70th Birthday Gift Ideas for Grandpa

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Best 70th Birthday Gift Ideas for Grandpa: What to give a grandpa for 70 years old so that the present is a joy? Of course, you need to take into account not only the age of the birthday person but also his lifestyle, health status, and hobbies.

70th Birthday Gift Ideas for Grandpa

Some grandpas tend to be at home, others are still active and even athletic. We hope our article will help you choose the best gift for your beloved grandpa.

Now that we have established how to select the correct gift for her, let’s have a look at some of the Best 70th Birthday Gift Ideas for Grandpa;

13 Best 70th Birthday Gift Ideas for Grandpa

A grandpa at a respectable age will always be happy with a present that simplifies his life and brings comfort to it. Based on the confidence that a useful gift will be accepted with great gratitude, a grandpa at 70 years old can be given the following products:

1. A Rocking Chair

A Rocking ChairA very comfortable item not only for the elderly but also for those who are younger. Be sure to present two or three decorative pillows.

2. A Fishing Rod

A Fishing RodA new fishing rod, a set of baits, a folding chair, special clothing, an inflatable boat, tools to help clean the fish, and a personalized flask will appeal to the avid fisherman.

3. A Set of Garden Tools

A Set of Garden ToolsA set of garden tools, wicker furniture, garden lanterns, seeds or seedlings of rare plants, a garden swing, a set of watering cans, and an inflatable pool for a summer resident grandpa. Or buy an electric cultivator, a lawnmower, and a dry closet for a summer cottage for the birthday person.

4. An Aquarium

An AquariumAn aquarium with bright fish will contribute to the peace and tranquility of a person dear to you. Of course, you need to buy an aquarium with all the things necessary for fish: a filter, food, soil, etc.

5. Pill Box

Pill BoxIn old age, it is very often necessary to take many pills. You can choose a beautiful form of the pillbox, Grandpa will be pleased.

6. Massage Chair

Massage ChairIt is necessary to choose models in which the inclination of the back is regulated and there are various massage programs.

7. Gadgets

GadgetsConsider what is suitable for choosing a gift for a grandpa 70 years old: a smartphone or tablet, a laptop or a desktop computer. Maybe you need to get a reader if your grandpa loves to read. Or perhaps you should not be stingy and buy a modern TV on the wall.

As for the TV, think about the possibility for your grandpa to watch as many channels as possible, as well as about a TV equipped with a USB port (in this case, do not forget to record movies and broadcasts of the topics that he will order you from time to time for your grandpa on a USB flash drive) …

8. Lamp


Floor lamps, sconces, and bedside lamps make the house very cozy.

9. Home Weather Station

Home Weather StationGrandpa will always be aware of how the atmospheric pressure is changing, what is the temperature outside, whether precipitation is expected, etc.

10. Household Appliances

Household AppliancesHousehold appliances that facilitate kitchen and just household chores: a food processor or multicooker, a toaster or microwave, a yogurt maker or an electric kettle. Or maybe a washing vacuum cleaner (just buy a model that has a lot of attachments).

11. The Gramophone

The GramophoneThe USB gramophone will allow the birthday music lover to listen to music from old records, as well as from flash drives or disks. Its shape is identical to the early 20th-century gramophones.

12. Dishes

DishesA set of modern pots or pans, knives, spoons, forks, a beautiful set or a pair of fantastic coffee or teacups.

13. Terry Cloth Bathrobe

Terry Cloth BathrobeGreat set of bed linen, warm modern blanket, and cozy slippers made of pleasant and useful sheepskin.

Classic Plus Practicality and Functionality

  • A blanket, warm and cozy, which is so good for cold days. There are options for blankets with sleeves.
  • All sorts of goodies: elite tea, a beautifully decorated basket with expensive products, cake.
  • Scarf, gloves. You need to proceed from the tastes of the grandpa.
  • Cigars and a humidor, a beautiful pipe, an original ashtray and a lighter if Grandpa still smokes.

A practical universal present is good because it is always appropriate and necessary. For a grandpa who is already under 80, help around the house will be an excellent addition to a gift from his grandchildren. And it is better if it is regular, and not just for a birthday.

To Keep Grandpa Healthy and Cheerful

Health presentations, as you can imagine, are not always a list of medicines. Although if the grandpa needs rather expensive medicines, and he cannot buy them, then in this case, it is possible to give them. But let’s talk about other subjects that will help the birthday boy maintain his health and good mood. You can present to your beloved grandpa for 70 years old:

  • A modern device for measuring pressure.
  • An orthopedic pillow and a mattress are wonderful presents for an elderly grandpa.
  • Air ionizer. Grandpa will have a wonderful microclimate in the house with clean, fresh air. It is now possible to buy a device that has a flavoring function. Pleasant aromas will contribute to the good mood and cheerfulness of the grandpa.
  • The hydromassage bath is the most helpful device that relieves feet from fatigue and swelling.
  • Massage course. And if you also accompany your grandpa to the massage, it will turn out absolutely fantastic.
  • Heated bed linen will provide a dear person with a comfortable sleep in the cold season. Such underwear is safe, and equipped with overheating protection.

