage.
  • Heart rate monitor.
  • Orthopedic insoles.
  • Water filter.

Practical Gifts for Mom for 70 Years – Interesting Ideas Top 20

Practical gifts include:

  • Photo mug.
  • Painted vase.
  • Writing materials with engraving.
  • Towel with photo print.
  • Family photo wall clock.
  • A set of glasses on which the image of family members.
  • Wallet with engraving.
  • Videos with family members.
  • Smart flower pot with automatic watering.
  • Pedometer.
  • Heated slippers.
  • Kitchen utensils for cooking.
  • A set of glasses.
  • Fruit basket.
  • A set of sweets.
  • Home textiles.
  • Personal clothing.
  • A set of handkerchiefs.
  • Cushion with a portrait of the birthday girl.
  • Thermo mug.

For Comfort and Beauty in the House – 10 Interesting Things

Gifts that can decorate the interior:

  • Carpet.
  • Bath rugs.
  • Shower curtain.
  • Vase.
  • Bedspread on the sofa or bed.
  • Floor lamp.
  • Picture.
  • A set of decorative pillows.
  • Coffee table.
  • Small chest of drawers.

Universal 70th Birthday Gift Ideas for Mom

There are gifts that will please almost everyone. These include:

  • cookware;
  • Appliances;
  • paintings;
  • books;
  • pots with home plants;
  • a set of towels;
  • dishes, glasses and glasses.

Original and Unusual Ideas – Top 25

Unusual gifts can be:

  • Named mug.
  • Miniature sewing machine.
  • Electronic radio receiver.
  • Cruise on the ship.
  • Rise in a hot air balloon.
  • Robot vacuum cleaner.
  • Projector.
  • Sensitive light.
  • Cosmetic mirror.
  • Kitchen apron with its own image.
  • A set of engraved wooden dishes.
  • Robe with original embroidery.
  • Map with the points marked on it where the birthday girl visited.
  • A bar of chocolate with a wrapper depicting family members.
  • A plant in a jar that sprouts from seeds.
  • An engraved cup with wishes from family members.
  • Named flower vase.
  • Original piggy bank.
  • Personalized gift honey.
  • A set of dishes in an original design.
  • Gift diploma.
  • Breakfast table in bed.
  • Chocolate fountain.
  • Personalized engraved notebook.
  • Backlit alarm clock.

Pleasant Gifts for Mom for 70 Years

Pleasant Gifts for Mom for 70 Years

A budget gift can be interesting, pleasant and necessary. The main thing is to choose it correctly.

Inexpensive gifts include:

  • set of towels with personalized embroidery;
  • a set of kitchen aprons and potholders;
  • a mug with a photo;
  • cookbook;
  • amulet;
  • fruit bowl.

Do Not Forget About Hobbies

Many women are fond of creativity. A good birthday gift will be a set that has everything you need for creativity. The kit can be purchased ready-made or assembled by yourself.

Directions of creativity:

  • drawing;
  • embroidery;
  • knitting;
  • beading;
  • wallow;
  • scrapbooking;
  • confectionery art.

Important! If the kit is assembled on its own, then it is worth consulting with a specialist. He will tell you what accessories are needed for the chosen creativity.

Traditional Gifts for Mom for 70 Years

These include everything that can be useful on the farm and for personal use:

  • Appliances;
  • cookware;
  • set of dishes;
  • needlework;
  • clothing accessories;
  • home textiles.

Gifts for the Soul – Top 25 Ideas

These are presentations that are original and not traditional:

  • Congratulations on TV or on the radio.
  • Ordering musicians and singers.
  • Small salute or fireworks.
  • Ordering a limousine and walking around the city at night.
  • Balloons launching into the sky.
  • Tour a historic site with a private guide.
  • Individual massage with a master of alternative medicine.
  • Dinner at the restaurant.
  • Visit an art exhibition.
  • Execution of a humorous miniature.
  • Collage with photos of family members and personally written congratulations from each.
  • Launching paper lanterns into the night sky.
  • Visit the botanical garden.
  • Laser show from professionals.
  • A large bouquet of flowers in a wicker basket.
  • Musical card with your favorite song.
  • A birthday cake containing a surprise from the younger members of the family.
  • A collection of your favorite romantic films.
  • Photo album with retouched photographs of youth.
  • Visit the quest room.
  • Scuba diving to depth.
  • A set of individual handkerchiefs with different wishes on each.
  • Japanese garden set.
  • Music box with a dancing ballerina.
  • T-shirt with a print of wishes from family members.

Attention! Such an original and unusual gift should touch the emotions of the mother and greatly please her.

Give Memories – 15 Relevant Ideas

You can organize a gift for Mom in such a way that she will have memories for a long time. These gifts include:

  • diving diving;
  • sea ​​cruise;
  • horse-drawn carriage ride;
  • a master class in pottery;
  • culinary workshop;
  • drawing up a personal horoscope;
  • posing in front of the artist;
  • joint video shooting with family members;
  • collection of songs of youth;
  • a calendar with photos of the birthday girl at different ages;
  • fast driving in a sports car;
  • visiting the ballet;
  • flight in a wind tunnel;
  • vacation ticket;
  • meeting with old friends.

Can I Do Something With My Own Hands?

If there is an opportunity to make a gift with your own hands, then you need to take advantage of this. Such a gift will be very pleasant and expensive for the birthday girl.

Handmade gifts:

  • knitted things;
  • scraps blanket;
  • clay dishes;
  • sewn apron and potholders;
  • painted or embroidered picture;
  • decorated box;
  • birthday cake.

What Shouldn’t Be Gifted?

There are some things you shouldn’t use as a gift. These include:

  • decorative cosmetics;
  • Stuffed Toys;
  • alcohol;
  • intimate hygiene products;
  • Finished postcard.


A gift for mom can be of any kind. The choice depends on who gives it, on the available budget and personal wishes of the birthday girl. You can also make a present yourself or make it non-material by organizing a trip to a resort or attending a cultural event.

With this, our list of original, practical and pleasant gifts for Mom for her 70th birthday has come to an end. Before buying a thing, be sure to think: will it find a place in the birthday girl’s house, will it be useful in everyday life? Remember to combine presentations with one another.

For example, tea can be presented with a jar of jam, and a book can be presented with a beautiful reading lamp. But the most important thing for a mother on such a day is sincere wishes and attention. Try to postpone everything and spend the holiday with a friendly family.

A woman of this age greatly appreciates the minutes spent with her children and grandchildren. Not a single material thing, no matter how much it costs, can replace the joy of communicating with loved ones!

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