Best 20th Birthday Gift Ideas for Daughter

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A daughter’s birthday is an important event for parents. Especially if the daughter is already an adult, and celebrates her 19 or 20 years. For a present, you can choose something related to her hobby, fashionable clothes, cosmetics or jewelry are suitable.

20th Birthday Gift Ideas for Daughter

Girls at this age are still students, so they can be presented with items related to their studies. A great idea is a modern gadget, because a young lady, for sure, cannot buy such an expensive item herself.

There are a lot of presentation ideas. The main thing is to choose what the daughter wants. You can ask her in advance what she wants to get out of the hands of her parents on her birthday. Take advantage of our tips and a wide selection of gifts that are considered the most relevant.

Now that we have established how to select the correct gift for her, let’s have a look at some of the best 20th birthday gift ideas for daughter;

Top-20th Birthday Gift Ideas for Daughter

– Household Appliances

Household Appliances

Toaster, slow cooker, microwave oven, yogurt maker, ice cream maker, juicer machine, electric mixer. Give your daughter one of the units, it will come in handy for her, especially if she lives separately from you.



Earrings, pendants, bracelets, diamond rings, pearl necklaces. An expensive piece of jewelry is a memorable present for a young daughter from her parents.

– Laptop (MacBook)

Laptop (MacBook)

A personal computer will definitely come in handy for a student. Choose a technique that will help your daughter learn.

– Travel Bag or Suitcase

Travel Bag or Suitcase

A birthday girl-traveler will appreciate such a gift. Stop for an accessory made from durable material with secure locks and hardware.

– Haircare Devices

Haircare Devices

Hairdryer, professional curling iron, iron or styler. Choose products with different attachments, this will allow your daughter to change her hairstyle every day.

– A Set for a Manicure

Set for a Manicure

A set for a manicure with a lamp for drying nails, complemented by a set of gel polishes. The daughter makes herself a manicure – buy her such a gift. Perhaps such a hobby will become her earnings in the future.

– Fitness Bracelet or Smartwatch

Fitness Bracelet or Smartwatch

The gadget will determine the degree of load for a certain time and calorie consumption, measure the pulse, show the time and receive calls.

– Fashionable Wristwatches of a Famous Brand

Fashionable Wristwatches

Your daughter will gladly accept an exquisite, chic watch as a gift. They must match her taste, and go with the wardrobe.

– The Waterproof Wireless Speaker

Waterproof Wireless Speaker

A waterproof wireless speaker is an excellent item for music lovers. You can listen to melodies from your mobile phone everywhere, you do not need to connect it to the device.

– Quality Wireless Headphones

Wireless Headphones

From a trusted manufacturer. Compact, comfortable headphones are needed not only for listening to music but also for studying.

More Birthday Gift Ideas for 20th Daughter

– Smartphone or iPhone

Choose a phone of the latest model, the birthday girl will brag about it in front of her friends and will take excellent pictures for social networks.

– Ring Lamp With a Phone Holder

complete with remote control. The birthday girl will be able to take great pictures from the smartphone camera using such a lamp.

– Plaid with Sleeves

The girl will wrap herself up in a warm, cozy blanket. Sitting on a laptop or smartphone, it will not freeze in a cool room, it will keep warm in winter.

– Bed Linen

Buy an excellent quality linen set made from natural fabrics. You can pick up a winter or summer set with an original print, 3D pattern, without decor.

– The Personal Glossy Magazine

published specifically for the daughter’s birthday, with photos and articles about her. A touching and romantic gift.

– Books

if your daughter loves to read, give her a book by your favorite author, a new novel by a fashionable writer, or literature on psychological topics. You can present the certificate to the bookstore.

– Birthday Girl’s Favorite Flowers

An arrangement of the birthday girl’s favorite flowers a huge bouquet, flowers in a basket or hatbox. Add sweets, fruits, and delicious cakes to the gift.

