16th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

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16th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas: 16 years of marriage is a long journey, hand in hand. During this period, the husband and wife had a chance to experience many happy events and difficult trials. The children are growing up, the hearth has long been equipped, and the couple is preparing to celebrate their 16th anniversary – a topaz wedding. What to give a family couple in honor of such an event? The answer to this question can be found in our article.

16th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

About the Anniversary Symbol

The 16th wedding anniversary is called topaz. It was not customary for our ancestors to widely celebrate this event. Topaz anniversary was celebrated with a narrow circle of relatives and friends. But, one way or another, a wedding in any family is considered a significant event, the husband and wife were supposed to congratulate each other without fail, and relatives and closest friends could join these congratulations.

In our country, topaz is considered a semi-precious stone, but its beauty is not inferior to most precious stones. It comes in a variety of colors ranging from blue to orange-pink. In the countries of the East, topaz was also considered a healing stone; it was widely used in folk medicine. For a topaz wedding, it is customary to give products that use this amazing stone.

How to Congratulate Your Wife

The topaz wedding is not widely celebrated, which means that the spouses have the opportunity to devote time to each other on this day. The following gifts will be able to sincerely congratulate your spouse and remind her of the warmth of your feelings:

  • Topaz decoration. Congratulating your wife on a topaz anniversary is as easy as shelling pears! Of course, it can be topaz jewelry: earrings, brooches, pendants or necklaces. Topaz rings are also not uncommon, but choosing them is more difficult because finger size changes over the years. The wife will be very pleased.
  • Travel. Children are no longer small, they can be left in the care of grandmothers, and you can arrange a romantic trip for only two yourself. After all, your couple deserved it for so many long years. You can go both to a distant country and to one of the beautiful cities of Russia. Your honeymoon budget will also depend on this.
  • The publication. A budget option to celebrate a topaz wedding is ticketed for two to the theater and cinema. A little change of scenery is always helpful. Women love public places because of the opportunity to dress up and show off their best looks. A visit to the cinema and will help you take a fresh look at each other after 16 years of marriage.
  • Bouquet of flowers. A large bouquet of fresh flowers will make your spouse very happy and will become a full-fledged gift in itself. And to give a festive theme, choose a bouquet option decorated with beautiful stones, such as rhinestones. Just be prepared that such an unusual decor will lead to an increase in the cost of the composition.

What to Give Your Husband

And what to give your husband? It is believed that topaz contributes to material wealth and success in professional implementation. He gives strength to a man and promotes career growth. A good choice would be romantic surprises or business accessories for a husband on a topaz anniversary, for example:

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  • Cufflinks with topaz. Topaz cufflinks are a great option for a man who wears classic suits. Choose discreet colors and pieces with a small stone to avoid pretentiousness.
  • Tie clip. You can give your spouse, a stylish metal tie clip or a great plastic clip. Such an accessory will be a good option both for everyday use and for solemn events if it is a topaz-encrusted retainer.
  • Romantic dinner. “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” – there are no truer words! Send the kids to grandma’s for a night out and cook up a romantic, unforgettable dinner for your spouse from culinary masterpieces that are completely new to him. Pay due attention to the serving and romantic lighting of the room. The husband will definitely appreciate such a surprise.
  • Charm. You can also give a man a small topaz charm on a pin, which he will wear under his shirt. After all, this stone, according to the ancestors, not only brought material well-being but also protected from slander, and deceit, especially in business matters. A wedding amulet presented to your spouse will tell your spouse about your sincere concern.