Health gifts that can be presented to a grandpa at 70 years old belong to the demanded category of gifts for the elderly. Take care of your grandpa and choose the “right” health-preserving gift.

Hand-made Gifts Bring Special Joy

The grandpa will really like the handmade because the grandson or granddaughter puts their soul into a gift made with their own hands. Give your grandpa a gift for 70 years old with your own hands. This could be:

  • Homemade postcard in a complex technique (there are masterclasses on the Internet).
  • Grandpa’s favorite dishes. A birthday cake or a pretty birthday cake is a priority.
  • Knitted socks, a warm scarf or sweater, and knitted slippers will come in handy for a birthday boy in winter.
  • Tablecloth from a granddaughter-needlewoman, kitchen napkins, embroidered picture.
  • T-shirt with your own design. It is quite simple to apply a drawing or an original inscription on a plain T-shirt with special paints or a spray can.
  • A family photo in a photo frame you made.
  • A photo album in which the most important moments in the life of the birthday man and his family are captured in the pictures and in the inscriptions. Or edit a video about your grandpa, his life, family and friends.
  • Wood items if the grandson is in tune with the appropriate craft. Shelf for the kitchen or for shoes, an original souvenir: everything suits, because it is made with love.
  • Your own grandpa’s favorite song. Or maybe you will write poems for the birthday of your loved one and read them to him.

Show your creativity! And remember how important kind words, warm congratulations, and non-standard packaging are when giving any gift. You can additionally give flowers on your grandpa’s holiday. The list of flowers for men of any age includes carnations, anthuriums, orchids, and gladioli.

Give Your Grandpa an Unusual Gift

To surprise your grandpa for 70 years old, choose one of the options:

  • Historical portrait, which was made from a photograph of his grandpa by a professional artist.
  • The wood-fired samovar will remind the birthday man of the old days. It is best to make a personalized samovar by engraving. And, of course, present an elite brand of tea.
  • An interesting cup or order (medal) with an inscription expressing your attitude towards your grandpa.
  • A clock on the wall with a photo of the grandpa on the dial.
  • Presentations with history. It doesn’t have to be very expensive antiques. Nostalgic moods in Grandpa will evoke gifts in retro style: a turntable, a radio, a telephone, an old chime or a cuckoo clock.
  • Ancient icon.
  • A cake with a sweet congratulation written on it will surprise and touch the birthday man.
  • Hand-made chess if grandpa loves this game.

Bring your grandpa for his birthday something special with a special aura. Choosing an unusual gift is not a big problem if you love your grandpa and sincerely wish to make his leisure time more interesting and varied.

Hobby Gifts 70th Grandpa

Why not buy a wonderful gift for your grandpa 70 years old, taking into account the birthday boy’s hobby?

  • Car devices for the car enthusiast: seat covers, massage chair covers, seatback organizers, video recorders, etc.
  • The branded set of tools is an excellent present for a jack of all trades.
  • A gift edition of your favorite author, if your grandpa read books all his life and continues to do it with pleasure.
  • A set to clean the gun if your grandpa is a hunter and is ready to go hunting with friends from time to time.
  • Subscription to sports competitions for a fan.

Many grandpas are passionate about their favorite pastimes. For a birthday person with pronounced interests, it is not difficult to choose a present. The main thing is your confidence that the chosen item will definitely come in handy for the hero of the occasion.

Vivid Impressions Are Needed Not Only for the Young

A grandpa at 70 years old does not have to give a material gift. Bright emotional moments delight people of all ages, including the elderly.

  • The pedigree book will evoke a lot of positive emotions, memories, and reflections.
  • A voucher to a sanatorium. Grandpa will improve his health, make new friends, and return home refreshed, and full of energy. And if the grandpa is in excellent shape for his age, you can organize a trip on an excursion, to a picnic.
  • Congratulations on TV. It is not difficult to order such a congratulation in a special program, and the birthday person will be moved and flattered.
  • Fireworks for a beloved grandpa will delight him.
  • A copy of the newspaper, which was published on the day and year of birth of the birthday man. Now it will not be challenging to implement such an idea.
  • A certificate thanks to which your loved one can experience positive emotions. Of course, extreme at grandpa’s age is no longer needed, but here’s a master class, for example, pottery or drawing, and for an active grandpa, yoga or dance lessons are quite suitable.
  • A visit to the theater, circus, philharmonic, literary evening, sports match, and a walk in the botanical garden with the grandchildren will remain a vivid impression on the life of the grandpa.
  • Surprise dinner. Grandchildren invite relatives and friends, cook their grandpa’s favorite dishes and generally create a festive mood in the grandpa’s house.


Give your grandpa colorful emotions. Your present will become unforgettable, the best of all, so with such a gift to your grandpa for 70 years old, you will not go wrong. Let there be as many good words and wishes as possible. We hope our article has helped you to facilitate the process of choosing a present for a loved one. And your presence at the celebration, your love for the birthday boy will be the main gift to Grandpa.

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