Order the confectioners or bake yourself a huge cake for the birthday girl with her photo, congratulatory inscriptions, and the appropriate decor.

– Money in the Original Design

make a bouquet of bills, place them in a basket with flowers and sweets, make a picture in a frame of money, and come up with a different design option.

– Ultrasonic Facial Brush

It has several attachments, necessary for a young girl for mechanical and ultrasonic cleaning of her face, for peeling and massage.

What to Give a Daughter for 20 Years From Mom

Mom knows the needs and wishes of her daughter best of all. Therefore, it will not be difficult for her to choose a present for the birthday girl. These can be beauty items, stylish accessories, and fashion items. The choice is yours:

  • exclusive perfume – present your daughter’s favorite scent, which will emphasize her charm and youth;
  • cosmetics of good quality according to the age of the birthday girl, you can choose care or decorative cosmetics;
  • an original handbag or a comfortable clutch – such an accessory will complement the image of a young lady;
  • fashionable clothes – if the mother knows her daughter’s preferences, the alternative is to present a certificate to a fashion boutique or go shopping together;
  • stylish shoes, sneakers, and other shoes that your daughter needs choose such a gift together with a young lady;
  • cozy pajamas, warm terry robe, beautiful underwear – these things will tell about your love and care for the birthday girl;
  • good quality bijouterie – if the daughter wears jewelry, the selection of such items on sale is quite large;
  • a stand for jewelry of an unusual shape or an attractive jewelry box, suitable for the interior of the room;
  • DIY gift: knitted items, embroidered blouse, decorative cushion, patchwork plaid, other;
  • A certificate for a beauty salon: for makeup and manicure, for the services of a beautician, hairdresser and stylist.

Solid, Expensive Presents

An adult daughter can be given a luxurious, expensive gift for her birthday. By this, the parents will emphasize that they consider her independent and worthy of the best. Here are some great options:

  • An apartment – if the family budget allows you to make a gorgeous present. The birthday girl will appreciate such a gesture because young people dream of living separately.
  • The car is a foreign car or a modern domestic car. If your daughter wants to drive a car, and you have the financial ability to buy it.
  • A fur coat made of natural fur is a welcome gift for many girls, parents can make such a royal present for 19-20 years.
  • A personal bank card with a solid amount that parents can replenish – let the daughter learn to manage her finances herself.
  • An oil portrait of a daughter commissioned by a professional artist. He will make a picture from the best photo of the birthday girl. She will like such a surprise.

Gifts for Hobbies

This category includes presentations for a creative person who is passionate about some kind of art: drawing, embroidery, knitting, and music. This includes equipment for sports and dance classes. Girls aged 20 are looking for themselves, so they must have their own hobbies. You can purchase for your daughter for her birthday:

  • For the artist – a portable sketchbook, easel, natural brushes, professional paints, a bag for carrying works or a ticket to an exhibition of a famous artist.
  • The daughter knits – present her with a knitting machine, an organizer for knitting needles, and a bag for yarn. All this will be useful to her.
  • The birthday girl is engaged in embroidery – buy a kit for embroidery with threads or beads and a basket for storing little things.
  • The craftswoman is professionally engaged in cutting and sewing – hand over a sewing machine, a pincushion, and a subscription to a modern fashion magazine.
  • A girl is a musician, buy her a professional musical instrument, a statuette based on the birthday girl’s photo, and a concert ticket.
  • Give the athlete a fitness training glove, a yoga mat, women’s dumbbells, a tracksuit, and a membership to a fitness club or gym.
  • For those who love outdoor activities, you can buy a bicycle, roller or figure skates, skis, a rock climbing master class, and organize a kayak trip.
  • Give a dancer a special uniform, suitable shoes, a subscription to a dance studio – she herself must choose the direction and style that she wants to learn.