Gifts From Parents

Even if the spouses decide to retire on their holiday, relatives and friends will definitely want to congratulate them later. How can parents congratulate children on their 16th wedding anniversary? A gift to a strong family union should contribute to comfort and decorate the interior in the house of the heroes of the occasion. Parents can give children the following useful household items for a topaz wedding:

  • Set of dishes. A frying pan and a pan, decoration in the form of a bride and groom, presented by parents, will be a humorous option. By itself, kitchen utensils are not cheap gifts; to decorate a gift in a wedding theme, you only need self-adhesive colored paper, scissors and a little imagination.
  • Icon. Giving children a beautiful icon is a great idea. It will be not only a decoration of the house but also a talisman for a married couple for many years. The patrons of family well-being in Orthodoxy are the images of Saints Peter and Fevronia of Murom. A beautiful icon with its appearance will protect and strengthen the family union of children, allowing them to celebrate their golden anniversary in health.
  • A set of bed linen. A good set of bedding is a gift that is always in demand. For a topaz wedding, choose options from satin, jacquard and silk as a gift. The set must be at least a double or “euro” size because it is intended for two people at once.
  • Paired bath towels. Another option for a practical and versatile gift for a couple is towels with personalized embroidery or the inscriptions “husband” and “wife”. You can buy a pair of large bath towels as a gift for a topaz wedding for children.

Gift Ideas From Kids

A couple who has been married for 16 years probably has children, most likely teenagers. Children will also want to congratulate their parents on the birth of the family. The situation is complicated by the fact that teenagers do not yet have money to spend on a gift. Handmade gifts will come to the rescue, such as:

  • Congratulatory poster. Such a poster can be made even by elementary school students. Take a roll of wallpaper and create a congratulatory poster on the back, decorated with a congratulatory inscription and family photos. Post the result on the wall in the living room so that when your parents return from work, they immediately see your efforts.
  • Doing Nothing Day. Teenagers can give their parents a Day Without Worries. This means that on the anniversary of the wedding, all household chores are taken over by the younger members of the family, whether it is walking with the dog or cleaning the kitchen, while the parents relax and have fun. For clarity, you can make a beautiful certificate “Day without worries” using the technique of quilling and scrapbooking. Any parent would be happy to receive such a gift!
  • Video. It will not be difficult for children familiar with computer programs to mount a memorable family video in which, using a video archive and photographs, they can tell the story of a family from the very beginning to the present. Parents will often watch such a film and proudly show it to guests.
  • Festive cake. A teenage daughter, following a master class from the Internet, can concoct an unusual delicious cake for her parents, decorated with themed mastic figures. These can be wedding rings, a pair of doves, or even impromptu figurines of mom and dad. A handmade cake will decorate the festive table for the parents’ topaz wedding and will make them happy and tender.

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Gift Options From Family and Friends

The symbol of the 16th wedding anniversary – topaz – was considered a stone of friendship, joy and prudence. Indeed, after 16 years of relationship, passionate passions subsided, and the main thing is the depth of feelings in a couple, mutual respect between spouses and the presence of common good friends. Friends can congratulate a married couple by giving them one of these useful souvenirs:

  • Metal holder for napkins. A couple can be given a metal napkin holder, and a special order can be made in a jewelry store to be decorated with a small topaz. A wonderful napkin holder will be a stylish decoration for a festive table setting and a memorable gift for a married couple from friends.
  • Photo panel. A cool option would be a donated photo panel, carefully filled by friends with joint pictures of a married couple from different periods of their lives.
  • Pair of glasses for a married couple. Such a gift will be especially relevant if the spouses organize a festive feast. A pair of beautiful glasses will become a functional-themed wedding table decoration and will cost you quite inexpensively.
  • Flight in a hot air balloon. An excellent alternative to a material gift would be a surprise gift. Firstly, the option with a balloon, although an extreme adventure, is still not as scary as, for example, a parachute jump. During a leisurely ride in a hot air balloon, the couple will be able not only to enjoy the beautiful views but also to celebrate the solemn event with a glass of champagne.


We considered gift options for a topaz wedding from relatives and family friends and voiced ideas for gifts from spouses to each other on the 16th wedding anniversary. Whatever present you prefer, remember that touching and kind words play half the success in congratulations. After all, 16 years is a considerable date, it is worthy of recognition and respect. Read a good poem or make a sincere toast, then your gift will be the most memorable!