Inexpensive, Original Gifts for 20 Years Daughter

You can congratulate the birthday girl inexpensively but tastefully. Give her what she needs, what she will use, and what will be helpful to her in everyday life, in everyday life, or in school. The category of inexpensive gifts includes:

  • a creative notebook, diary or planner for writing down goals, thoughts, and ideas;
  • a cosmetic bag is a convenient and practical thing that every girl needs;
  • a set of hats, scarf and mittens – for a winter birthday girl;
  • stylish and fashionable stole, scarf, neckerchief, and cape on the shoulders;
  • table lamp, floor lamp, and night light in the girl’s room;
  • makeup mirror – your young daughter will definitely come in handy;
  • a comfortable backpack for every day – a stylish accessory for a girl;
  • wallet – leather classic or unusual, creative;
  • a folding umbrella in a classic style or a youthful, bright accessory;
  • branded sunglasses – let the birthday girl choose a gift herself;
  • basket with a set of natural handmade soap;
  • aroma lamp with a set of oils or scented candles;
  • a beanbag chair for the bedroom or a computer chair for work;
  • T-shirt or sweatshirt with a photo of the birthday girl or with an unusual inscription;
  • flowering houseplant – if the daughter is fond of planting flowers;
  • a coffee maker with a set of elite varieties of coffee – a lover of this drink;
  • a case for a smartphone of an interesting design or a set of covers;
  • a fan stand for a laptop, which will protect the device from overheating;
  • wireless mouse and backlit keyboard, curly flash drive;
  • Fortune cookies, handmade personalized chocolate, and macarons in festive packaging.

Impressions and Emotions as a Gift to Your Daughter

An adult daughter expects love and attention from her parents, as well as an unforgettable and bright holiday, emotions, and surprises. Please, your beloved birthday girl with something unusual, make her secret dream come true. We advise parents to consider an interesting selection of gifts-impressions for a young adult daughter:

  • Paragliding, hot air balloon, wind tunnel – make your daughter’s wish come true. If she wants it, give her a flight certificate.
  • Driving school – if the birthday girl wants to learn how to drive a car. Perhaps now is the time to master the art of driving.
  • Colorful photo session – a professional photographer will select the most interesting angles for the girl, and make unique photos, which she will share on social networks.
  • An exciting party with friends in the youth club. A fun pastime for her daughter with friends and peers is a great gift for her.
  • Quest room – order a certificate for the test game for the birthday girl and her friends. They have to solve riddles, puzzles, and open locks. It will be fun and interesting.
  • Hobby master classes: dancing, singing, playing a musical instrument, painting, cooking, archery, and other activities.
  • Training courses – school of professional photography, foreign languages, computer graphics, relationship psychology, lessons in femininity and beauty and many others – at your choice.
  • Shopping with a stylist – girls aged 19-20 are looking for themselves, and changing their style, and it can be difficult for them to decide on their choice of wardrobe. In such a situation, a professional stylist will help.
  • Individual tailoring of a dress or other clothing by a professional craftsman in an atelier. The designer will select the style for the girl, take measurements, and the tailor will sew the thing just for her.
  • Walking on a sailboat, birthday party on a boat – think over the idea of ​​the holiday and its design in advance. The daughter will remember such a celebration for a long time, she will be grateful to you.
  • Certificate in the SPA salon – the daughter will rest and enjoy useful procedures, ordering a chocolate wrap, and body care with aromatic oils and natural herbs.
  • Horse riding x. The birthday girl will communicate with noble animals, visit the bosom of nature, and ride a horse. An experienced instructor will be next to her.
  • A tourist trip to the country of dreams is a foreign trip or an excursion in your own country. Pay for your daughter’s trip, and let her enjoy the desired journey.
  • Tickets for an interesting event: a concert by your favorite band, a theater, or an exhibition of paintings.


Choose a gift from the perspective of your daughter. Imagine yourself in her place: what would you like to receive as a gift from your parents at her age? Think of beautiful, bright presentation packaging. Girls love solemnity and chic.

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